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Excellent :D

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sweet :)

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the art style looks really nice

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This game looks great.

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This is one of the quickest Quick Looks I've ever seen.

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Innovation=add RPG elements to old gameplay.

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great explosions especially that air strike!

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There's nothing better than hearing men in the 25-36 year old demographic going "vrrroooom, vrrroooomm!".

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Great explosions, but that's pretty much the only exciting thing about this game.

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 Looks fun!

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Add another item to my long list of games to get in the months leading up to holiday seaons...

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Hmmmmm, definitely leaning towards getting all 4 PLAY PSN games now after that quick look...

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Hit that big ass ramp

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This looks fucking awesome, think I'll buy a 4 pack on steam.

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Whoa, this looks fun and online co-op you say? Must buy.

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A top down shooter that isn't an Asteroids ripoff or zombie shooter, consider it bought.

Swedish game development eff tee dubya.

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V: So does this do this?
B: No, wait yes it does.
V: So that button is that?
B: No, it's actually this, wait no, it's not, it's the thing you said.
V: So its that?
B: No....Yes....I don't know.
Why does brad always say no to every question he's asked even if he knows the answer is yes, or he doesn't know it at all?

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Looks like Return Fire, and somewhat like Ignition.

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Looks amazingly fun.

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Hmmm not feeling it.

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This looks alright, but I'd rather they just make Just Cause 3 or at least something in a similar vein. Never played a Saints Row game before, but hopefully The Third will be able to scratch that open-world chaos itch.

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It's not a dual-joystick shooter QL without Jeff.

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Looks like "Just Cause 2:Arcade version", seems pretty fun though.

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Wheres my crystal skull Bitch!

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I have absolutely no idea what has Brad and many people here in the comments excited about this game. It seriously just looks like any other dual joystick shooter of which there is absolutely no shortage of on XBLA and PSN already.

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Add it to the big ass ramp page.

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Oooh, looks fun if a bit derivative, lovely looking explosions, especially for a downloadable.

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This does look like they took Just Cause 2 and made this game with most of that tech. Except now you can destroy everything, not just red things.

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"In a few weeks" don't they know games will be out and a downloadable will just get lost in it.

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quick look speed run lol

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According to the PSN Play announcement thing, the date is September 14.

It definately looks more fun in motion than on screenshots.

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Don't think I'll be playing this game, I'm a Paragon.

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Nice, but I already bought a dual joystick shooter. 

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Brad Shoemaker's Videogame: The Videogame
"look at that machine gun!"

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THIS IS GREAT, I think no one has sounded so stoked about a game like Brad Shoemaker does during this QL since forever. 

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Looks pretty awesome, and its coming to PC. Nice.

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The horrible name doesn't do it justice, looks great.

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With a few minor exceptions (such as Dead Space and Red Dead), Brad and I have literally completely opposite taste in video games. I consider it a positive thing, since it still provides helpful guidance. I just generally have to do the opposite of what Brad does.

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Yeah, it might get overlooked due to such a generic name. Still,
"Yo, ROXY! Jump that big-ass ramp!"

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I thought this was a Contra clone or something.

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I love that one of them is just named Gunnar, does not get more Swedish then that!

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Brad pulling Brad in first 10 minutes of quicklook ... unexpected !

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It looks like a top-down shooter, but they totally stepped the game up with how fast it is, and the size of the leels, and upgrade trees, all looks really cool!

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Looks like one hell of a time.

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Looks pretty fucking awesome.

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This looks awesome; wasn't expecting much when I heard what it was but looks like it's done very well. If only it had a better name. XD

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Way to go, Sony. Way to create a last-minute, lazy, lame version of Summer of Arcade, including this title which apparently isn't even timed-exclusive, only to also let the developers showcase said game on your competitors' console.

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Holy crap I wasn't really looking forward to this game until now ;d