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Brad is so racist, he called Josh "homie."

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@cap123 said:
" brad's worst performance ever?  running from one end of the map, only to flick through his inventory and go 'AHH' and then run to the other side. repeat.  brilliant "
That's how I play RE5
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@Jedted said:
"That part of the video where Brad just runs around in circles avoiding the dudes with chainsaws could really use a Benny Hill track. :)  "

Hahahah yes!
Posted by neon321

I think I've figured it out, it's not that Brad is terrible at games per se, he just can't multitask for shit. Anytime in any of these quicklooks where you'd have to do a few things at once he just goes "Aahhh" and manages to do nothing at all, usually killing him in the process.

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DE is a lot of fun, and well worth the $5.  I already played it four times:  the first time, two more times to get an S-rank on Normal, and a fourth time to get the Shoot The Messenger trophy.
The boss enemies change every time so there is some replay value.  And even on Normal, it's a decent challenge.

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@SonicBoyster: They reviewed it and talked about it on multiple podcasts.  There's even a video review.
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Heh, Brad just refused to use the flash grenade on the Duvalia.  Would have been an instant kill with no need to aim.

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Brad usually doesn't usually frustrate me in these quick looks but dude this one the whole time I was yelling "SHOOT HIM" its possible to kill the chainsaw guy with your peashooter!

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"It could look like Heavy Rain if you use the toilet, you know what I'm saying." Ah Vinny, your quirky remarks never bore me.

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Seeing this somehow made me interested in playing RE5, Maybe I'll pick up the gold edition. Later.

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@dagas said:

" Who the heck thought that making Jill Valentine into Nina Williams was a good idea? "

Ha Ha. Best. 
Berret Jill 4 Life
Posted by RoadCrewWorker

After playing Left 4 Dead it's painfully obvious how much you're actually fighting the crappy tank steering and awful control scheme with a terrible low FOV camera instead of actual enemies here.

At least its got flashy visuals.

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Watching Brad play is hilarious, he's my homie.

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Brad isn't using the RE 4-style "tank" controls.

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@Darkstar614 said:
" Gears of War with monsters. "
:| Most stupid thing anyone has ever said.
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hey Brad... don't take it too hard on yourself.
These kinds of games are more dependent on fear and panic then you think... it's not the same with seeing the game and playing it.  Let's see you playing better huh?( well prolly some of you do but I am just saying to the guys that never played this game but act like they're all fing pros or something... Talk is cheap man you gotta show it with actions... That's the problem with people these days.)
Not a lot of people perform better when they are in pressure it's just human nature... Stop judging this guy and riding him like you guys are all so damn holy or something.
I mean I gotta agree Brad didn't play well... but us bitching him out about it isn't helping... it's making it worse.
Edit: Though I admit that I was saying SHOOT! SHOOT! while watching Brad play this game... to put it nicely his defensive is good but his offensive needs work... but the man had enough man... well hope you put this behind you Brad and hopefully it can help you become a better man.

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I can't stand Brad playing a Quick Look. For 25 of the 33 this lasted I was yelling at Brad to stop sucking. God damnit.

Posted by Olivaw

I love RE5, it is a good game with fun coop.
I also love Brad failing to be good at video games! Fantastic.

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Looking at RE5 in hindsight, I realize how bad that control scheme really was. It fights you every fucking step of the way. God, I hope they start from scratch for RE6.

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Still looks fine.  And the whole stand and shoot thing doesn't seem so bad.

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@www1221 said:
" 14:46 Brad Dies "
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@Olivaw said:
" I love RE5, it is a good game with fun coop.  I also love Brad failing to be good at video games! Fantastic. "
I like to think of it as succeeding at being bad.
Posted by imayellowfellow

i suspect whenever brad reads comments bitching about how he sucks at quick looks, he makes it a concerted effort to suck harder the next episode out of spite

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Doing a quick look is not easy.  Talking about the games takes u out of the action so much, so instead of dying and having to restart the ql and play though it again im sure he just runs through it i mean we all know to shoot them but u gotta remember they dont wanna take 3 hours to shoot a gl.  They have otehr things to do.
Posted by golguin

I can't watch people play RE5 without wondering why all shots aren't to the feet or the head to allow for a melee hits or kills. When I beat the game the first time with my friend it was all neck breaks and slit throats for us to conserve ammo and prevent the plaga from coming out.

Posted by vaiz

Never again will Brad call it : (.

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@Kajaah117 said:
" @Olivaw said:
" I love RE5, it is a good game with fun coop.  I also love Brad failing to be good at video games! Fantastic. "
I like to think of it as succeeding at being bad. "
That's a very positive outlook.
If being bad at video games was an Olympic sport, Brad would be a ten time gold medalist!
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14:42... lmfao <3 Brad! We need him controlling more Quick Looks!

Posted by Scotto

I love Brad QL's, but make no mistake - he is not good at them, haha.
Either that, or he's just not very good at shooters, period.  I'm reluctant to believe that though.  He plays these games for a living!
It's more likely that Brad just can't hold a conversation and play games at the same time.  50% of his dialogue in these things is just him going "Ahhh!" or "Oh God!" or "Oh!" over and over again, haha.
And the area with the two chainsaw wielding guys, where Brad was just running from one end of the area to the other repeatedly, and not shooting anything?  Priceless.
Watching Brad do a shooter QL, is like watching a horror movie - except instead of screaming "watch out, he's right behind you!" at my TV, I find myself screaming "just fucking shoot something Brad!" at my computer instead.
Long live Brad, haha.
- Scott

Posted by Uebelkraehe

"My cousin and i played through that game on  professional." I find that hard to believe...

Posted by fillmoejoe

Eh maybe I'll download the RE 5 DLC stuff next time. Oh and why didn't Vinny play with Brad?

Posted by raikoh05

use the d pad you idiot!

Posted by NMC2008

That was entertaining, thanks guys. :)

Posted by kollay

Was busy checking out Jill.

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92 retries?! I'd give up at  10!  XD

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Eventually those chainsaws have to run out of gas, right?
*needs Double Knee Drop animated GIF nao*

Posted by Lambert

Ahhh... Resident Evil. Such a hard series to get back to after playing Dead Space.

Posted by WiqidBritt

I'm not normally one to criticize someone's skill, but this was positively nerve wracking to watch...

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@Uebelkraehe said:
""My cousin and i played through that game on  professional." I find that hard to believe... "

Why? Or are you just trying to be a douche?
Posted by RedCricketChase

I just played Braid and if you rewind YOU DON'T DIE OH IT IS SO HARD!!!!!!!!

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@RVonE said:
" @Uebelkraehe said:
""My cousin and i played through that game on  professional." I find that hard to believe... "
Why? Or are you just trying to be a douche? "
it's not that hard to believe if you consider that they played through the whole game with infinite hand cannon and infinite rocket launchers. If you use those the game might as well be easy all the time. Lame
Posted by ryanwho

I guess the new "pulling a brad" is running around like a pussy because you're afraid to die while saying "oh god" every five seconds.
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Bradley! shoot those guys! It's what your gun is for!!

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Resident Giant Bomb 5:Desperate Quick Look

Posted by JP_Russell

Ha, ha, if Ryan had been present during this quick look, Brad would never have heard the end of it.  I imagine a tersely delivered "Come on, Brad, stop bein' a bitch," would have been thrown in there somewhere, and of course at least a couple of Ryan's trademark "GOD-DAMNIT"s would be uttered here and there.

Posted by insanejedi

I was not yelling shoot him more like. OMG Brad YOUR WASTING AMMO! Your supposed to shoot them in the head and then roundhouse them and finish them off kicking them on the ground! GAWD!! And the Chainsaw guys I was like "DUDE BRAD JUST USE THE SNIPER RIFLE!" Sorry, being more of a serious Resident Evil 4-5 player I just kept cringing at Brad's technique.

Posted by mythrol

Shoot your fucking gun. GOD-DAMMIT BRAD!
How do you fuck up a completely action oriented Quick Look? Let Brad play it.
I'm sorry Brad. I still like you, but damn, after watching this QL even you'd have to admit, you sucked it up to an infuriating level for this one.

Posted by Deusoma

Brad's comment about slash fiction reminded me of a very odd fan comic I saw last year where Wesker puts those mind control dealies on both Chris and Sheva's chests and then forces them to fuck for his amusement. The art was almost as bad as the concept.

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The way Brad played the first 20 minutes reminded me of the guy at the end of Saving Private Ryan.  Just running around with tons of ammo and equipment and not really doing much.  I love Brad, there were just too many times where I was like just shoot 'em, shoot 'em now, at least weaken them or something, anything.

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this looks kind of COOL