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Oh come on.....where is Deadly Premonition??! The wait is literally killing me.

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I think I'll get the Gold Edition but only when it drops to around 40 bucks.

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@CaptainObvious said:
" Oh come on.....where is Deadly Premonition??! The wait is literally killing me. "
You could say the wait is... 


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Brad and Vinny again, nice, that's what I was hoping for.  The Lost In Nightmares QL was solid.
Vin:  Are you going to shoot a zombie?
Brad:  If I find one.

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@CaptainObvious said:
" Oh come on.....where is Deadly Premonition??! The wait is literally killing me. "
My thoughts exactly.
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Kinda annoying they aren't planning to put any of these new DLC chapters on the PC. >.<

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Stops at 13:36? 
edit: nevermind, my computer sucks.
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14:46 Brad Dies

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Gears of War with monsters.
Regardless of my opinion on this game, it still seems like too much money for the amount of content in here.

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@JeffGoldblum said:
" @CaptainObvious said:
" Oh come on.....where is Deadly Premonition??! The wait is literally killing me. "
You could say the wait is... 


No, no you could not.
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@www1221 said:
" 14:46 Brad Dies "
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Watching Brad play RE5 is similar to how all those people reacted to Vinny and Jeff playing Persona 4. Melee those dudes, dude! :P Still fun, though!

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where is the deadly premonition quick look 

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That looked intense.

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@Depth said:
" @www1221 said:
" 14:46 Brad Dies "
ah, add this one to the list, guys :P
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You could tell at certain points of this Quick Look that Vinny wanted to punch Brad in the face.

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hey brad flashbangs kill those crab things you hate in one hit

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Two words... not interested.

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Video died about halfway through for me, trying to load it again now.

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The way Brad plays RE5 is kind of cringe inducing.

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HEY BRAD SHOOT THE FUCKING CHAINSAW GUY was like watching my gf drunk playing RE 2 when I was in middle school

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I haven't played this game, but I'm pretty sure you have to shoot things to kill them. 

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Oh my god, Brad is SO BAD. Shoot the enemies don't just run away from them! No wonder he dies so much.

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don't listen to these mooks.  it's funnier when you play badly.  if I wanted to watch some nerd s-rank every mission I'd go to youtube.

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This is quick look for you if you like watching Brad get women killed!

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 Normally I don't mind, but this time Brad is pissing me off with how he's playing this haha. He's so bad.

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I was going to comment on Brad's inability to play RE5 but then I saw everyone beat me to it... 

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oh Brad.

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brad's worst performance ever?
running from one end of the map, only to flick through his inventory and go 'AHH' and then run to the other side. repeat.

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Brad, Assignment Ada was the mission from RE4 you were thinking of.

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That part of the video where Brad just runs around in circles avoiding the dudes with chainsaws could really use a Benny Hill track. :) 
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Brad seems to be like me. When everyone is depending on him he seems to falter, but when he's by himself doing it he'll do it perfect. Meh, I still love Brad :)

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More zombie games need to just let you attach chainsaws to stuff
Also, PRO TIP!  For the quicktime events, just mash every controller button all the time and they will register as being correct.

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Who the heck thought that making Jill Valentine into Nina Williams was a good idea?

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he ran around like 20 times before finally shooting someone

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for $5 this seems pretty good.
but, where's that  

Deadly Premonition

quick look?
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Watching Brad play Resi 5 badly, makes me want to play Resi 5 well. Hire this guy capcom!

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Ha ha, that was so funny. He played horrible.
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I don't think Jeff, Ryan, or Vinny scare easily.  But Brad?  Let's give him RE5 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.  Because it's entertaining seeing him run away like a big chicken, then laugh as he gets eaten by whatever he failed to run away from.
Brad + Survival Horror quicklooks = drinking game.

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5$ for halo 4 ya i would pay that on xbla but still no joking this looks good for a 5 dollar dlc.

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lol at Brad's mad skills.

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This looks like anti-fun. Just makes me remember the awful controls for RE5.

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Looks like they're playing Heavy Rain finally.  Hope to hear about it on the next bombcast.

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Brad, this was kind of infuriating watching you consistently choose to NOT SHOOT AT ANYTHING.