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This doesn't look good at all.

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@2DArray said:

Jeff, I can't believe you're hating on Resident Evil 4! Ridiculous control scheme and silly/awkward/straight-up-elbow-fuck-retarded dialogue aside, Resident Evil 4 was legitimately my favorite game of all time for quite a while. And I never played the other games in the series until years later, so it had nothing to do with that.

Resi 4 had some crazy, outside the box, off-the-wall game design that I wasn't used to seeing...if it hadn't been handled so carefully, it would have turned out as total bullshit. But they somehow made it work. They knew what you expected from Resident Evil and shooting games in general, and went to incredible lengths just to fuck with you. It played with your expectations in fantastic ways to make the situation feel as alien (HURR, DURR) as possible.

It's a Resident Evil game, but you fight Spaniards instead of zombies. It's a shooter, but you get penalized (big time) for landing headshots. Sometimes you would find useful healing items or ammo in a hidden nook, get killed, restart at a checkpoint, and return to your treasure cove to find all the items replaced with god damned bad guys. Why? Because fuck you for feeling comfortable, that's why.

And the chainsaw man. Let's talk about the fucking chainsaw man. Everybody who reaches the first serious combat scenario flips their shit because it is, to be honest, entirely too difficult for someone who's just starting the game, especially when the control scheme is so weird (even for returning Resident Evil players, it seems). But they do okay, at least. They back themselves into a corner, maybe find the shotgun, and fend off the angry Spanish folk with relative success. But then the chainsaw man shows up, and every single new player I've ever seen gets their big stupid head chopped off. It's a moment of complete panic in a totally unfamiliar situation. So what happens any other time the chainsaw guy shows up and you hear him revving in the distance? YOU FLIP YOUR SHIT ALL OVER AGAIN. It's a perfect example of mental anchoring, and it's built around what would otherwise just be a shitty difficulty curve.

What I'm trying to say is WHADDAYA BOAYIN'?

Oops, I meant to say "Oh great, another completely unnecessary and possibly insulting upskirt shot."

No wait, I'm trying to say that Resi 4 is...somehow...totally fucking brilliant.

I hear ya but I don't understand this "you get punished for landing head shots." I find that to be the exact opposite. If you want to be any good at the game you HAVE to be able to pul of head shots quickly.

The roundhouse kick can only be set up by a head shot and is a vital part of playing, especially in the beginning of Professional where you don't have as much ammo in the beginning. Being able to quickly set up a head shot, kick the guy (which then knocks down all other nearby enemies), and then slashing them with your knife is a pretty important skill.

This goes double if you play Mercenary Mode as you have even more dudes swarming you constantly. On top of it, the character HUNK is totally unplayable if you cannot consistently land head shots to set up the neck-breaker (his most efficient way of killing guys).

Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, I absolutely loved RE4. I mean, it was the first game where I unlocked everything (Unlimited hand cannon, chicago typewriter, PRL 240 or whatever it was called). I too also remember that awesome scene in the beginning where you run into the house and the cutscene starts with Leon shutting the door behind him and freaking out when that chainsaw guy showed up. I can't remember if I died or not that first time but I am willing to say that I probably did.

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Ok, I love the Giantbomb crew, I mean Jeff is a huge inspiration for me getting into game journalism, but I have to call them out on this one...at least Brad, who I absolutely respect and usually side with at times when I listen to discussions on the podcast. Now, I realize Jeff hates Resident Evil, and honestly, that's his god given right to have that opinion but let's not be ignorant to the inspiration and influence the series had to the survival horror genre and third person shooters pre-Gears. Almost all survival horror games after the first RE tried to mimic the Resident Evil formula and tweak it. RE4 set a new standard for the third person genre as a whole. You and I both know besides Cold Fear, which was an extremely mediocre yet mildly entertaining game, there was nothing like RE4 at all.

Now this is how I wish Brad played the game, but I know he's not extremely amazing at playing games, which is fine, but this is what I wished we all could have seen. Please watch this and then tell me it still looks boring. It's only a few minutes long.


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@CrimsonWing69: Finally! Someone who disagrees with something someone from Giant Bomb says and isn't an asshole about it.

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@CrimsonWing69: I feel like a lot of that sliding and diving backwards was unnecessary, and I think Capcom put it in to make the game look flashy when played that way. I think most people are going to play RE6 more like Brad, but with a few sideways rolls thrown in there.

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yeah but I mean, that's how you can play. It's hella fast paced and pretty fun. I mean you can play almost any game at a fundamental basic without taking advantage of every control the developers have given. But it adds a fun way of playing the game. Brad did make it look boring, and as unnecessary as all that ridiculous rolling, back falling, sliding, and run kicking is...it still looked cool.

I mean c'mon, I understand if you hate the game, but you know that was still pretty cool to see. I mean it was how a John Woo game should be minus obligatory doves and slow motion.

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At any rate, this still looks a whole lot better than Operation Racoon City....

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So.....im i crazy or does the voice actor for jake sound exactly like kanji from persona 4. Does anyone know if its the same voice actor?

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@Demodocus: definitely sounds like kanji to me.

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Okay. I didn't like RE4 or any RE since. I think the best game in the series is RE2. I have no interest in playing this and would not even if the combat was good. So i'll refrain from comment on the quality of this.

One thing I would like to address is the sound. Specifically the breaking glass sound when you melee an enemy. It's very unsatisfying. I don't think it's a matter of not sounding like a standard concussive thud/schwelch you'd expect from impact on flesh. It's the pitch. There's no bass to it. It's similar to making a gun sound like a toy with bad foley. pew pew pew. There's no oomph to it. I think the idea of a shatter sound at all is poor to begin with, but at the very least it should have a bass component to the range to give it the impression of doing damage.

edit--- one more thing. RE metamorphosis to action game for apparent reason of wanting more $$$. This is a bad idea. It is a bad idea because the end game of that is removing the things that once made the series special -and popular- in favour of being more similar to the competition. To be considered, at best, a competent clone wannabe of your more successful competitors. Your series loses its identity. You are the RC Cola of colas. You will never be Pepsi or Coke. This is a losing strategy. It's better to be Dr. Pepper. Maybe you're not as popular as the big two but you've got your own thing, and you've got a dedicated fanbase that loves you. Pissing away that unique identity and the fans that went with it will lead to failure. You will make less money in the long term doing this than you would if you had stuck to your guns and made RE ass RE games the whole time.

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I must say this looks...really quite bad. It's all so boring

and railroaded.

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B.O.W.s? Man, even RE6 is getting in on Year of the Bow...

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@SharkMan: @Demodocus: That is indeed Troy Baker, voice of Kanji.

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Coming from someone who loved Resident Evil 4, it's pathetic the direction this series is heading. 5 sucked big time for me based off the ridiculous story and linear setup and it took like 6 hours to beat, this looks even worse! Thanks Capcom, idiots

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Looks sooooo generic. Shooting dudes with guns is not why I come to RE. 
RE4 still remains easily the best thing ever.

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that's not saying much

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Those subtitles are gigantic!

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But Brad, if the camera doesn't zoom in when it hits a wall, how do you get a close-up look at your character?

EDIT: Oh Bradley, why would you just stand there and watch her get crushed?

I'm slightly worried about the way this plays, but I'll wait and see how it turns out. Leon part seems cool though.

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Brad playing a shooter for the first time, and complaining how it is functioning. How else can you make a game look any harder or unplayable.

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@TripMasterMunky: you are correct sir, these guys get a bug up there butt about a game such as jeff. i remember how much he went off about the last medal of honor with jabs at stuff that goes on in MW3 but never complained about that stuff when he talked about MW3.

Also Brad shouldn't play anything but LEGO games, and games with furry animals like DUST that makes him amazed at artistic qualities and says how he is offended that people won't give that game a chance. However wants to rip apart any game that kicks his ass, which is every shooting game. It was a treat hearing him whine during the Deadly Premonition endurance run in the simplest combat situations.

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OOh, these resident evil 6 "fans" are everywhere .Grrr . I also hate it very much when people don't like games I know I'm gona like when I own them .

P.s Best Resident Evil game is RE3 Nemesis .