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I hope this isn't Chris' blood :(

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rockin' 4th

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Thumbnail sponsored by Gary Whitta

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ryan and patrick. 90% of quicklooks. why?

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Yay for Zombies for the Fourth!

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@bloodsoul5: Because you touch yourself in bad places.

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Don't go floppin that frog dick around.

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I hate those pop ups. They are annoying.

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@BenderUnit22 said:

Thumbnail sponsored by Gary Whitta

dont know why but that still works for me, so thx

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Oh yeah...I rented the first one of these on the Wii a while back. It wasn't great.

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Ryan says to Strap It On, but Big Jeffrey would say Drop Em

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Thumbnail pic is so great

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We need more big Jeffrey

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I love it whenever Patrick sees a spider. SEE Uncharted 3 quick look!

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I'm going to say this probably plays better on the Wii.

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Doesn't look that HD to me..

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Resident Evil 5 was a great game, sorry not everyone wants to keep replaying RE1 every two years.

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Patrick "The Trick" Klepek really shoots several walls in a train, uproar arises from wall-enthusiasts.

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Year of the Resident Evil.

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That menu....damn, Major Goldeneye memories.

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Patrick is also scared by spiders? again Giantbomb biggest enemy: Spiders.

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Independence Day quick look!

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Never like how modern light gun ( with motion controls now a days instead of light guns) style games are using the reticle as the default. Sure the biggest problem with these motion controls is that there not as accurate as say your average ps2 Guncom2 controller. Even with House of the Dead 4 on PS3 I right away turn off the reticle (even though I'm playing with the move!, its still almost as good as a Guncom), there is just something very un-satisfying when having those things all over the screen when playing these types of games. Boy would I kill for Namco's Guncom3 to have done better sales wise, maybe the reticle wouldn't be the default then.

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I`m not even a native english speaking guy but damn am i the only one who noticed that Reload is spelled wrong ?!

Probably a Capcapom thing....

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@Grillbar: "Shoot that!" on the thumbnail is similar to Gary's suggestion to "Shoot that guy!"

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Always punch your friends.

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Patrick reacting to spiders was the exact same way as how I was reacting to seeing them. Wasn't expecting them at all and don't really want to play this game anymore (didn't really want to before, but now even more so). I really am not a fan, especially not when they are that fuckin big.

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You got GIRL.

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Umbrella Chronicles gets super frantic action-jammed "ohshi"-moment-filled later on and I recommend it for lightgun-hungry gamers. If you have a Wii, I recommend the original.
It's not a Virtua Cop or a Time Crisis of the 90's (when they were good) but yaknow..

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I hate the RE spin offs só much... The quality is poor and, although canonical, doesn't add anything new or exciting to the main storyline. I still have to play RE3 though. Is it still worth putting time into that game? I mean, from a story perspective, is it essential? Anyone?

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poor adorable jumping spiders

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@enpopica said:

@Grillbar: "Shoot that!" on the thumbnail is similar to Gary's suggestion to "Shoot that guy!"

i know what i meant by it is that i dont know why but i still find it funny

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Nothing worse than a QL of a game you actually like.

This game, or at least the first one, never got enough credit. Some of the later levels had some good moments and some good jump scares. And I liked how insane the last act was, it also made reference to the first Resident Evil movie with laser corridors! (unless that was in one of those few early mid-period RE games I never played)

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"Why is the guy standing there" - Patrick. LOL

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The worst part of the game on wii was how the game would throw your aim off by shaking the screen and moving it around.

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@narujoe93: Actually he also reviewed Umbrella Chronicles, the first one, and gave it a 7. I know opinions change...but the overly dismissive and discerning tone is a bit much.

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@narujoe93 said:

I want to point out that ryan davis reviewed darkside chronicles, and for some reason is acting like this is a new experience for him. The only thing I can think is that his fat, lazy ass doesn't put in the right amount of time to review. He's my least favorite part of this site

Or perhaps the game didn't leave much of an impression on Ryan, which judging by the gameplay here seems to be the case. When reviewing games is your job, it's impossible to remember every mediocre game that has crossed your path. Also, ad hominem attacks don't help you further your point.

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They mentioned House of the Dead, but these games are far better and have much more content while only costing $5 more than HotD 4.

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I didn't even know they made a second one of these. The first one though doesn't look HD at all.

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@BenderUnit22 said:

Thumbnail sponsored by Gary Whitta

Oh yeah, I'd love it if more games had built-in pro-tips Whitta. You could call them "Whitta's do's-n'-don'ts."

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@dendro157: I totally thought that too. It looks like it says "Relodding". The "a" is actually there; it's just a terrible font.

Be sure to "relodd" your weapons during the zombie apocalypse, everyone.

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beginning of this reminds me of that video, "what if quake was made today"...........

I'm sorry, but this was painful to watch. I take it that means it's not for me.

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Just finished beating these. Loved 'em. Resident Evil's quickly becoming one of my favorite franchises. Also, Ryan is soooo far off base with Darkside Chronicles being connected to the plot of RE: Survivor. I am always bummed by the outright dismissal that RE receives from the GB crew. I wish at least someone liked the series. And by the series, I don't just mean the first two games out of like, thirteen.

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What's with the constant talk about skinless dogs? I've just played through Resident Evil 1 to 4 again and I didn't see a single dog without its skin. That is a Silent Hill and Paul W.S. Anderson thing.

Also - and I know this is a very minor thing to bitch about, but - am I the only one who get annoyed that they always press the PS button, wait for the XMB to load up, and then select the Quit Game icon? Instead of holding down the PS button or, better still, directly launching the next game without manually quitting to the XMB at all.

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@Goblin: Dude they totally jump through the windows in part 1.

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@depecheload said:

@Goblin: Dude they totally jump through the windows in part 1.

They were never skinless though. They were always in a similar state of decay as the zombies. Or the dogs in this Quick Look, for that matter.
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Oh look, another snarky-as-fuck Quick Look.

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Ryan and Patrick again...