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Damn it....

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nice :)

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I can't afford £14.99 for a game i can get for £3

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I love you quest chasers. Anyway I played the bajesus out of Code Veronica. Glad to see it quicklooked.

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Aww shiiit

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Thank goodness, not much content yesterday.

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I actually beat this shit on the dreamcast

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been waiting for this.

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Shoot dead people as a woman.

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Im still not sure if i'll get this

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Girl, let me see your Veronica X.

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Such an unnecessary re-release. Looking forward to the QL, though (no audio at work) :)

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I think this is one of my favorite of the series, though a lot of the people I know disliked this game.

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Just a tip Brad, the knife is actually very effective in this game... it's actually over powered.

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Never finished this one. Probably never will.

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Watch the Resident Evil Quick Look?

Yes No

You've watched the Resident Evil Quick Look.

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Video content!

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I burned out on this game near the end when I played it originally. I really have no interest to go back to it, and probably not for twenty dollars.

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Breaking News from Brad: Older games are still old and did things newer games don't do anymore.

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I always forgot to put the lighter away.

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Because it was mentioned in the QL I feel the need to once again voice my support for Tetris inventories: I think they're fun. I get a kick out of organizing and neatly arranging my items.

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Oh come on, Brad. The cutscenes weren't even all that impressive at the time. This is post-Tekken 3 and the same year as Final Fantasy IX.

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The last real Resident Evil game, before they decided to turn it into a freaking shooter. Sigh.

I didn't mind 4 but it should have been a new series. I'd love to see them go back to trying to make something remotely scary with better gunplay, similar to Dead Space perhaps.

and I bought this game for £3 in almost new condition on Dreamcast, I think I'll stick with my copy as hooked up a VGA box it looks pretty good, this re-release doesn't seem any better.

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At least they made it widescreen, Remake and Zero stayed 4:3 on Wii.

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man code veronica was great! that wesker stuff at the end.

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Thanks for not being worthless at the game and making it watchable, Brad. Hopefully this will be the new you for future QLs.

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This is the only RE game that I've played aside from 4. I specifically remember the part with the zombie that jumped through the window because I entered the room, heard the sound and thought "Is that a zombie hitting the window?" Only to look out the window and seeing that no, it was actually just a tree branch. So I picked up the ammo an- No wait, it WAS a zombie! Aah!

Then I ran out of ammo and stopped playing soon after that.

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@CptBedlam said:

Because it was mentioned in the QL I feel the need to once again voice my support for Tetris inventories: I think they're fun. I get a kick out of organizing and neatly arranging my items.

I'm the same way.

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Never played this 1. Looks not too bad.

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I missed out on this game back in the day. I'm pretty impressed by how good it looks, especially the lighting. The mechanics and combat do look primitive now though. Nonetheless, looks really solid!

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fuckin' Steve

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@CptBedlam said:

Because it was mentioned in the QL I feel the need to once again voice my support for Tetris inventories: I think they're fun. I get a kick out of organizing and neatly arranging my items.

I agree. I also think people are jaded about everything, "wah old games are old!" Well no crap, some people still enjoy this format.

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This brings back memories.. very fragmented, but memories none the less.

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Wide zombies!

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I love tetris inventory. Also, these cutscenes are dope. I don't know why you're dissing them.

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It's much better later in the game when you get to play as Chris, but there's a lot of garbage to get through before you get there. I don't have any time for this right now, but may eventually pick it up.

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LOL at Vinny's shout out to Se7en. This was funny.

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Sure, I'd play this if I was paying $10. Oh wait, I am. I'll pick this up on PSN thanks to PS+. I never played any of the tank controls Resident Evils.

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And people say RE4 has bad controls...RE4 is still perfectly playable, this however is not. Those tank controls were shitty even back then. People were already compaining about the controls around the time of RE2 and 3. I can't believe it took them almost a decade from RE1 to fix them in RE4.

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If they can get these to run on the current gen. I wonder how hard it would be to slap a new basemesh on the original animation to make it look more current. That would be worth $20! God I hope Claire and Leon are the leads in RE6 and with these two games and OP Raccoon City it's looking like a real possibility!

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The graphics actually look all right considering the games age.

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Vinny and Brad should both really check out the remake for part 1 on the Gamecube. Easily the best one out of the "tank control" games IMO. It still holds up graphically too.

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I have to disagree Brad. I don't remember this game being one of the most popular RE releases. Maybe it was popular with critics but I remember reading EGM at the time and them not thinking it was all that impressive.

I never had a dreamcast and never wanted this game so didn't get it on PS2, but I played the demo on my friends DreamCast at the time and I don't remember it being all that great. This one and 3 never really appealed to me.

Its also interesting to note: The Second RE movie had some scenes taken directly from this game (especially a lot of that opening scene because that's all Paul Anderson could be bothered to see haha).

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Wow Kissyfur. Where did that come from Vinny?

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You'll probably need that extinguisher you left behind later. Ohh well.

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Ah memories. I'll take the first 4 games over RE4 and 5 any day.

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Is it sad that I beat this game using the knife only?

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