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Haven't seen anything about this game besides that it sucks. Interested to see what the gameplay is actually like.

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Resident Eeeeeevil

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Let's get this shit started.

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Nice QL guys

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I'm kind of in the same boat. All I've heard about this game is how bad it is and that only the most diehard RE fans are even willing to give it the time of day.

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The Resident Evil games aren't getting any better...

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@daedaluss: Yeah, likewise, I know nothing about this game apart from people generally dissenting.

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... nice waiting commenting...

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This doesn't look too bad.

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Man this game is a bummer.

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Jeff and Vinny QL? Raccoon City ER...

Posted by SpartanAmbrose

"First zombie Spectre."

I love you Vinny.

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Yay for content again! You guys got crackin pretty quick! Impressive. Most impressive.

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

This doesn't look too bad.

Oh but it is. Very bad in fact. That's not to say it can't be fun just to giggle at all of the awfulness, but this is not a well made product in any form. It's short, shallow and clunky--which isn't exactly new for an RE game, but when you've got a fast paced shooter, you're going to need a lot more finesse. Overall it plays a lot like the first Kane & Lynch I'd say.

Posted by SOLO323

the game is not that bad im almost done with it multyplayer is fun

Posted by august

Resident Weevil.

Posted by Grainbrain

I bought it, played it, and traded it in for Catherine.

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Not a lot of great games coming out this month.

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At least it has booty. Kinda.

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@Unknown_Pleasures: It's good for some dumb fun, but there are just a ton of things wrong with the game. Kind of a shame really. Anyway if your looking for a "Resident Evil experience" I would suggest getting RE5 or 4 if you haven't already.
Posted by AngelN7

Man Jeff is very anti-melee why he did not melee that zombie that came from the back.

Posted by Kratch

This is not a good game, but if you have some friends playing and you like resident evil, there is some fun to be had.

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Wolfpack? Fuck you Capcom.

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This is not Resident Evil.

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@Sogeman said:

Wolfpack? Fuck you Capcom.

They're like the disowned step-child of Foxhound.

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Very framey. At least it looks like it plays better than that Yakuza game.

Posted by Sooty

I will say one thing, it's nice to see normal zombies instead of the stupid enemies from 4 and 5 for a change.

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Spectre is surveillance!

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@rjayb89 said:

Very framey. At least it looks like it plays better than that Yakuza game.

Oh, yeah, I guess that's true. Be a great bullet-point to put on the back of the case. ;P

Also the case is about as hilarious as the game. I mean there's practically nothing on there! It just has that strange slogan ''all roads lead to Hell'' showing a cutaway pic of guys shooting stuff. So yeah, they're clearly portraying the game as a shooter, but that's quite literally is.

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Volume is so low :(

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I'm not necessarily seeing the "YO MAN THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE", but it definitely isn't great. Still, probably some fun co-op to be had here.

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@Ventilaator: Yep looks no worse than Binary Domain

Posted by Shtinky

They really need to stop making Resident Evil games.

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

It just looks kinda mediocre. It still looks neat for RE fans I guess.

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@leejunfan83 said:

@Ventilaator: Yep looks no worse than Binary Domain

You're judging that based on the Quick Look of BD, right?

I played the demo of BD and that game seems like it's actually pretty excellent.

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@leejunfan83 said:

@Ventilaator: Yep looks no worse than Binary Domain

Oh god no. No nnononononononononononno. I cannot stress enough that this game is nowhere near Binary Domain with regards to anything. Binary Domain's shooting is awesome, if highly derivative. In ORC, the guns feel weak and underpowered (with enemies that shrug off bullets for what feels like forever; it's like you're shooting frozen peas at a brick wall), the 'story' is a disjointed mess made up of random nods and winks to RE2/RE3 with no actual substance to any of it. The dodge move is unreliable and clunky, your pistol is useless, melee is insanely overpowered (you can literally just keep mashing circle against a human player in competitive until he's dead and you're golden), you often just run past enemies to the next checkpoint and it'll carry on from there killing all of the prior enemies, there are glitchs everywhere... It's ironic, but I feel like this QL does a disservice because of how it doesn't portray enough of how bad this game is.

I could honestly go on and on about how laughably rotten, or subpar at best, this game is across practically every aspect. In fact I already have done!...

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@leejunfan83 said:

@Ventilaator: Yep looks no worse than Binary Domain

binary domain is incredible, this game just seems bad

Posted by leejunfan83

@Abyssfull: And I feel the Binary Domain quick did a disservice to that game because it didn't look all that great

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Been looking forward to this. (QL, not the game).

Posted by Yummylee

@leejunfan83 said:

@Abyssfull: And I feel the Binary Domain quick did a disservice to that game because it didn't look all that great

Well... just take my word for it. As a shooter, ORC has nothing on Binary Domain.

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The evil British guy over the comms sounds like Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Posted by leejunfan83

@Abyssfull: I'm trying to see where Jeff was coming from because he seemed so adamant saying this game is god awful

Posted by Yummylee

@leejunfan83 said:

@Abyssfull: I'm trying to see where Jeff was coming from because he seemed so adamant saying this game is god awful

While I don't suggest that you buy it (ORC)... maybe you could give it a rent just to see and get a feel for what all the hubbub is about. I'm at least willing to admit that playing with friends can be OK, if just to have a good laugh poking fun at the game, though there's also no local-play...

Posted by Stonyman65

I like RE games, but shit man, I don't even want to play this.

Posted by mbr2

Did they use the same sound effect for reviving as when Priest and Paladins in WoW casts a healing spell?

Posted by MeatSim

Apparently the only shirts available to women in Raccoon City are red or white tank tops and yellow T-shirts.

Posted by leejunfan83

@Abyssfull: I'm not a fan of Resident Evil or Socom but I just wanted to see if Jeff had any credence to his passioned statements from what I see he was embellishing a bit this game won't win any awards but looks competent

Posted by GenesisZ

so many selectable characters!

Posted by Yummylee

@leejunfan83: I guess it's because he hasn't played enough of it to wrap around why it's so bad. I mean the shooting itself is reason enough to give up because it is highly underwhelming. But again there's also all the other complaints I've listed, and even if the game didn't have such lackluster gameplay, the game itself has a lot of game-breaking bugs in there.

Like one mode where you're to collect G-Virus vials, there's been many a time where you nobody could collect the vial. You put your cursor over it and it says something like ''G_virus_vial_disabled'' or something. There's time where you'll get stuck in matchmaking for ages, and when you try to leave, the game will basically freeze forcing you to restart your console. That is a very prominent issue I encountered.

Plus what defines as competent? Sure, you press the fire button and bullets come out, but that doesn't mean it's any good. And everything else that surrounds the game is shoddy. This is simply put a poorly made game from top to bottom. It may be difficult to perceive just from the QL, but playing it and witnessing the madness for yourself is an easy eye-opener.