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finally, as in been waiting for this game forever

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Lovin this

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My Vita is ready.

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I can't believe that this has actually been released.

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Want this game so badly.

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So many references

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Should have left it on CGA :o

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why is steam all fucked up i want to buy this so bad :_(

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@Googly said:

So many references

Did anyone notice the little shop called Bimmy and Jimmy's?

Posted by fazzle

I like how Patrick calls this GTA for the NES, when this game actually has better graphics than GTA 1.

Posted by tsiro

I somehow know absolutely nothing about this game. I'll have to watch this QL when I get home later tonight, I suppose.

But from a first glance: it's a brawler that somehow has everyone excited? By being funny/referential? Man, and I thought the brawler genre was dying!

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It'd be nice if they sent out the redemption codes to those who've pre-ordered the game!

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I like that the game measures distance in PIXELS

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patrick said nes/megadrive era

goddamnit patrick

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Bimmy & Jimmy's, yup. Hopefully the Vita version is up to snuff, looking good.

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Best looking game of the year.

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@Brandino said:

My Vita is ready.


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Glad people who preordered this game can't play it yet, but people who buy it today can. Anyway Patrick did a good job with this quick look.

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It wasn't just originally announced for Wii... it really was originally an NES demake of GTA :D

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Great Quick Look. Can't wait to play this. Such great looking art design too.

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now this is how you do retro graphics

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Waiting for my preorder key.

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Cant wait to play this. Been waiting for a long time for it. Weird You cant get it on Steam yet, although Steam is acting weird in general. Probably maintenance or something. 
@fazzle: Don't be silly.
 Retro City Rampage
  Grand Theft Auto
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@fazzle said:

I like how Patrick calls this GTA for the NES, when this game actually has better graphics than GTA 1.

It technically IS GTA for the NES. It originally started out as a NES remake of Grand Theft Auto 3, for the actual NES.

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Oh man, that wavy screen effect when you're drunk...

*vomits everywhere*

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the blockheadded silhouette is mr destructoid methinks

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So... this is 8-bit Saints Row: The Third?

Posted by RecSpec

BLURST Processor!? You stupid monkey! 
Seriously though, I'm throwing my money at the screen. Yet nothing is happening!

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lol, patrick cant figure out the basketball challenge

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I thought this was the HD-version of Rivercity Ransom...

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Even starting out there's a manic quality to this game that feels a bit much. It's just "SHIT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING I DUNNO! STUFF! NES!" That was my first impression on lunch break while playing it. Made it really hard to get one's bearings. Hoping for a better experience this evening.

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First time I've ever watched a QL and bought the game immediately. Sold!

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"So the game has like no originality to it at all then? And it's packed with references, the height of comedic genius, as its singular source of humor? Sounds like the game for me!!!" - A Big Old Turd

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Excited to play this on Vita! Might get the PC version too if it supports mods.

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Patrick meets himself and doesn't even realize it (okay, minus the glasses, as far as I know).

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Saved By The Bell references will guarantee a purchase.

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I was ready to buy this game as soon as Patrick drove by the store called "Skate or Buy".

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The vase holding music is funky fresh as all hell

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This is one of those quicklooks where I had to stop watching because I didn't want more of the game spoiled for me.

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Man, that music. Sounds like those tracks were ripped straight out of the games that are being paid homage.

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Patrick Klepek appears in glasses at 28:59

Posted by Shaanyboi

A ton of Vancouver-specific references in this game too...

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This seems pretty damn amazing.

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We heard you like references.