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So much BEast!

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AH Beast content is the best content :D :D

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The description made me laugh too loud and too long. thank you GBEast/Wolf Pac.

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Beast has the blood of reptile. Don't Hurt yourself though...

Oh You, Vincenzo!!

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This game seems like a mash-up of Lunar Lander and Choplifter. This is not a bad thing.

EDIT: Yes, Solar Jetman! Thanks for the hammer-to-the-face wave of Nostalgia, Vinny; I remember renting that from my local grocery store (back when you could do that) after receiving a Nintendo Power magazine write-up of that game.

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Those puns are justified.

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Why does BEAST get All the Love in the World?

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Year Zero was a great album.

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Oh my god, it's full of stars.

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That description is maybe the best thing I've ever seen on this website.

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Year Zero was a great album.

I don't know about that, It has some good songs, but its not very strong as an album in comparison to the previous ones... The slip i think is probably the better of the newer ones.. .. but they are all good.. maybe not the last last one.. Hesitation Marks? that one is a bit.. weird.. not in the good way..

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Solar Jetman rules!

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Reminds me of Oids.

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Nine Inch Nails YO

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These New York QLs are just the best.

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I WISH I had the Quake soundtrack with me now.

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Okay, I was hesitant when GBEast was announced, but I haven't looked forward to content as eagerly as I do now for ages. Whatever GBEast is doing.... keep doing it. Forever.

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This looks so much like an XNA game.

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I hope this game isn't so Broken that you have to Give Up.

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The dust and fire effects in this look great! Also, MEN ON FIRE!

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Vinny no. My ears. No.

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The game itself isn't for me, but the soundtrack is pumpin.

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You are a savant Vinny!

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Vinny kept crashing on stuff thinking The Way Out Is Through, but The Fragile ship exploding made him realize it was all a Terrible Lie.

Also, while he was looking for guys to rescue, I bet he was thinking "Where Is Everybody?". They were probably just Running, or trying to come up with Various Methods Of Escape.

Sorry, I just don't know when to stop with the shitty puns. If Only I had more Discipline...

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@atom: you made a shitty day worth it.

God damn, it's so weird seeing two things you love collide, I should watch this video.

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When I read the description, I had to make a Pilgrimage to this video page. Now that I'm getting Even Deeper into the video, the timeline bar is Getting Smaller. Please keep up with good work GBEAST, but now I have to Find My Way to work.

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Yeah this looks like if Solar Jetman and Choplifter had a baby. I'll second love for the dust and particle effects, they look really impressive blowing off of the ground surfaces.

Also, lets just get a straight up sequel to Solar Jetman. Half the fun of that game was trying to pull out a huge artifact through the caverns back to your ship while barely being able to boost from the extra mass.

You know what. I'm just going to go play some Solar Jetman now.

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I literally squealed with glee at the Reznor references in the caption.

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The graphics fidelity looks like something out of a free Linux game library. Not that that's a bad thing, but Tux Racer might look slightly better than this.

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So its a really ugly pixel junk shooter?

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"Also makes me want to put my earrings back in."


Vinny? Do you have something to share with the class?

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Reminds me of Thrust. Check the absolutely incredible title music:

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One of the best quick looks ever! I don't even care about the game, but ViNINY and ALEX-NIN, had me laughing my ass off! So NIN! Great job! Looking forward to your first Album.

The Retro - Hurt - booster

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Cool looking game, arcade vibe for sure! Vinny and Alex killing it as usual! :D

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NIN references?!?!? Hold all my calls, I'm watching this fucking video.

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Alex' slow clap was great.

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Really funny QL of a kind of bad-looking game!

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Sarcasm and unbridled enthusiasm make such a lovely Quick Look combo. I love you BEAST. Keep on killin' it.

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Good to know that Vinny and Alex are In This Together. Underneath It All is A Warm Place, and I'm Looking Forward To Joining You Finally in watching this QL. I'm feeling All The Love In The World right now.



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I'm only a few minutes into the video, but this seems like a carbon copy of Sub-Terrania for the Genesis. The way you control your ship and pick up tiny astronauts but have to be careful not to kill them is exactly out of Sub-Terrania. And I'm okay with this.

Video of the game if you're interested

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Seems like Sub Terrania. Sub Terrania is fuckin rad...and also stupid, stupid hard.

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Dear god, the singing...THE SINGING!!!