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Dunno what's better the random sex scene with the fully clothed dirty ass mechanic or the random "arghhh" close ups in the middle of combat.

Posted by Chris2KLee

@sogeman said:

1. I'm sad that this comes out of my hometown.

2. How did this come out of my hometown, Deep Silver Vienna hasn't existed for quite a while.

Might have been working on it before they went under, then whatever was left was handed over to another team to drag to the finish line.

Posted by berniesbc

Best quick look since Euro Truck simulator.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Man I could go for some Marstons right now

Posted by LOLandOrder

Five minutes in, and I'm getting a real GARSHASP vibe from this game.

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This is gonna be great.

Posted by Phished0ne

So, i can't remember, was it the Devil's Hand or Retribution that did security for all the Grateful Dead concerts?

Posted by blacklab

I met Farrakhan and had dinner

And you ask if I'm a five-percenter, well...

No, but I go where the brothers go

Posted by kerse

This game is impressive.

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Now this is a hot piece of garbage. The perfect ingredient for an amusing Quick Look.

Posted by BrokenPoem

Vinny and Jeff Quick Looks are the best Quick Looks.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Holy shit, this QL is hilarious, but 40 Euros for this broken piece of garbage?

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I don't know if I want to play this.

Posted by Spitznock

Save for the pop-in, I kinda like how this game looks.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Man, I was saying "sookeh....sookeh" in reference to the increasingly hilarious ways people say her name in True Blood during that Carlos part and then, like clockwork, Jeff lands the reference.

Great QL.

Posted by Kl4pman

No lie, for some reason the way this game plays actually made me violently sick, to the point where two hours later I look at the thumbnail and I feel really lightheaded. I don't know how the hell they managed to pull this off.

Posted by Draxyle

Jeez, there's like a million gameplay systems at play here, yet each and every one of them is broken in some way. I don't know why you try and get this ambitious with a game if you don't have the budget to back it up. Have to wonder if the development team had the rug pulled out from under them halfway through production or something.

I love that Jeff totally predicted what would happen to the guy's brother the minute he saw him, though it was pretty darn obvious what they were setting him up for.

Posted by warthurton

She was wearing mechanics overalls and managed to keep the top on for the camera, but the bottom on to get busy. That is pretty impressive for a 1 piece suit.

Posted by onarum

@kazzenn said:

I don't know if I want to play this.

well, I'm dead certain I'll never touch this garbage, not even when it's like 5 bucks on steam.

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Is there going to be a Kickstarted version of Full Throttle? If there is they may as well cancel it, how can they hope to top this masterpiece.

Posted by The_Ruiner

I cannot believe Vinny completely bypassed the funniest and most awful thing in the game....goddammit giantbomb...

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I did it all for the DOPE. I mean the kicks, by which I mean I HAD TO GET MY REVENGE

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This might work well if it was just a series of short moments, instead of trying to be a full fledged lengthy game.

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

Right at 2 hours worth of quicklooks.... And I feel obligated to watch all of it.

Posted by Rox360

Holy crap, you're kidding? A friend of mine worked on this, briefly, years ago... I was under the impression they canned it after it refused to become even remotely playable. I'm uh... glad it still happened??

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This is like Mars: War Logs all over again. Great quick-look material because it's so blatantly terrible in every facet of its execution.

Posted by huser

Of course the last bullet had to take down that bullet sponge.

Posted by Patchcoat

I did it all for the DOPE. I mean the kicks, by which I mean I HAD TO GET MY REVENGE

Posted by tourgen

Looks absolutely painful to play.

Posted by peritus

A really fun quicklook, but how did this game make it onto steam when so many greenlight games dont? This looks broken in the same way the War Z did. It's just not ready to launch yet, looks like it need a solid year of development at least!

Posted by Protome

@peritus: This looks nowhere near as broken as The War Z, nor does it lie about the features in the game like The War Z did.

This game also probably isn't one massive scam like The War Z is.

What I'm trying to say is The War Z was a bad comparison.

Posted by blueinferno

When having sex, do not take any clothes off. ANY CLOTHES!

Posted by Wikitoups

OMG The Lead Biker looks like Garshap!!!

Posted by Stimpack

This game is fucking great. Good God!

Posted by Asator

The brewery level was absolutely mind numbing to watch.

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It's great to be back in the Mojave Wasteland

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i totally watched the whole thing. maybe best QL ever? i dunno

game looked horrific

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Well the game started with a Rival Sons song, that's about the only good thing.

Great Quicklook though

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Holy shit, Tyrell sounds just like Big Bo from Binary Domain.

Posted by DavivMcD

Acquire money, snag drugs, dry hump lady mechanics.

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Jim Sterling over at Destructoid did a 1/10 review for this. He had reasonable arguments, but also jumped on that nu-feminism bandwagon where you're supposed to get super offended on behalf of women, instead of just recognizing t&a in video games as being tacky bullshit and move on with your life.

*EDIT* Any Vinny quicklook is amazing!

Posted by mdnthrvst

@darkbeatdk: I wonder about the mindset changes young men like you will go through when they actually have to engage with women in a mature and adult manner. Or even if you will, which is an altogether more troubling question.

Posted by ToTheNines

Endurance run this shitty game, pretty please

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Oh wow, my whole body hurts from laughing at that clothes on "sex" scene. This is the most baffling thing I had ever seen, then I saw the cover and the "Deep Silver" logo and it all came into perspective.

At least the music is alright.

Posted by HandsomeDom

Super special quick look erotica

Posted by FlipperDesert

I was kinda hoping this was a budget-ass Red Dead Redemption with bikes going in. Kinda sad that it's not. :/

Posted by qUaK3R

this seems BORINGGGGGG

Posted by gbrading

This game. Oh goodness it's terrible but it's kind of amazing.