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Wow didn't know it was coming out so soon.

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This just screams Burnout!

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This game is.... a game? This is the first time I've heard about it. I heard more about the Vita's Ridge Racer than I've heard about this game. Poor marketing guys. Poor marketing. I expect this game to bomb horribly, on the premise that very few have probably heard about it, and some of you even sound surprised that it comes out soon.

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This is weird, I was listening to the podcast just before coming here and they were talking about this maybe coming out. Nice little coincidence for me.

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Ain't no Ridge Racer without Reiko

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This plays similar to split/second

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Couldnt get this out of my mind:

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Jeremy Clarkson would love this game. POWER!

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Is it me or there a lot of elements from NFS Hot Pursuit in this? the woman, the car selection/colours, even sound effects.

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Why does it have to be frag?

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I've heard amazing things about Bugbear's previous Flatout games so I remain hopeful. Always happy to have a great arcade racer steal away the hours once one finally comes around.

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Probably would have been better if they just made another good Flatout.

Also, they really missed a chance by not sampling Power wheneever you use Power.

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You gotta have POWER!

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This game continues to have a stupid name.

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I can tell it's the Frostbite engine just by looking at the menu.

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I know some people find the effect to be over used these days, but I really like how they implement info via text in the environment, like the number of laps, and how behind or ahead you are.

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Qick look!

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I never played a Ridge Race :/

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Really love the looks of this game, the menus etc.

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This game looks way more like burnout than i was expecting.

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woah, that bit where the power went out just before he hit a wall,

the game should be able to anticipate that he wouldnt have gotten there in time, and shouldnt have prompted him to run into the wall like that.

also, those menu's are hella BF3.

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This seems cool. Sucks that user tracks can't be played online though.

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No thanks. I've seen all this before but better.

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@sickVisionz said:

This seems cool. Sucks that user tracks can't be played online though.

Pretty sure you can, just not in Quick Match (says so in the descriptions).

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Hey, they remade...

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Looks dull and cookie-cutter. Controls seem terrible.

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Is "Frostbitey" a term yet? If not, this is the first use of it. Remember this moment.

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@geekbot said:

I know some people find the effect to be over used these days, but I really like how they implement info via text in the environment, like the number of laps, and how behind or ahead you are.

it's great in racing games, because I don't ever want to take my eyes off the road.

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Shinnnnndo Racing.

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Does this have terrible sound quality to anyone else?

Buzzing and crackling?

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burnout revenge clone

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@SOLO323 said:

burnout revenge clone

You make that sound like that is a bad thing.

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I love Flatout, love it, so I'm willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt, but maaan...if there is one thing I don't like about this game, is how dull and miserable it looks.

Also what is it with sunsets and racing games? who actually thinks video game dusk looks good? Because 9/10 it looks like a headache, it's never rendered quite true to life, it's just harsh orange lighting and stupidly dark shadows, and for racing games that is the worst, the worst! And they're everywhere! Flatout also a big offender.

Arrrrgh! Ok good, needed to get that out there.

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Getting some vibes of blur, split/second, burnout, and need for speed most wanted, with a little bit of trackmania.

You know what? fuck yeah I gotta go get this.

Edit: I wanna see a tnt of this to see the different user created content.

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This looks pretty fun, but I really dislike it visually. Everything is really dark and it's all done in the blue/orange hues; felt like it was trying to hide ugly textures or something with how heavy the effects were.

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Make it a downloadable game on demand and I will bite.... To lazy to make the trip to the store to find.

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After playing Criterion's NFS Hot Pursuit I now would like every racing game to control like that. Crazy, I know. If anyone has this game please tell me how this game compares. I can't really tell from this video.

Edit: I wish this game had a stunt mode like rush 2049.

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To answer Jeff's question regarding "Can you use custom tracks online?". You can do it. Set up a custom game and when gives you track selection, it will give you the option to browse online cities and put five tracks in a playlist or even use your own tracks you created.

Unbounded TNT, anyone?

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They shat in that bay.

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"Those boards don't work on water, unless you've got POWER!"

EDIT: dammit, redbliss beat me to that reference. well played ;)

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This games looks pretty good, silly Namco, why isn't it on Steam?

Spoke too soon

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im glad Jeff mentioned Burnout Revenge. I thought that EA already shut down the servers for it years ago but I can still play on Xbox Live and surprisingly enough there are still people playing.

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This makes me wanna go back and play some Burnout Paradise.

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Shatter Bay? Is that where Critical Velocity takes place?

Speaking of Critical Velocity...why can't I find ANY information about this game!? I got it in 2005 when it came out. Good game, but because it's so heavy on Japanese dialogue and subtitles, I couldn't get too much into it.

Anyway, I'm wondering if Ridge Racer Unbounded has any relation to Critical Velocity....

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Bugbear throwing some Finnish language there.

Kuolansuu, from the thumbnail means something like: drooling mouth.