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AHHH Nightmare time!

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Something is rissinnnggg

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Been looking forward to this one, especially after seeing that great Mega64 vid.

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Rise of awkward controls, i hope it is good.

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Can't say for sure, maybe I'm just more used to seeing him sitting down, but I seem to think Ryan looks a bit slimmer than normal in this video. If true, good for him, keep it up.

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"It's not on rails!"

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The Mega64 vid was awesome, though I don't really care how good the game is, I still ain't buying a Kinect

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It's Resident Evil tank controls...but in real life!

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Oh boy! 
Doesn't look like complete trash. 

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This does not seem terrible.

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these kinect video remind me of TV programs that are signed for the deaf. 

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Patrick's pants are so tight!

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It looks generic but quite fun. If it's cheap enough in the near future me and my girlfriend could have fun with this.

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what baseball team does Patrick play for? or are those his little sister's pants?

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I want a knifestabbing simulator

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ACtually doesn't look that bad, the control scheme actually looks workable tbh.

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Oh Busty zombie nurses.

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@jetsetwillie said:

these kinect video remind me of TV programs that are signed for the deaf.

Haha i never even thought of that but now i can't unsee it.

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Dead Island Kinect!

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Ugh, the music/sound design is straight ass...

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i laughed! :)

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Man, the Kinect is the worst.

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This actually looks pretty fun. Looks like a perfect weekend rental.

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the real question is, if this game is decent because it uses kinect or in spite of the fact.

it might be alright for a kinect game but it still looks horrible compared to real games.

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Oh Kinect, you are so awesome and awful at the same time.

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Ryan would suck in a fight

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An on-rails Kinect game? INNOVATION!!!

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The controls seem like a nightmare

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Looks like it'll get annoying to move around like that after a while, Patrick's moves were entertaining though. ;p

I would love to see a kinect game that actually allows you to move your hands or maybe one hand like in Trespasser and the other hand to move and/or look around.

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This actually looked a bit better than I was expecting. Not great or anything, and certainly not something I would buy a Kinect for, or spend 50$ on, but, better than I was expecting all the same.

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Let your shoulder leannnn, shoulder leannnn

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Looks nice. 

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You can totally see the microphone cord coming out the bottom of Patricks shirt and swaying inbetween his legs at the start there.

Y'know...if you were looking in that general area.

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This game looks terrible. Watching Patrick climb the ladder was entertaining, though.

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Doesn't look good, though it seems at-least partly fun.

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Sega made a Fat Joe simulator

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What is with Romania having all the monsters, man? I'm Romanian and I'm yet to see a vampire/zombie. There's only that Dracula dude here.

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@thirteenyahs said:

what baseball team does Patrick play for? or are those his little sister's pants?

I like you. You're clever. 
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This game is not "on-rails." You can walk anywhere you want, or you can raise your left hand to turn on auto pilot. I love it sofar, best kinect game in my opinion.

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I would not play this but I'd love to watch my friends play it

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Weirdly enough, this looks like it'd be okay as a Wii game. Use the nunchuk for movement, then hand movements for actions. I guess Move would work, too. Looks interesting.

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Looks like you're fighting some sort of proto-Strogg. 
vvv That is the best.

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Anyone else think that this game would be infinitely better on the Playstation Move?

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@drhans: +1 internet points.