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So excited to see if this is any good.

Posted by JacDG

Sweet, blood.

Posted by ghostyTrickster

Got this preloaded, can't wait for it to unlock.

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Awwww, yeah! From the podcast, it sounds like Jeff isn't crazy about this, but he wasn't a huge fan of the original either it seems, so I'm curious to hear more. I'd have expected him to love a game like ROTT.

Edit: Oh cool, he seems to be warming up to it.

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First-person dogging.

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That blood splatter looks amazing.

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Finally proper movement speed in shooter.

Posted by Terjay

This looks so baaaaaaaad.

Posted by itspizza

Dog mode?

Posted by fleabeard

I may have to buy this game.

Posted by Sdoots

I am unreasonably excited for this game.

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This game doesn't give a fuck.

Posted by Sinnott147

I'm loving the 3+ Person Quick Looks

Posted by andrew2696

That guitar song during the beginning of a level sounds like Hotel California.

Posted by Korolev

Jolly Good!

Posted by General_Boredom

This looks terrible, even for a low budget, $15 game.

Posted by cloudymusic

That is some Doom-ass runspeed going on there.

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I actually don't think this looks terrible. Reminds me a ton of Painkiller.

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Jolly Good!

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Whoa, a video game that's fun? Where did that come from?

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This looks terrible, even for a low budget, $15 game.


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This game is fun as hell, it's a proper-ass 90s throwback shooter. I can totally see people making some awesome stuff with the map editor and mod support.

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Yeah, my impressions: this is game is literally a graphics/engine lift for a 90s shooter - awesome.

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This game makes me smile.

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This looks like the best kind of terrible.

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all comic books are low rent comic books

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The GB crew voice acting in Law of the West was extraordinary.

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Alright... Be good....

OK... Nope. I was excite about this; but not anymore.

Posted by Jackel2072

I'm wasted

Posted by CaptainJudaism

I... have no idea how to feel about this.

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Yep, I'm convinced. Must buy.

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Well color me surprised, but this actually looks like they did a pretty good job. Looks like a quality throwback.

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This comic cutscene art looks a lot like Francesco Francavilla's work.

Posted by LarryDavis

This comic cutscene art looks a lot like Francesco Francavilla's work.

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I grew up with Doom, Quake and Duke... and I have to say this feels like someone wrote a love letter directly to some forgotten place in my heart. I'm getting this day one.

And yea sure we've had things like Hard Reset, Serious Sam and Painkiller ... but there's something about this game that's ... I dunno. It's doing something to me that those games just haven't.

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This looks terrible, even for a low budget, $15 game.

You look terrible. Go get a haircut you hippy.

Posted by XTraFries

looks like great, dumb fun.

bought based on this QL.

can't wait to play it

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At around 17:40 on of those death screams sounds a lot like jeff.

Posted by xite

Looks just about as dumb as the original.

Posted by Nick

I haven't had any priest porridge in forever!

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This looks GREAT! Perfect price, too. I'd love to see what a new Blake Stone would look like.

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Love me some ROTT, will pick this up at some point.

Posted by MrGtD

Oh thank god, this looks like so much goddamn fun.

Posted by GodlyOne

I really do miss crazy cheat codes in games.

Posted by MrMazz

Not quiet ludicrous enough with the gibs. And man it moves waaay faster than FPS' im used to

still for the price it dosen't seem that bad