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Yay British guys!

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Ha, oh memebers. I'm a tired man. A new fix is coming soon.

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@Vinny: A fix of what?
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@Vinny: I shall wait with bated breath :).
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I like how the rear view mirror wobbles. Game looks neat.

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Beta what?

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I've been looking forward to a video of this, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of it out there.

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Multiplayer structure seems very Modern Warfare-y, which is a good thing. And, Mario Kart, of course.
Just look out for Kotick. He'll fire your boss then eat you alive.

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@Vinny:  No idea what you on about but still pumped.
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It looks good but I hope the handling is like a arcade racer and not a sim.

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Man, I'm trying my hardest not to be excited by this game, but it's looking really interesting now. Talk about a slick style, and I'm liking the whole concept of fans and what earns them.
EDIT: OK, those mod options and good 20 player racing. That's neat stuff. I'm excited now.

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@PsEG: I don't think you need to worry about it handling like a sim, it looks like it's Mario Kart with real cars. Which is AWESOME!
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Very stylish and hectic. Have to remember the beta.



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this game looks great

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" beetah. "
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Schweet. Got in.

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@Vinny: It's ok, Vinny. Take your time.
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I can't wait for the "beatah."

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@Vinny:  Quicklook Fix? How soon, it's pretty late over here ^^
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@Delta_Ass said:
" I can't wait for the "beatah." "
stupid american pronunciation is stupid.
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This is the Darksiders of Mario Kart 
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Cool, I'm a Giant Bomb memeber!
edit: they fixed it.

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i dont know man. il give the game a shot but it looks kind of underwhelming...

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@zudthespud:  I truly despise the phrase "stupid American." You don't see me going about on various boards announcing my opinions on other's intelligence. It's unfair.
But do tell me how I should speak. Is it "beetah?"  and if so, why the hell does that make us bumbling fools to use different PRONUNCIATION?
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Awwww...I forgot it was for Xbox....I got a code. If anyone wants it tell me!  
I wont be near my 360 when it starts... 

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He said "Bee-ta"! He's really British!

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I tried signing up for the beta via the key from kotaku which worked but for some reason when i try to log in to verify its like yo duder password is wrong which it clearly isn't since i had it sent to me via email 3 times.. so then i thought maybe its the username then said ah screw it

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It looks exactly like when I play Need For Speed on LSD, except for the fact Mario isn't there.
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Hope GB is giving out beta codes this week!!!

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I'm torn Split/second or Blur... 

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I keep thinking there on about Blur the band. THIS MADDNESS MUST STOP!

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@Druminator said:
" Hope GB is giving out beta codes this week!!! "
Someone needs to watch the rest of this video!
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Woohoo. Thanks for the beta code. Interested in this yuppie mario kart game thingy.

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Woah, it's a beautiful version of Mario Kart. Looks cool, but I wish there was more of a sense of speed.

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Looks like Project Gotham meets Mario Kart. I really like the oversaturated look, and it's nice to see a racing game with such a high online player count.  Could be pretty cool. Guess I'll find out in the beetuh. Thanks for the code, GB!

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Whoa, the moment I went to the giant-bomb blur beta link it just gave me the code and said you're in! Is it like that for the first 1000 people who click the link or did I just get lucky?

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The frame-rate is all sorts of messed up. Someone should tell these guys to look at Split/Second.

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Hmm... Reality based Mario Kart.... I'm interested. Definitely would play Split/second first though.

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Yes I got a key!!!

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Got my code. Thanks Giant Bomb (dot) com!

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no offense to bizarre creations or blur, but was this a game worth going to england to check on location? unless bizarre creations paid for the expenses, it seems weird

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yay i'm in :] looks fun

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I'm getting a Full Auto vibe. Cool style tho.

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aw man
my gold just expired and i plan to never renew it again
who wants a beta code

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wooh got into the beta, YEAH!
after the initial rush of awesomeness i got there, i'd like to thank giantbomb and bizzare, yay

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and we're in

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I like the colour effects, otherwise this game isnt really all that original. Looks like a slower Extreme-G.

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That hair style... is he the British Brad?
Anyways, the game looks good, but the cars feel light. They just don't have that physical weight on them.