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This is not my Burnout.

Posted by The_Moorasaurus

More Burnout. Only good can come from this.

Posted by Masha2932

Looking interesting

Posted by the_red_mage

Where are the lobstha monsthas goddamnit ?!

Posted by ronin00

Hope it turns out good, I am a bit skeptical.

Posted by InCertainSights

Looks interesting but the dude sounds a "little bit" like he had one or two drinks before ;-)


That dude seems slightly 'sozzled'

Posted by JayCee
@InCertainSights said:

Looks interesting but the dude sounds a "little bit" like he had one or two drinks before ;-)

"Maybe it's the beer talking Marge but you got a butt that won't quit. they got those big chewy pretzels here merJanthfgrr five dollars??!!!? get outta here..."
Posted by Elod

I hope gb is giving so much coverage to this game so they can excuse themselves from having to review it... cause it really looks terrible.

Posted by Silverbrand

Man, this guy sounds tired as hell.

Posted by xMrSunshine

sure is fab

Posted by HT101

This looks great. Also, nice to hear about the Lobster Monster. I can't wait to see what it actually looks like in the full game. However, where is Burnout Paradise 2 Criterion?

Posted by LtColJaxson
@Silverbrand said:

Man, this guy sounds tired as hell.

Sounds intoxicated actually... or tired maybe :p
Posted by Wikitoups

Seacrest out!

Posted by MayorFeedback

That actually looks fun, but Kinect does not seem to be the way you'd want to play this.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

Am I think only guy that wants 'less' arcade-y stuff from the crash mode, not more? After touch never felt satisfying to me, hovering your car through the air etc, takes the umph out of anything since it becomes just a floating polygon of video-game ness rather than a heaping rolling mess of vehicle based on a smartly angled crash impact. 
I want a more sim crash mode, not a less sim one. I want cool crashes.

Posted by superfunhappygun

Yay, new Quick Look!
*watches 2 minutes*
*leaves feeling uncomfortable*

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Posted by MaxOpower

Is the dude drunk....

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Looks fun! Just because it's a little different, doesn't mean it has to be scary ;)

As others have said, Mr. Franke certainly sounds exhausted. Makin' games ain't easy!

Posted by Joru

Looks really fun. And the Criterion guy is really british.

Posted by AngelN7

Ok that dude was drunk as hell , also Burnot revenged had the best crash mode period, to me Revenge is stil the best in the series , this game dosn´t look like the old fun crash mode at all

Posted by Silver-Streak

@Cyrisaurus: It's not meant to be regular burnout, and for what it is, it looks great.

Posted by LtColJaxson

Jack Sparrow impersonator?

Posted by Overwatch

Oh, that dude looks really drunk. And the game looks really uninteresting to me. Too bad for me. Last Burnout is one of my favourite games ever.

Posted by Castiel

That developer dude sound like he had a drink or two before the interview. :D

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Posted by Irishmarkerhead

Mr. Franke was either a little drunk or very tired, possibly both? Burnout Crash is looking all right but really wish they'd just do a proper crash mode in the next proper Burnout game. Like me some 'splosions!

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If this guy had died at the end of this Quick Look, I would not have been surprised.

EDIT: The game's audio seems fairly obnoxious. Also, this doesn't look nearly as good as the older Burnout's crash mode.

Posted by RVonE

I think Burnout's crash mode lends itself well to the downloadable space but this top-down pinball version is just bullshit. Why can't they just take crash mode from previous games, add some things to it and put it out? I'd play that. This, not so much.

Ryan said something like them boiling crash mode down to its essence; I don't think they've done that, at all.


Posted by CandleJakk

How could they use 'It's Raining Men' for a thunderstorm when ' Thunderstruck' would have worked so much better?

Posted by Dany

@sirdesmond said:

EDIT: The game's audio seems fairly obnoxious. Also, this doesn't look nearly as good as the older Burnout's crash mode.

It is a pinball game. It kinda has to be obnoxious.

I think the game looks fine, kinect looks off sometimes but the core game looks really fun

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I only played Paradise, so I don't really know much about crash mode, so do those that played that mode think this looks as boring as I do?
Maybe this guy's voice and presentation is making it seem worse than it is...

Posted by LJO1989

Its raining lobster monsters

Posted by sirdesmond

@Dany: Thinking of it as a pinball game is the best way to approach it. From that perspective it looks fun, but 90% of people are going to compare it to the crash mode in Burnout since it's named after that and I feel like they will be disappointed.

I will probably end up picking it up just because I'm a fan of really-long combo, high score type games.

Posted by GuyIncognito

Lay an egg Ryan.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Loved this Quick Look. Looks like I'll be getting this along with Gears 3 on the 20th.

Posted by BrainSpecialist

Is he drunk?

Posted by shinluis

characters' look funky but the dinosaurs' animation look pretty slick

Posted by cap123

i love this guy, he's relaxed! (relaxed/tipsy)

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

This looks like a fun distraction but in all honesty i think this would be fun for about 15 minutes. If this was an easter egg for a retail game then I think it would be great but as it stands i think it looks too repetitive.

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@BrainSpecialist said:

Is he drunk?

Was totally thinking the same thing.

"We like to defy expectations."

Yeah, like taking something inherently fun (crashes and explosions) and stripping it of all fun.

Posted by DANW547

Don't drink and drive folks... even in video games.

Posted by DaiMacculate

I cannot express in mere words the depth of my loathing for whoever is responsible for giving me this instead of Paradise 2.

Posted by bcjohnnie

This looks fun enough... I might buy it based on how it's received when it actually comes out. But I have to agree with everyone who is missing the REAL crash mode from the older Burnout games. Honestly, Paradise seems like a great game, but I don't play it much because they really stripped out the parts I always liked about the series.

I guess I'll just hope that they bring a real crash mode back to the next full-on Burnout game.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I'm sure the gameplay will hold up well enough to make it interesting enough to play through all the challenges..

But the cartoony graphics, the lack of detail and the fancy crumpling physics really take away from the joy and brutality of Crash mode. It just doesn't look fun any more.

Posted by Moth_Pope

Game looks alright, not really something I'd go for but then I don't have any history with the Burnout series. Like others have said that guy was I think a bit of both extremely tired and had a few to drink. Best way to demo a game for sure! I'm serious, it was good fun.

Posted by louiedog

@DaiMacculate said:

I cannot express in mere words the depth of my loathing for whoever is responsible for giving me this instead of Paradise 2.

I can't blame anyone for being wary considering how hit and miss the response to good racing games has been in the last couple of years.

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

You know, I bet if they just took out the Burnout name, no one would be getting pissed at this. It's Peggle/Pinball with a ton more explosions, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Posted by buckybit

I like to see the video about the "making of this video" - also, jet-lag & alcohol does amazing things to your body?

Good stuff :)