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too bad the quest is gone, so no battle for the prime spot

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@mx: Believe me, you don't need a quest to get people to fight for the first comment.

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I really loved the first Grid. Played the shit out of it on my PS3. I've been looking forward to Grid 2 since I played the original but I can't support this game. Not having Cockpit view... just a deal breaker.

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I've been waiting for Grid 2 since playing the first but no cockpit view = no buy.

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cookies... Grid 2!

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Dirt series just seems more appealing to me

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did the guy really say that GRID 2 is a spiritual successor to the first game? What am I missing? Isn't it just a sequel?

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Man, I can't believe they're finally talking about Grid 2.

Grid was my first driving game from this generation, and a darn good one, too.

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Grid was one of the best console racing games this generation. Very excited to see what they have this time around. It might end up being the last PS3 game I buy.

Edit: Oh wait. PC. I'll likely be picking it up on PC instead. Beautiful.

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@mx said:

too bad the quest is gone, so no battle for the prime spot

that's a good thing. video comments don't start with inane babble. they can get to the complaining of who's on the quick look and about the skill of the player faster that way. ;)

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@mx said:

too bad the quest is gone, so no battle for the prime spot

It's the internet, that battle will happen quest or no.

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The framerate of these videos is really bad no matter what settings I use. Looks pretty slick on my phone but on my PC it's just not consistent.

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Wow, the game looks unbelievable.

Too bad Ryan didn't ask about any improvements to the damage model.

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I still think the original GRID has the best car handling among all racing games. I remember there was one achievement that required you to get a ridiculously fast time on a particular track and I played for hours trying to get it, not once getting bored thanks to said handling. Sounds like they've even improved that so can't wait for this.

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A BRZ....oh fuck. Gonna have to pick this up.

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No cockpit view?

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This game really does look fantastic, but every word coming out of that guy that Ryan interviewed sounded like hot fucking garbage.


Come on, give me a break.

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I've been waiting for Grid 2 since playing the first but no cockpit view = no buy.

couldn't agree more. Grid 2 also looks more arcadey... Codemasters has been taken over by marketing pricks that only care about appealing to the most broad demographic.

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GRiD was probably my favourite racing game ever. The fact that they've cut the cockpit cam suggests Codemasters have gone in a worrying direction, as have some of their recent offerings like DiRT: Showdown. Hoping to be impressed by this QL but tbh I think I'm hoping against hope.

EDIT: also this hardly falls under the banner of a Quick Look, even if it is qualified as a 'Road Show'. Taking a look at this at a staged press event means Ryan's even more limited in his possible reactions than he would be in a QL EX.

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I still play GRID every now and then, stoked for this to come out

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No cockpit view. Double thumbs down.

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@mx: All my S ranks for naught too o.X

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Grid is my favorite racer this gen next to Forza Horizon. I hope they have many drifting events still. Love in these games that the opponents can run off the track. After Horizon I have converted to in car view so I wish this had that.

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Wow that looks kind of awesome.

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I can't remember the last time they did a Quick Look Road Show.

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Loved the original Grid. Probably going to get the PC version this time around.

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That alone is making me seriously doubt this game. I'd much rather have that view & good wheel support than pretty graphics.

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I was like "oh shit" when i saw the title of this video, I am not one for these kinds of games but Grid was special. That being said, watching that game I was like...meh, looks good. I guess this will be good. But its not exciting me.

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Does it play like Midnight Club 2 or Ridge Racer 1-2-Revolution? No? Then fuck it

- Me on every new racing game

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Im kinda bummed they didnt say anything about the drift mode, it was the only thing i did in the original Dirt.

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This dudes voice is incredible

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I bet this will be complete garbage on the consoles, unless they really scale the graphics and effects down. Also the lack of a cockpit view is a real shame.

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That smoke. God damn.

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Ask me anything about buzzwords and hyperbole.

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There's a second GRID? YAY!

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No in-cockpit view, fuck this game.

Also, Project CARS destroys this game for graphics (well, the polish is missing, and some of the tree/grass foliage type stuff is crappy, but the cars and the track... well.)

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No in-cockpit view, fuck this game.

No matter how good a racing game is, the lack of it always is a huge let down for me.

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I wish they would bring back some of the crazy stuff from TOCA like lawnmowers and semi trucks. Those types of events were some of my favorites.

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This game looks rad!

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Could not be more uninteresting.

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Never got to play the first game because it wouldn't install on my 360. Looking forward to this one.

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I'm definitely liking the sticky video feature. Can keep an eye on the video while reading through the comments.

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Alpha state? 3 months before launch? I don't think so, Ryan.

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Adored Grid (and the Toca Race Driver games). I know it's petty of me, but the lack of a in-car camera really bothers me.

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I loved Grid, but this looks disappointing.

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The cockpit was one of the best parts of the first game, im skipping this.

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The emotion. The drama.

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This dude is mad British.