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Looking good

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Shiny Dinosaurs.... Im in.

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Surprised that when the film came out & there was JP stuff everywhere from pinball to rail shooters, there wasn't something like this on the pc at the time. Seems a little late to put this out to me, it's a neat place for stories to happen but unlike Back to the Future I think this franchise isn't quite as fondly remembered. Time will tell when it comes out on how popular it is. 
Also, New dinosaurs...wtf (are they making up dinosaurs or just putting known ones in the park??).

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um general random comment, random comment, ummmm  I've seen Jurassic Park!  I know about a thing!

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Cool, Telltale is great.

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Excited to see what they do with the license. Its a little bit out of their comfort zone I guess?
EDIT: Yikes. So the action sequences are janky QTEs? The animation looks stilted, and the action hitches up. Im sorry Telltale but I will have to see more to be convinced.

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one day I will watch jurassic park and BTTF

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Looks like a crappier version of Heavy Rain

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I wish someone would make a good dinosaur game.

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I love Jurassic Park, but I don't know how excited I am about the idea of a Jurassic Park adventure game. Telltale games always sound great, but I don't seem to get into them once I start playing. 

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I got ten times more interested in the game after I saw the trailer and noticed Dr. Harding was in it.  I always wondered what happened to that poor sod! If they manage to tell a story properly, I'm all for it. I don't give a fuck if the game looks a bit dated. I can still watch the first movie and be amazed.

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@JustinSane311 said:
" Looks like a crappier version of Heavy Rain "
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Not a huge fan of Jurassic Park but astounded by the user interface so far.

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Wow they look creepy as hell.  The animation is terribly!  Really souled have gone with a lighter style. A bit more  cartoonish would have been better. 

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@MaxOpower: ?  also,dinosaurs!
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Not bad, not bad at all

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That t-rex sounds awful and nothing at all like the one in the movie. 

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Live Demo folks.

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Really surprised and pleased to see coverage of this game.  Nice job, guys!
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Oh wow, Jurassic Rain :o
Anyway, looks good, but I'm still on the fence about this.

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Dear God. We have made it

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What the foxtrot?

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Animation is really stiff.

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Lol, the animations are horrible.  Welcome to 2001.

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This looks great, would love to see it on the 360 though.

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Devs LOVE showing off their stuff

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This looks bad.

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I really don't like Quick Look road shows. You can never hear the games so all you can do is judge the games on the visuals (which aint Telltale's strong point).

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Nice textures... Oh wait.

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im not 100% on this, it seems kind of ... i need to see more.

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Those shot transitions are rough. I hope they clean it up for release.

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I feel like this is pretty heavily inside the uncanny valley. :(

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"When you do die YOU FEEL IT." That was kinda creepy coming from the designers mouth.

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For people complaining about graphics/animation..  Please remember that this is a $25 downloadable title, made by a rather small developer.  You shouldn't be expecting something on the level of Uncharted 3. 
I do agree that the sound could use some work though.  I think the adventure game format is perfect for Jurassic Park though, which shouldn't simply about shooting dinosaurs.  Also great to see Telltale branching out and working on something that isn't a comedy.  

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@Robitt said:
" Yikes. So the action sequences are janky QTEs? The animation looks stilted, and the action hitches up. Im sorry Telltale but I will have to see more to be convinced. "
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@GeekDown said:
" This looks great, would love to see it on the 360 though. "
Did you watch the video? They were demoing it on the 360.
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Not really what I like out of my Telltale games, but I'll get it eventually. Probably during a sale.

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That font is fucking terrible.

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I hope they add some polish before the game comes out.

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 Uh, does the player get to back into Samuel Jackson's severed arm at some point? Also, does Jeff "goldgamegold" Bloom make an appearance?

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Is that triceratops actually trying to eat that branch? Cause it doesn't seem to be going too well...

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Wow, this needs some serious polish. The screen hitches up almost EVERY time you do anything. It's pretty hilarious that they would call anything about this game "fluid".

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wow lots of jank in this

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Heavy Dinosaurs. Could work.

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It looks really, really cool. I'm in.

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I don't like how it hitches up everytime you do something but maybe that's something that will get fixed later?