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Yep, this looks really good.

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SSX Pro Tip - lol

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Terrible audio

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Cool to know Issak Clarke is an SSX player. Avalanche mode thing looks wild!

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This game looks fantastic. SSX is the one series where I've loved every single game since the beginning. I probably have somewhere about 400 hours on SSX3 from just racing down the mountains in free mode with Mac.

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So excited to watch this. 50 minutes long? Christ, I have work to do. SSX and Coonce are more important...

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This is a little too extreme on the unrealistic scale to be for me, but it looks fun for those who are into it.

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Wow. This looks amazing. The avalanche cam is a bit weird.. but the rest looks like it has a lot of potential.

Old SSX had more fireworks though. Bring those back, please!!

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I'm going to buy the shit out of this game.

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My money, you have it.

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@RiotBananas said:

Ryan in one ear and Connor in the other is weeeird.

Oh. Is that what's going on? I thought the audio was just hot garbage since I only use one earbud.

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This video might have just sold me on this game despite not having any interest at all before watching it. Good work duders!

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gonna miss those in-between free board bits

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Whoa... and suddenly out of nowhere, i am excited for an SSX game once again.... All previous trailers etc i've seen before this looked rubbish

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Looks fun, but not really liking the fact that your single-player progression is reliant on how many friends you have playing.

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@superfunhappygun said:

@MaxxS said:

SSX On Tour had a single-player campaign too bub.

SSX On Tour never happened.

In my opinion On Tour is the best in the series - had some of the most fun levels with a great flow to them.

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Sean Coonce - Master Afictionado

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Errr...Just take my money.

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You earned GOLD!

Pure gold.

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Am I the only one that looked at the top left of the screen and thought 9,747,366 was the guy's gamerscore for a second?

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Nice, glad to see the ssx feel is still there, soundtrack is looking good too.

seriously considering picking it up on launch

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I'm totally with Coonce on this - I played a shit ton of SSX back in my day and SSX 3 was my everything - wish this was more like SSX 3. Wish this had more of a clubhouse feel with actual tracks. Free mountain mode should be the award for completing tracks. Now it just feels like just finding the fastest rail down the mountain.

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Woah, I just got excited about SSX. Who knew.

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I hate quick look EX:s, they are the complete opposite of what I come to GB to watch.

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now Im curious as to what zombies with jetpacks is...

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I have never played an SSX game before, or even really seen it much at all, but this looked really cool. Like classic Tony Hawk, but on a slope, and crazier.

I can't help but consider the danger in having pipes lining a snowboarding slope, but realism went out the window when that dude grinded the side of a helicopter in flight.

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I'm kinda frightened by that globe: looks like a giant glacier has formed over most of Europe and Russia while snow has piled onto Northern Africa and the Middle East. What is this 2142?

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@david1890 said:

I hate quick look EX:s, they are the complete opposite of what I come to GB to watch.

Watching GB fumble though this would make it look a lot worse than actually seeing someone who knows what they are doing, showing the games potential. Coonce even said when he played it he didn't like it that much, but watching the dev made him interested.

It's why fighting game quicklooks are pointless.

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So good to see Coonce's smiling face.

SSX the Trackmania of the Snowboarding world... minus the customizable tracks...

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What the hell, the biggest dirtbag at my school was called Connor Dougan... bad times

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also where is DJ??

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I want this game inside me.

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holy shit. i havent been interested in ssx since tricky. consider my money spent.

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Looks like a lot of fun.

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Never should've doubted, gimme gimme gimme!

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The social stuff in this seems rad. I don't think any of my friends are going to buy this, though. I wonder how much fun it is purely solo.

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This is weird, I find myself interested in an SSX for the first time since Tricky.

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@Crunchman said:

Coonce is so awesome. His excitement is my excitement.

Did you mean your arousal?

Wow this game looks sick ass, maybe a little too easy hard to judge. Except for the avalanche which looks terrible and slow and horrible.

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@Blackout62: Hehe, yeah was thinking the same thing, and then i thought, wouldn't a snowboarding game set in the ice age be freakin awesome?

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Very excited for a new SSX.

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I wanna hug Coonce :(

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And there's the dubstep... along with my boycott.

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This looks great aside from the avalance, which seems like a bit of a misstep. Also, the ending of this video is adorable.

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Damn this game for looking so good, reminds me of my early PS2 days, played the hell out of the original!

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All the lights look great during the nighttime.

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@Vexxan said:

My money, you have it.

ditto. I just preordered the game, which I'm kind of shocked about now considering how much I hate EA. I can't even count how many times a Giantbomb quick look at a game has made me go out and buy it or preorder it. Developers & publishers should send them fruit baskets...