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Alright, you got me. Color me interested. I wasn't really looking forward to this game with the awkward announcement but this looks like a lot of fun.

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Most anticipated game of the first half of the year! Can't wait for SSX3....2

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This was a really good ex quick look! Coonce asked some great questions, that was also a plus!

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Coonce's enthusiasm is beyond energizing.
That avalanche looked weirdly boring and awkward in comparison to the other modes.

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Does the game have splitscreen? I loved playing against my cousin SSX 3 on the same screen.

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Not my kind of game at all, but this looks genuinely good - especially with elements of both Braid and Borderlands.

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This game looks pretty cool.

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I was never a SSX player, but I remember the first game being the only game people were playing on that first PS2 demo disc when people were trying out the PS2 in stores. I've only played the Amped series though except for demos of the Cool Boarders games on PS1.

Was SSX the biggest snowboard franchise? It sure feels like that, but did it have more to it other than being the prettiest launch game?

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Never played any of the other SSX games, but this looks pretty amazing.

Having a big Giant Bomb group for this could be a lot of fun.

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But does it have DJ Atomika?

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@Chadster said:

But does it have DJ Atomika?

I think the helicopter pilot fills that role. Still no Atomika though.

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Looks great! I'm actually fairly surprised.

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I'm super stoked and it looks phenomenal but I'm worried that EA haven't mentioned if there is going to be traditional competitive multiplayer.

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@RampageAssassin said:

I'm super stoked and it looks phenomenal but I'm worried that EA haven't mentioned if there is going to be traditional competitive multiplayer.

Yeah, I'm worried about it also.

The game looks amazing, but I'll be disappointed if there isn't the option to go race with some randomers online in real time. The ghost stuff isn't quite the same, especially since I won't have any friends playing to compete with.

Also, Borderlands-esque procedurally generated equipment? Fuck. Yes.

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Well this looks waaaaaaay better than I was expecting. The avalanche needs some tweaking... maybe move the screen back. Other than that,I am pleasantly shocked and appalled at how good this is looking.

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My worries about this game are now gone. Ryan and Coonce made this an enjoyable watch. Nice work! Audio wasn't all that great though

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Locked to the rail? Sigh... Dumbed down game for babies, etc. :P

Looking forward to this, but that is a dissapointment.

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In the old games getting the rider of the board was an awesome thing, now it just happens all the time. It seems every trick is an Uber move which kinda of makes the awesome moves less exciting.

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I've missed SSX so much over the years and this video just sold me on the game, I can't wait to play it for myself.

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I'd like to see something like GTA meets SSX. Open world snowboarding game maybe based around the career of a professional snowboarder, come on that's a guaranteed success!

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Very nice indeed! The wing suit and avalanche mode has sold me on this.

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Thankyou Giantbomb!

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plz plz come to steam plz .... man i said i was only buying mass effect but now i have to buy this tooo D: i hope it comes to steam or it doesnt have a crappy DRM

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this game looks just fucking sick..... i'm buying it just for the dupstep though

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DLC set in skyrim for this game would be pretty awesome

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i can't believe how much i'm looking forward to this. i don't think i've cared about a game coming out since.. uhh..

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I am really stoked for this!

(no pun intended)

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Can't wait to try it out.

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pit sweat

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I'm deaf in my right ear, and I cant watch the interview, I'm starting to get a headache.

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@Dany said:

I'm deaf in my right ear, and I cant watch the interview, I'm starting to get a headache.

I am too actually, If you mean deaf literally.

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This looks great, can't wait!

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@BestUsernameEver said:

@Dany said:

I'm deaf in my right ear, and I cant watch the interview, I'm starting to get a headache.

I am too actually, If you mean deaf literally.

I am unable to hear out of my right ear. So I call it deaf in my one ear. I can barely listen to the conversation in the quicklook. I tend to get some headaches when this happens.

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oh baby this comes out on my Birthday (EU Date) and I cannot wait to turn a year older :D

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The end where Ryan says "Oh get here!" and just gives Coonce a hug is amazing. Never change guys. 

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Oh god, this length makes me uncomfortable.

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Looks fun, may consider day one purchase.

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@baconbringer said:

More like Quick Look Road SNOW, am I right guys, ....... guys?


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This looks fantastic. Holy shit.

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Too much points in my opinion. It's kinda like Tony Hawk 3. People will get over 20 mil... and some noobs will only get 1 mil max. So online won't be fun or playing with pals that come over. That's what made Tony Hawk 1 and 2 fun was anyone could try an get 100,000 points and it was a blast. Too high = not good competion and unbalanced. But looks cool so far. I think Ssx3 will still be the best.

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@Keldrath said:

@baconbringer said:

More like Quick Look Road SNOW, am I right guys, ....... guys?


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Is Coonce THE Coonce from ILM?

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No Bariloche?? :(

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The entire time I was watching him go down on that avalanche course I was waiting for a Yeti to pop out and chase him down.

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Stereo!!  And COOONCE!! 
I'm not huge into snowboarding or ssx in the past, but I might have to pick this up, looks pretty fun

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Really looking forward to this, I feel like EA has been spending more time on its franchises and it really shows.

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Its really refreshing to hear a game maker admit their inspirations and be honest about their game and its development. 
Seeing this guy freely admit their inspirations like Google Earth and Autolog give me the feeling he feels really confidant in his product and how great it is, which gets me even more excited about the game.
Also, this game looks AMAAAAZING.

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This Quick-look just made me even more excited for the game.