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yea love quick looks

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Now I want to watch MST3K

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no :(

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Def Leppard better be on the soundtrack.

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I'm tired of the tower defense thing, but the rest of the game looks pretty fun!

Also, the hand of God cracked me up.

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I was sold, the moment the curtain opened! Heck yeah!

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I think the Odama parallels here are being sorely neglected.

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Well, Patrick, the trollface totally is in this game.

Source: http://www.revistagamer.com/2011/08/26/hermoso-trollface-llega-a-rock-of-ages-para-pc/
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Nice!! This looks like a real fun game....plus I love Monty Python type shennanigans!
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I bought this on Steam after watching just 8 minutes of this video. Looks like a lot of goofy fun. :D

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This looks frustrating.

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Oh. Tower defense. That's a shame.

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Ryan falls off the world and is defeated quite a bit in this quick look. I guess it's time to start a forum thread about how he shouldn't be allowed to play on video anymore, or do assholes just do that for Brad?

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Happy Boulder!


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So I bought this game after the first 5 minutes of the quick look....

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That motion blur on the ball looks fantastic.

10 bucks and on Steam. Thank you!

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This is about the strangest, original thing I've seen in video games in a long time. I will probably buy this for that alone.

EDIT: They better do at least one TNT based on this.

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Am I really watching a video of a rock rolling down a hill

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I will probably buy this.

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Everything about this game seems great. Plus, it is actually priced fairly for Europeans on Steam! This game earns my support for multiple reasons.

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balls playing with each other, how nice

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Ok this looks like a shiat-ton of fun.

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So, huh... this is ... what?

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I think I want to own this game. It looks really fun. 

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This actually looks really awesome, I may have to get this after all.

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Played a bit of this game today, it's quite fun! I really like all the different art styles, and the boulder controls really well, surprisingly; it has just the right amount of heft.

My only complaint so far is that your defenses don't do nearly as much damage as I think they should, sometimes it feels like it just comes down to whoever finishes 3 runs down the mountain first, and that you want to mainly cause the other player to waste time by knocking them off rather than trying to damage them with catapults and such.

It's also one of those rare 800 MSP ($10) games, as opposed to $15. It's the same price on the PC when it releases next week, I believe.

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@Shane said:

Am I really watching a video of a rock rolling down a hill

Next up, watching grass grow!

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This...  This is amazing.

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This looks like it... rocks.

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Looks neat.

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I had to pre-order it on Steam once i'd seen this, game looks amazing.

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Off to my local gaming store for some Microsoft points. This looks hellafun.

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I would love to see Ryan play Super Monkey Ball.

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Just imagine if you could do 4x4, that would be crazy.

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Opened up Steam to pre-order at 19 minutes into the video, wow.

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@louiedog said:

Ryan falls off the world and is defeated quite a bit in this quick look. I guess it's time to start a forum thread about how he shouldn't be allowed to play on video anymore, or do assholes just do that for Brad?

nice try BRAD
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I really appreciate the quirkiness of the game, but honestly, this is not something I would actually want to play :(

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The face on the ball of rock is very similar to something I had nightmares of when I was very small, so this game just simply creeps the daylights out of me. Just watching this quick look freaked me out.

This was a lot more Monty Python then I was expecting, that is a good thing.

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I really want this game, but I just got this gut feeling the PC version is going to control like complete shit. Anyway, here's hoping for a TNT of this game.

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I wasn't even five minutes into this video and I was already sold. This game is bananas.

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@louiedog: just brad
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Games may or may not be art, but they sure as hell can be AWESOME with art. This game is a million times better because of the art and music though it looks fun anyway.

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Wow, this just looks so bizarre

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This game looks AWESOME. Im so ready for more fart jokes

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Rock of ages scrub league LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh wow I thought this game was more of a straight up Katamari style "smash everything" game. To see that it has possible depth intrigues me a lot more.

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yeah i also bought this within the first ten minutes of the quicklook

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I had no idea what to expect from this game and I still kind of feel the same way. That said, I may have to buy this tonight.