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Doesn't look like my kind of game... 
And yeah, I deleted my last two comments before anybody saw them! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

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This game is actually pretty fun. I sure as hell wouldn't pay $15 for it though.

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So a Knight who wears a Rocket.

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Sparkster whoo!

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rocket knight adventures was sexcellent

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Wolfman = Werewolf

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I miss fighting pigs in Mechs =(

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The game looks fine, but, fuck, that stupid gem sound. It sounds like the windows error sound wtf is up with that?

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looks nice, saw it on psn but there wasn't a preview movie or pics, but now that i see how it is im prolly going to buy it now :D 
grtz Allen :p

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When I think of evil pigs I always think of Tomba! first.

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Yes, two awesome XBLA Quick Looks in two days, this and Things on Wheels. The communist parallels talk and "seawalk all over your ass" destroyed me.

Also, this game looks kinda cute. Seems fun, though 15 bones seem a bit too much.

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For 10 bones this seems like it could be a fun little something to play when taking a break from other titles.

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The evil red possum looks strangely like Mickey Mouse.

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Looks like it could be fun.

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Steam has a demo btw in case you want to try it out.  Cause demos = sales.

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@mosdl said:
" Steam has a demo btw in case you want to try it out.  Cause demos = sales. "
Every XBLA game comes with a trial. So anyone could play that too.
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I have been wanting another solid good platform for xbl since Splosion Man. I think this should fill the void just fine.

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The Konami pause sound is worth it alone.

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" @mosdl said:
" Steam has a demo btw in case you want to try it out.  Cause demos = sales. "
Every XBLA game comes with a trial. So anyone could play that too. "
And that should be done on every platform in the perfect world, sigh. Steam demo on launch does not happen often enough.
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there IS a psn version Ryan, I have the trial :P

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This looks pretty tight, might grab it.

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Sparkster! Loved that game growing up, definite purchase on nostalgia alone.

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What is the meaning behind that "Always Be ______" phrase that they've been throwing out lately?

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I downloaded and played the trial of this yesterday. It's surprisingly fun, I do remember Sparkster for Genesis, but I never played it previously. It's a great throwback with updated graphics to that generation of 2D platformers.
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watch the Afterburner Climax QL.
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Ryan Davis you friging ate a squirrel? my hate towards is now over 9000

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FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU...I now remember this game, and if I remember correctly, it was hella hard.
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Looks pretty fun, been a while since some goodness hit XBLA for me.

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I kinda want this.

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Seems like a fun throw back to 16bit platformers.  I might have to get this.   :)

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Ah...the memories of playing the original one...good times. XD
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@Bummey said:

" What is the meaning behind that "Always Be ______" phrase that they've been throwing out lately? "

"Always be closing" is the epigraph of the play Glengarry Glen Ross. I guess DRAM 120 wasn't a wasted experience after all.
Here's the movie version, where they actually have a character (who wasn't in the play) say the words at around 3:20.
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To bad I think it is $15

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The enemy possum made a smoke Jesus fish, clearly more political commentary.

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I had Rocket Knight for the Genesis. It was a good game, but difficult.
I never expected to see a resurgence of that franchise, let me tell you.

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I used to love this game.

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Libertarians are possums, lol.

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The original was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, I actually still play it once in a while. I almost bought this but I heard it lasts only about 2 hours and costs $15... yeah. A sale couldn't happen soon enough.

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Rocket Knight Adventures was one of my favourite games for the Mega Drive.
To bad the Steam release is US only, what's up with that?

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Isn't this actually the fourth Rocket Knight game? 
Rocket Knight Adventures (GENESIS)
Rocket Knight Adventures 2: Sparkster (GENESIS) 
Sparkster (SNES)
Rocket Knight (XBLA, PC, PSN)

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$15 definitely isn't the right price for this game.  Other companies need to learn from Capcom's aggressive and smart pricing.

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This looks a lot better than I thought it would. But I'm not sure it's worth $15.
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looks good, nice fluid animation

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I'm surprised that Ryan and Brad are unfamiliar with Rocket Knight Adventures.

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@Bengosha said:
" Duplicious? "
Sounds like a tasty deceit!
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I was like wow its on steam as well? So I rush over there to buy the game, and what do I find? Nothing...