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Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by Fallen189

You had me at Dave

Posted by Metzo_Paino

That avatar wasn't Russian, it was one of those English guards who protect the Queen...

Posted by galerian

I thought Dave Jaffe... Man, how can I wish...

Posted by GamingReligion

Well that was a riot!

See what I did thur?!

Posted by Rhaknar

we didnt get any black screen during the video

and this game is pretty cool, i tried the trial and quite enjoyed it, and im not even a big fan of dual joystick shooters

Posted by slashdotdot
@GamingReligion said:
" Well that was a riot!See what I did thur?! "
Yes , and i can never unsee it.
Posted by Metal_Mills

I read Dave and Jeff as David Jaffe.

Posted by SuperWristBands

Wow, this seems really cool. I wonder if it gets super hard near the end 'cause some of that looked a little intense.

Posted by AllanIceman

More Dave!

Posted by strangeling

Welcome, Dave.

$10 you say? Sounds like a deal.
Looks like it's got a lot of charm.
Posted by faustyn

no Count Blockula? ohhh :C

Posted by Vinchenzo

Yes you do get Dip'n Dots at the Zoo.

Posted by snoopeasystreet

You can't throw a ball through the posts in rugby either.

Posted by musdy

I might have to get this but I only got 1550 points.

Posted by Trace

Looks pretty frantic, and the style is really cool. If I wasn't absolute crap at these sorts of games, I'd consider picking it up.

Posted by MeatSim

Dave should be in more Quick Looks but this game is looking real cool to me.

Posted by Jimbo

Man, I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Cannon Fodder on my Acorn Archimedes!

Posted by Gamer_152

I'm not super-into the character design or the general gameplay of this game but I do love the retro style and the craziness of all the enemies coming at you and the hundreds of blocks exploding around you.

Posted by echo13791
@Metzo_Paino said:
" That avatar wasn't Russian, it was one of those English guards who protect the Queen... "
heh, yeah, I noticed that too.
Edited by TehPickle

I'd just like to point out - and no doubt be the first of many - that Bananaman is a real hero and you should mock him not.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNknWT-agT0 <---- proof.

That right there is why kids need their potassium!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

GODDAMNIT! I keep getting this stupid LOADING... thing every time I try to watch something =( It plays for about 15-20 seconds, then that comes up. And I am realy wanting to know how this game looks and all that, can anyone help me out?

Posted by RiddleBrother

i wish you guys had played multiplayer in the quicklook. I can play the singleplayer game in the demo, I can't play the online multiplayer, and would like to see it before I decide to buy this.

Posted by Osaladin

Video keeps cutting out at 13:57 for me.

Posted by HatKing

I'm almost certain that they say "ROCKET BLAST ROCKET BLAST!" not riot.

Posted by Fubar

I like Dave. He never steals my seat :)

... Need more Dave in the Bombcasts!
Edited by LordKorax
@Sasran: It does. I'm on level sixty-something (out of 80) and I'm lucky to finish a level on the first try because of the enemy swarm. Still, it's a really fun game.
Posted by Jambones

For some reason I had severe deja vu during that video... I swear I have watched Dave and Jeff play this game before.

Anyway, looks fun.

Posted by Teaspoon83

It looks fun but for $10, I hope there will be a lot of gameplay worth investing.

Posted by TheClap

I totally worked at a zoo and we totally sold Dip n Dots

Posted by phlegms

This game sounds like a riot!

Geddit...?..... :(

Posted by Kraznor

Looks pretty cool. Its reminding me of this weird Worms-like game I played years ago called Liero.

Posted by SunKing

This looks fantastic.

Posted by Banjo_ace

looks fun

Posted by zityz

Your loading those levels commodore 64 style. Cause they had tapes... yeap.

Posted by SuperJoe

fauxld school

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I predict a riot...A ROCKET RIOT!

Must buy yesterday.

Posted by JoshS

Never even heard of this but now I must buy it.

Posted by Trnck

Yay quick look!

Posted by dopeman

i guess the rule doesnt apply to Brad

Posted by InsanePotato
@phlegms said:
" This game sounds like a riot!Geddit...?..... :( "
Wabam! I see what you did there
Posted by zoozilla

Game's retrofaux fo show.

Posted by Myomoto

Looks kinda like Soldat, only more airborne.

Posted by Terjay

Looks fun in that "turn your brains off"-kinda way. I'll probably pick this up.

Posted by Subject2Change

You might as well paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac and call yourself banana man cause thats what you're doing

Posted by Crono

hmmm wow this game actually doesn't look bad now that i have seen it played.

Posted by EmptyQuarter

I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Sorcery+ on the Amstrad.

Posted by MagikGimp

Ironic that Commodore is American and yet you not many of "you guys" never owned them.

Posted by Reverseface
Posted by pCz3r0
Jeff pulled a Brad?!
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