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Fuck... Brad can sing. Nice work, Brad!

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i dont even know what to think between this and the llama safari THE YEAR OF BRAD IS IN EFFECT> PLEASE DO A NEW FEATURE WHERE VINNY PLAYS GUITAR AND BRAD SINGS!.

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less than a minute in, and this is already the best thing i've seen in a long time

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Brad looks like he's having the time of his life.

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"Barely kinda plays guitar a little bit." That describes me!

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*wipes tear*

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Haha, I love it when Vinny joins in on the singing! I think I may die from a Giant Bomb overdose this weekend, but if this is anything to go by, it will be a glorious death!

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such talented young men.

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Vinny's Jam face is great.

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This is one of the best videos ever to be released on Giant Bomb! Good work Vincenzo and Bradley!

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It took only the banner image to tell you this will be a legendary quick look. I'm going to wait till my supper gets here so I can eat Culvers while I enjoy this video.

My god when they starting singing ... it was beautiful.

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I was hoping rocksmith could teach me how to play guitar or at least get me started, but from watching the first 10 mins of this it seems really daunting and confusing, granted I know almost nothing.

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I recently started learning how to play bass using a nifty website called Jamplay. They have a ton of structured lessons for people of all skill levels. I'm still working on my basics but once I'm a bit more comfortable, I think I might buy this game to make practicing a little more fun.

It's a subscription site. With a coupon, the first month cost me $8, which is still a great deal considering guitar teachers charge $25-50 per hour.

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@ninessc2: As Vinny said, it seems best suited as a training tool for people who already have the basics. But you can learn a hell of a lot of the basics by just watching videos on Youtube these days.

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Is there anything Vinny can't do?
Also love how brad is worried about people in the office hearing him sing, but does not care about the whole world being able to watch this on the Internets :D

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Yay at the JAWS shout out! Even though Rocksmith isn't like the biggest thing in the world seeing your friend's band get into a video game is still weird and cool. Especially an indie band from birmingham of all things

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YES! Finally more of Brad singing! Love it!

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New Category - Quick Look of the Year!!!!

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Breaking News: Vinnie and Brad have left Giantbomb to start their own duo called "Simon and Garfunkel Duece: The experience". We will miss them

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Vinny is pretty rad at guitar.

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This was never on the "Coming Up" docket, so....technical surprise Quick Look?

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That image makes me happier than getting riiiiiiiiipped.

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What a great site, this is exactly the kind of coverage I'm looking for.

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@brad you sounded great singing, man. Don't need to be so self-conscious!

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This...is probably my new favorite thing.

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This might just be the thing to get me back to playing guitar again.

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Monster Truck got in there? Wow

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I love these quicklooks with the studio camera....makes me excited for new kinect games just to see the crew be dumb again.

Also Brad sure does have a voice of an Angel

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Yay at the JAWS shout out! Even though Rocksmith isn't like the biggest thing in the world seeing your friend's band get into a video game is still weird and cool. Especially an indie band from birmingham of all things

That song is pretty fun to play as well! Well done to those dudes.

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That was one of the best hours of my life.

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It's times like these that remind me how much I love this place.

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Is Vinny the next John Petrucci?

+1, good sir.

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This is begging for Oculus Rift support where you play a full, sold out, arena concert complete with screaming fans and pyrotechnics.

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Poor Brad, he's getting so much flak for gaining a few pounds, haha. I bet he'd be a great a frontman for a smalltown pub band.

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Love the thumbnail. It's like "Giant Bomb Live at Budokan".

I wish they had something like this when I was learning guitar.

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brad <3 vinny 4eva

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@kcp12: What is that from? I must find it!

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I'd only heard rumors of Brad's sweat voice. I'm actually really impressed, not only was he in tune but his voice's tone is quite smooth. :)

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Vinco's greatest hits, just great.

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That was adorable. Also, the lyrics to Pour Some Sugar On Me are duuuuuuuuuuumb.

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Goddamn what an incredible and fucking DREAMY thumbnail.

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One of the greatest quick look. Simply the best.

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Jesus Christ, this QL is amazing.

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Omg Brad's singing. <3

Also this:

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Never knew before that that sugar song is about money shots.

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Brad's vocal competence has been known for some time.

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