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Posted by mrsmiley

vinny can play guitar like a boss. brad has the voice of an angel. i have fallen in love with giantbomb all over again.

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I see a future Giant Bomb premium member feature. Brad and Vinny rock night Wednesdays!

Posted by machinerebel

Oh my god this was so magical. Rocksmith weekly feature?

Posted by Calmgamer

After watching Vinny play Dark Souls - exploring philosophy during Breaking Brad and now playing guitar..... I think he might be a genius.

Posted by pentara

That was nothing short of excellent, god damn brad you sound amazing :)

Posted by MachoFantastico

Rocker Vinny and Screaming Brad, what's not to love.

Posted by zenmastah

Brad, you truly have a voice of an angel.

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Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I loved this quicklook. I kind of want to try rocksmith, but I feel like I should learn fundamentals first.

Posted by chubie

Quick Look made me go right out and buy the game. Thanks guys!

Posted by Phished0ne

@washburn said:

I see a future Giant Bomb premium member feature. Brad and Vinny rock night Wednesdays!

Yes. This truly made me grin from ear to ear.

Posted by ghostNPC

No offence to Brad, but has he.. put on a bunch of weight? Or is it just the camera?

Posted by Hemmelight

Is Vinny the next John Petrucci?

Well, they're both Italian.

Posted by ILikePopCans

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That's the first thing I noticed in this incredible video, unfortunately. Wonder what's up, he's always seemed to me to be (along with vinny) the health nut of the group.

Come on guys, he just wants to sing his little heart out and you guys are picking on him,

Posted by Xeiphyer

Man that jam mode was actually pretty impressive. Might have to pick this up on steam, assuming my magical rocksmith cable from the ps3 version of the first game will work on PC, I assume it will.

Posted by Nerolus

You guys just sold another rocksmith game.

Posted by ripelivejam

i go weak for anything with brad singing so i may want to watch this sitting down ;)

Posted by HouseOfWolves

Vinny's solo during the Oasis song was really really good!!!!

Posted by GermanBomber

Brad has the voice of an angel.

Posted by Fram

Goddammit, what an awesome QL. So joyous! Applause.

Posted by crimsonlordofwar

@washburn said:

I see a future Giant Bomb premium member feature. Brad and Vinny rock night Wednesdays!

Yes. This truly made me grin from ear to ear.

I agree, some beers, some dlc, and a whole lot of gifs.

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Brad's singing voice will forever baffle me! Where does that voice come from?

Posted by Reisz

Holy Hell. Vinny is a completely competent amateur guitarist. This is kind of Magical.

Posted by aceflibble

Vinny's got some The Doors-esque styling going on, fantastic stuff.

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This was amazing, guys.

Posted by Nev

Oh, that Brad voice. Angelic!

Posted by LarryDavis

You could get an electric/acoustic for pretty cheap and use that as a solution to the acoustic song problem.

Posted by RagingBrain

Those high notes! ;) I appreciate this video greatly! :D

Posted by Adaptor

This made me happy! You guys, figuratively and literally, rock!

Posted by Brake

It's been too long since we last got the Sweet Sounds of Shoemaker.

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Did the Rocksmith discover rock, or invent it?

Posted by ftrevelin

Brad "Mercury" Shoemaker. Amazing QL guys!

Posted by gesi1223

I had no idea Vinny actually played guitar!! He really is the coolest....

Posted by VoodooTatum

Loved this quick look. Would love to see this as a semi-regular feature.

Posted by Scampbell

I have been ENTERTAINED!

Posted by kishinfoulux

Crazy how shy/nervous Brad seems to be in regards to live shows, Quick Looks, etc. but he has no problem belting out tunes in front of people. That's always so crazy to me and I know people that are just like that.

Posted by NerfGunAssassin

@atwa said:

Man! Brad let himself go!

I'd still pour some sugar on him.

Posted by mondeblue

Brad has the dulcet tones of an angel.

Posted by andrewf87462

Wow, amazing quick look, and yeah, Brad rocks. This makes me want to go and get Rocksmith but I just know that i'll spend 2 hours on it, then just give up, and i'll end up with a guitar here gathering dust.

Posted by xxDrAiNxx

Vinny is a Rock-God !

Posted by BrandonPckrfn

So good!

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Posted by akumasan

This was thoroughly awesome. Love you guys. Terrifies me that Brad has that pure gravel voice but can sing so damned high. I need to get some tips as I have the low talk, but I have ZERO range when I sing.

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This was so awesome,really old school GB quality content.

Loved it when Vinny started singing along with Brad.

Posted by Pilgrimm1981

Brad truly knows how to sing...with practice he'd actually make a good singer. Great stuff, truly enjoyed this.

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Posted by Mister_V

Magical, Truly magical.

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Like having Oasis in my front room!

Posted by RobotSquad

This was fantastic. Any time Brad sings a good time will be had.