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Posted by GoldSoundz

VinnDog the Rock God. I had no idea he played guitar. Brad has a nice set of pipes too, but we all knew that!

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That was great!!!!!

Posted by SavePoint

Had the biggest, dumb grin on my face for the last 20 minutes or so of that... Fantastic!

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This. This is why I subscribe. Bravo.

Posted by BatmanBatman

That was fun... really nice to see Vinny rocking that Epi !

Posted by MormonWarrior

Oh maaaaaannnnn this is great!

Posted by zeekthegeek

This might be my favorite Quick Look this year.

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This is what happens when Brad isn't so nervous and just enjoys himself. Brad is amazing peoples when he loosens up.

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Oh man this is the best video ever. I teared up as soon as Brad starts singing, the voice of angels.

Posted by wumbo3000

Man, what a great fucking quick look. Vinny's awesome at guitar and Brad always fucking kills it on the mic.

Posted by ScriptKitty

I'm not sure what to think of the way Brad says "Duuuhhcckkks...." around the 30:00 point. D:

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Every time Brad sings I forget that he's actually pretty good once he gets going.

And now Vinny's apparently not half bad at playing guitar as well.

Not to mention Jeff's impeccable rapping.

Posted by beatnik11

I wasnt even paying much attention and then all of a sudden Brad began singing an Oasis song and I just started to sing along. Great quick look

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awesome quick look, but damn... i was practically screaming for the guys to play the spirit of the radio...

ah well. drew joining in was magical.

Posted by Aelric

Is it just me or....is Brad getting a little heavyset?

Posted by canadiantoastzombie

That was beautiful.

Posted by Muppio

I need that image as my new background.

Posted by ghostNPC

Would be great if the audio sync was correct.

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Rock on!!! That was cool as fuck.

Posted by coloursheep

The last thing I expect to hear in a music game quick look with two americans was an Oasis song but damn they both clearly knew it very well and totally nailed it

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Brad has perfect pitch? That's pretty awesome.

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The last thing I expect to hear in a music game quick look with two americans was an Oasis song but damn they both clearly knew it very well and totally nailed it

Oasis is a well known band in America. Mate.

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This is adorable (despite having a general distaste for Oasis) and I might get this for practicing, the minigames look really fun and funny. Also I feel like these games need a song by Television as well as the Smiths.

Posted by Ronald

@shagge said:

Been dying for this QL, and it looks like it'll deliver. :D Here's hoping Brad sings Say It Ain't So again.

Edit: We need a Bradley May Sing feature.

I think this would make a great Tuesday night live show. Or the after hour show for Unprofessional Fridays once Brad has had some drinks in him.

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Damn, Brad is good.

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Oh snap, Brad.

Posted by Deusx

Holy shit, Brad... we're both getting heavier.

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And Giant Bomb finds its mojo again! Congrats Vinny and Brad, you both were great. Especially Brad, I envy your voice.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

This was so, so great.

Posted by Vyper

VBomb Feat. Brad "Angel Voice" Shoemaker

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Good Performance!

Bradley Mercury and Vinny May.

Posted by Drunken

This quick look gave me the biggest smile

Posted by Dprotp

so while i was watching this, i looked behind me and saw my girlfriend watching a video. and we noticed something.


Posted by Mezmero

I'm surprised I didn't watch this video sooner. Vinny is way better at guitar than I'll ever be and Brad's singing voice is heavenly. I almost cried during Brad's rendition of Oasis. I promise I'll never look back in anger ever again after that. I might actually pick up this teaching tool. It sure looks a lot better than what I normally do which is looking up tabs and playing along to streaming music videos. Thanks for the video.

Posted by BakerMikeRomeo

Watching Vinny and Brad belt this stuff out in the middle of their office, I can't wipe this stupid, dopey, dumb-ass smile off my face. It's so adorable! It looks like so much fun, oh my God!

Posted by Chango

So much fun.

Posted by Torabi

This video made it really easy to decide on whether I should subscribe or not.

Posted by uhohlovehascometotown

brad <3 (◡‿◡✿)

Posted by Phancypants

This Quicklook cost me $80 for Rocksmith 2014.

Then it cost me another $200 when I bought a better guitar. I don't know how the bundled guitar is, but the $50 Walmart guitar I bought 4 years ago got turned into furniture as soon as I felt a proper beginners guitar in my hands. The extra cash is worth it!

And don't just buy one online, go to a music store and get someone to help you pick one out. My sales guy asked me to play, and I told him I don't know how. He told me to pretend, and I made some terrible noise while I savaged the strings, then immediately took it away from me and after 2 tries gave me a Fender Squier that still sounded like shit when I played it, but it FELT so much better. Ignoring the cheap-ass strings, the cheap guitar had TERRIBLE pickups, and the nut was way too high.

I'm also getting 3 free lessons that focus on how to hold and strum it properly (something the game doesn't teach you, and youtube provides no feedback).

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I'm surprised that no comments have appeared since last year, hope people still remember this gem exists! A real feel-good QL, if you ask me.

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Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

Listening to Don't Look Back In Anger reminded me of this.
Vinny shreds HARD.

Posted by Deusoma

Can't believe it took me a whole year to get to this one. I'd say those performances were worth the wait. n_n

Posted by othername

@glottery: Yes, this really is a feel good QL. I watch this every now and then if I need a pick me up =)