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Ugh, so close.  
This game looks pretty dull. Not for me. 

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I guess

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i can't understand why would anyone play this crap over civ 5 and starcraft 2

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Wonder how this holds up on the iPad.

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I raff, I R.U.S.E.?

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long time coming

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@kollay said:
" I raff, I R.U.S.E.? "
Good lord
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This looks pretty cool. I may have to get it.

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Is it a trap?

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maybe they should have put this out before starcraft 2.

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Why do all the menus look so futuristic if it's a WWII game? 
I also don't like the table-top aesthetic. It's weird and unnecessary in my opinion.

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@troyx said:
" i can't understand why would anyone play this crap over civ 5 and starcraft 2 "
People like different games?
Your opinion is bad.
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meh starcraft 2 and civ 5 coming? ill pass

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I'll pass.

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shouldve played a multiplayer game, gives a much better idea what the game is about

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@kollay said:
" I raff, I R.U.S.E.? "
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@troyx said:
" i can't understand why would anyone play this crap over civ 5 and starcraft 2 "
Because it looks very interesting and completely different and from those two games.
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This seems a lot cooler than I remember from the beta.

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As someone who isn't generally a fan of RTS game I think this looks kinda neat.

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I'm interested but.... Civ V.


the PS3 version has MOVE support no? Should have mentioned it in the Quick Look but well this is Giant Bomb - BURN!!!!!!! :D

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I wish, they went into the psychological warfare part of the game. It was a pretty interesting mechanic in the beta.

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It's too bad the single player will be hampered by Ubisoft's insane DRM.

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Brad's comment at the end that they've managed to make a WWII game without a "blank of blank" title has a slight flaw... 
A look at the box art shows the subtitle "The Art of Deception"  (OK so it has a "The" before it, but still)

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I thought for a while that ruse was a raceing game

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I... remember playing this a while ago... maybe it was the beta?

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@troyx said:
" i can't understand why would anyone play this crap over civ 5 and starcraft 2 "
Because RUSE is so similar to SC2 and CiV5 right? I played in the beta before the delay and the free weekend/beta thing afterwards and came away impressed with RUSE. 
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It looks "interesting" thats all I can really say for it, the path finding issues piss me off especially in RTS's and when you arnt really given the ability to build units each unit is critical. The table top view, seems alright, but I do agree the scaling seems a bit strange at least when you zoom in.

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Meh. Starcraft 2, Civ 5, Elemental, and an utter distaste for Ubi's PC DRM mean I won't be giving this one a look beyond what I've seen in this video.

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The month of rts...

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The presentation looks pretty cool and interesting to see story interweaved into the actual strategising so seamlessly.  Still has to prove it has depth and the RUSE stuff actually feels right.
The main thing it left me pondering was if it should slow time down when you zoom in to make it make sense for the scale and vice-versa (I think Inception was showing a bit of influence in my thinking there).

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wait a minute. maybe I misheard but did Brad just ask the question "do the units move?"

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So.... this looks interesting, but this Quick Look doesn't make much sense to me.  I get the need to get this video out early, but for Ryan to demo what is essentially a tutorial mission seems kind of silly, especially since he can't answer any questions about a lot of the game's mechanics yet.  This QL could have given a much better picture of the game without involving too much more work.
Or, you know, just have Snide do it, since he is more of a go-to guy on PC strategy.

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seems kinda boring, potential though. R.U.S.E 3 could be totally awesome

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The idea of all macro - Cool bro!!
The execution - Not too cool bro :(

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is this just a crummy video player or am I seeing some big screen tearing?

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Considering the Americans hadn't entered the war until 1941, I find this insulting!!!! But really now, game looks interesting.

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Looks kinda fun. Too bad I won't buy this as long as Ubisoft  use their crazy always online DRM.

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Tried the beta on Steam when it was up. It was alright, certainly quite different from typical RTS but it didnt grab me. Can't help but feel its the WW2 setting. Still, its on my watch list and the campaign does seem more interesting.

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@kollay said:
" I raff, I R.U.S.E.? "
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Is the mad screen tearing the game, or just the video player?

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@Psych0Penguin:  Kasserine Pass was a battle during 1943, you can see that at 0:40, ryan was just mistaking
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@bigsmoke77: Last time I trust Ryan with his WW2 history!
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@KillaMaStA said:
" seems kinda boring, potential though. R.U.S.E 3 could be totally awesome "
You mean, R.U.S.3??? 
Think of the potential for R.U.S.E 5 as well!
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Still waiting to see the strategy part of this RTS. Oh, well.  
Probably didn't help that this has gotta be one of the earlier missions, but it looks dull.

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@Vitamin_Dei:  Doesn't Starcraft 2 have the same DRM if i am not mistaken? Anyway this a game i would want to play online so tat type of DRM doesn't bother me but i see your point.