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All hail Mr. President.

Having the radio play in your head is genius. <-- Not actually a spoiler.

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Saints Row Wooo!

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Boom! Dats Mah Jam!

Posted by Daneian

Power to the Saints.

Posted by dawnclover

WOO! Great way to start the day!

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Awww yeah!

Posted by Morningstar

To watch it or not watch it and wait for the game? Oh I'll watch it!

Posted by bathala

aaaaawww shit. strap it on

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Guess I should go back in finish the Third eh?

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Not prostitute heavy?!?!?! How do I cancel a Steam pre-order?

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So it's Saint's Row+Crackdown+Prototype+The Matrix. Kinda just want to play Crackdown again.

Posted by hustlerlt

Jesus Christ, the framerate is unbearable!

Posted by jimmyfenix

Gangsta Shit!

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i dont wanna play this on my pc tho. i dont like my pc.

i dont love it

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Vinny's thinking of Laura Bailey, she's got some range and can curse up a storm.

I played 3 with Female Voice 1 and it was magical, hope she's just as good here.

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Easy, gentlemen... The Matrix is timeless.

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I don't...I don't want to watch this. But six days is way to long for me right now.

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I remember Saints 3 running better on the PS3. Wonder if this is the same case here?

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I've made the decision to switch my Male Voice to Nolan. I can't not have that power in my vocal cords. Gonna stick with Female 1 for my lady though.

Also when they're talking about the framerate issues... I honestly can't see it myself. I guess I'm just blessed with ignorance to that stuff. I got the hang of noticing low framerate when you turned quickly in an FPS, but here I cannot make it out. Gonna be playing on PC anyway cause that's where I and my friends are at these days.

Also, that DOTT reference? Yesssss.

Posted by BigDaddy81

This seems kinda boring to me I'm sorry to say.

Guess I'm just gonna pass on this. I can watch an LP for the story stuff on YouTube.

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Damn, what a boring quick look. This didn't sell me on this game at all.

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I will get it when its on sale for like 10-15 bucks just like the old one.

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I would like a Saints Row IV directly into my vein...

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I am bummed that the super powers don't carry over to the real world...

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Nice frame rate you got there

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Riff Raff in this b*tch

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Thank goodness I built a fine PC for such occasions like this.

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Feels like the whole game is kinda "phoned in" to be honest.

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I am bummed that the super powers don't carry over to the real world...

Which is weird, because SRTT already established that super powers exist within its 'real' world. Or rather they exist as a side effect of Saints Flow anywhoo, as seen in the Trouble with Clones DLC, which was most likely a proof of concept for SRIV.

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Seriously, if this was any other game it would be critically pounded. It's all well and good saying 'yo, buy this on the PC' but the frame rate is so bad on consoles it's amazing it has even been released.

Plus the fact that this game is just dumb for the sake of being dumb. 'Dubstep Gun', dear me. I didn't enjoy the Third that much, but this just looks kinda like turd.

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cant tell if the video player or if the game has slow downs.

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I actually like the 2nd game the most, and the 3rd was pretty cool, 4th just looks too far removed from what I liked about this series originally.

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Nice frame rate you got there

I don't see any problem at all. You must be seriously butthurt if you need to mention it twice in the comments.

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@schlookum: Sadly the game has frame rate issues. it also could be the compression of the video hopefully the latter in this case.

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@drekly said:

Damn, what a boring quick look. This didn't sell me on this game at all.

Cool, that's not their job though, so...yeah

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I don't really see the terrible performance... but then again, I thought Far Cry 3 looked amazing on consoles. Whenever someone says a game looks terrible on consoles compared to PC, all I see is it looking better on PC. That's something entirely different from looking crap on consoles.

I'll just go with the 360 version again.

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What are you guys even talking about, the leader of the Saints was clearly a woman spoken by Laura Bailey. :P

Edit: Err, to all the guys not seeing the framerate problems: What? Also, what's the fps of the video itself? 24? 30?

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Its just too similar for me. Il wait till it hits 30€. That seems like a good price for this game.

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@pkmango7 said:

Vinny's thinking of Laura Bailey, she's got some range and can curse up a storm.

Word. Kaine in Nier.

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Hmm I guess I'm done with Saints Row. I never really liked 3 as much as everyone else and this just looks like a very ambitious mod of 3. I might check it out eventually or if I get really bored. The thing is I rarely enjoyed the missions in 3 and this looks to be just a uninspiring as that one.

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The true voice to choose is the Russian lass. Also that frame rate is bloody awful.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

Is that 360 version just constantly in slowmo or is the framerate really that shitty?

Jeez, and I thought the third game on 360 ran bad...

Posted by The_Grindilow

@everettescott: You see no frame rate issue here at all? Really? I'm not butthurt at all, just giving my opinion, what I believe a forum related website is for.

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After watching this quick look I immediately canceled my 360 Pre order on amazon and pre ordered on steam instead. First time ever doing that. That's how much of a difference it was to me.

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oooooo I just want this already!

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360 version gave me a headache! PC master race y'all!

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I find it funny they talk about music out of the car when you could do that in saint's 2. And cockney guy is the real voice, he was Male 1 in Saint's 2 the first game you had a voice, and the only Male voice you can choose every game Saint's 2-4. Troy Baker wasn't there until 3.

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@5figh: lol, then don't.

@humanity: it does and it doesn't help that it's all in the same place but ehh, I had a lot of fun with the mechanics in 3 and the gameplay in 4 is looking more retarded in a good way for me.