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Posted by jellotek

...Jeff's character reminds me of the cavemen in Geico commercials.

Posted by Blak_Knot

This game looks insane!

Posted by ZeMadHatter

Isn't SR coming to Steam ?

Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials

This game is to the real modern world what Elder Scrolls is to real Medieval Europe. More so, really.

Posted by falling_fast

this game looks awesome

Posted by Vortextk

Amazing. Really, amazing. I'm laughing constantly. I've never cared much about GTA or games like it, but I think this makes a wonderful companion to skyrim for another game you can spend a lot of time in on the opposite side of the outrageous meter.

Posted by DukesT3

pffftt, who the hell needs Skyrim when this game is going to be out!?

Posted by TheMathlete

So Jeff, are you sayin' you're not down with the Syndicate...

Posted by TheMathlete

I might pick this up in the next couple of weeks. Once I've played some Skyrim.

Posted by Sanj

Alright, I wanna play this game.

Posted by big_jon

looks dumb.

Posted by eddie291

@slightconfuse said:

so the default voice is Troy baker right

That's who he is! I knew he sounded familiar.

Fyi to everyone else, he voiced Kanji in Persona 4.

Posted by 1p

Human wavy tube man is FUCKED UP.

Posted by Shtinky

This quicklook actually sold me off the game; not impressed =/

Posted by plaintomato

Oop, the GPS still has that annoyingly loud flow of spazzing green dots. That always drove me crazy...I want to have my GPS on and be able to ignore it...not have it demand my attention like some kind of seizure inducing low rent internet advertisement.

It's a little detail yeah, but one that somehow has always really been in my face...I've actually actively been hoping that would change ever since SR1. Aaaand...so what, I'm still buying, just like I did before. Guess I'm one of the 44% of console owners that buys stuff.

Edited by PimblyCharles

Oh my God?! A multi platform game with the PS3 version being the star of the quicklook?! Have I died and gone to Giantbomb heaven? I thought for sure I'd see XB360 controls after a minute into this. Makes me think that the PS3 version might actually be the better one for once. Considering I only have a PS3 and high end PC, I preordered for PC cause I thought the PS3 copy would be gimped out and ugly compared to the rest. This is not the case at all, it looks great. Still, Volition has promised the PC version to be the best of the bunch. If this is true, then maybe, just maybe it'll make up for the terrible... TERRIBLE PC port of Saints Row 2. Just maybe...

Posted by CakeBomb

Is it too much to ask for free 480p videos?

Posted by Radio_Resistance

Excellent ql. I hope you guys get in some hours of co-op play before the review comes out. If it's anything like SR2, the experience changes drastically.

It seems Ryan's really enjoying the game. Was hoping he would be the one reviewing this time around.

Posted by jonnyboy

OK Guys, you had me at Dildo Bat.

Posted by ponchaxis



Posted by Krenor

@ZeMadHatter said:

Isn't SR coming to Steam ?

it's already on steam

Posted by prestonhedges

"It's stuff I would love to show you, but in this point in the story I've passed it, so it'd be hard to show."

Can't you replay story missions?

Posted by MrBubbles

is it me or do the saints row games seem perfect for giant bomb

Posted by lead_farmer

Was one station called Krhyme? Sold.

Posted by shinluis

PLEEEEASE do 480p for us mere, shameless, non-paying parasites who can not watch it in HD... pretty please?

Posted by rudyarr

whoa....they are playing a multiplatform game on the ps3 and not the 360!?!?! shocking! Love you GB :)

Posted by ZeMadHatter

@Krenor said:

@ZeMadHatter said:

Isn't SR coming to Steam ?

it's already on steam

I must be daft :) I did look I swear Capt'n !

Posted by Chubbaluphigous

This game seems tailor made for Jeff. It is like they studied him.

Posted by Moonling

Jeff, doing the side stuff with a co-op partner is the most fun you can have in SR2, don't see why it wouldn't be the same here.

A SR3 co-op TNT would be pretty great.

Posted by oasisbeyond

Such for young dumb teens.

Posted by beeryayghost

OFWGKTA is in this. Oh man.

Posted by Potter9156

Buffering? REALLY? Fuck this video player. Seriously, fuck it.

Posted by LiK

Goddamn dildo sword makes me laugh every time.

Posted by Trylks


Posted by Kamizzle

No Johnny Gat in the phone book ;__;

Posted by WMoyer83


Posted by Fungiefips

Took me a while to place Viola's VO. Then it hit me, and imagining Kanji Tatsumi talking to a famous pornstar was reason enough to buy this game.

Posted by theberserker


Posted by Tuggah

this game looks perfect.

Posted by fox01313

Can't wait for this & looking forward to it. Also after playing around with the character creator/initiation station, along with Ryan's tip, I'll definitely have to play through this again with the zombie voice though will go the same route as I did with SR2 which is to go with the female protagonist for the first playthough. Impressed though with the huge variety in the initiation station on all the characters you can make so they are on the right track with this one. Thx for the funny QL GiantBomb!

Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by Darkfiretiger

I want this game. I want this soo bad.

Posted by TheAwesomer

I just heard Woo Boost on the radio, totally buying this now.

Posted by buckybit

"stupid fun" games has a new greatest game entry. Wasn't on my Day 1 pick-up list, but now is mos def. Awesome!

Posted by IshimuraD

I had no interest in this game until today and now I HAVE to play to. And Skyrim, after that awesome stream.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

he's like a human wavy tube man... oh god...

Posted by Aegon

"They can get bent as far as I'm concerned."  
How fitting.  

Posted by ChrisTaran

He picked Kanji's voice!

Posted by FoxMulder

Looks pretty fun, but I think I'm done with GTA style open world games for a while. I'm not even excited for GTA:V. Maybe I'll get this next year when it is cheaper! Having a blast with the character creator demo though!

Posted by jellotek

...For a person who has never liked games built around committing crime... I really want to get this.

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