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Posted by DarkbeatDK

Not gonna lie, the trials thing is pretty neat. They should do that with a second major Sega game collection.

The Monster World soundtrack is FRESH!

Posted by KinjiroSSD

I thought I never played an Alex Kidd games but watching this brought back my memories of this game, especially the boss fights. I guess I was too young to really pay attention to the title.

Posted by Soulblitz

The sound effect when the dudes blow up in Shinobi is dope as shit. Like, I need it on my computer now. Help a duder out?

Posted by SithToast

I would play or see Earnest goes to the Tower of Silence.

Posted by Stormdragonblue

I remembering often borrowing the Master System from a nearby neighbor. Alex Kidd is just fond memories even when watching it again presses directly onto all the things I also didn't like about it. :P

They also had Wonder Boy in Monster World. The Genesis version sounds/looks better but it's more pretty much the same game on the Master System. Completed that several times. Also believe it or not, finding out where your quest will end will be quite the unexpected twist! I'm tempted to pick up the Wonder Boy pack. Still, odd that they left out the 3rd game as it literally starts you off with the final boss from the previous game and goes from there.

Posted by automatontribe

Monster world IV looks pretty cool actually, was'nt reallt expecting that. And the seriously gauged out ears are sweet. : P

Posted by Rabid619

Man, Shinobi is so fuckin good. One of my favourite games when I was younger, the trial for this only has Alex Kidd playable though. Boooooo!

... and I'd totally watch Ernest goes to The Tower of Silence.

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Oh my God...this just made me realize all these years Gradius has been the Japanese mistranslation for "gladius."

Edit: And HOLY CRAP! I totally have memories of that second Wonderboy game...never could remember what it was called!

Posted by Bakumatsu

Oh my god Alex Kidd. My first console videogame. So many memories. I remember that when I finished that game I was shaking of excitment. And anger. I was like: "Fuck you Alex Kidd! Never have to play you again!" That game is a tough cookie and finishing in one sitting is fucking difficult.. How games changed.

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Rocking out to the awesome Shinobi and Hang-On music; nostalgia go!

Posted by GazzaScotland

Woah, biggest bit of nostalgia in a while. Remember having a cartridge that came Super Hang On, Columns and some other game. Shinobi was brilliant, Alex Kidd was...well...And then Monster World was one of my favourite games as a kid growing up.

Posted by EndrzGame

Thanks for the heads up, but I don't own a Wii. Hopefully these packs will be successful on XBLA and they'll include Dragons Trap in another d/l in the future.

Posted by WilyBoy

Oh my god, I LOVED Wonder Boy in Monster World. I think I have to buy that collection.

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Posted by JGfromSpace

Well, he sure walks like a ninja.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

All these games seem pretty dope if you want to get into some old school gaming.

Posted by Iodine

Asha or w/e 's themesong has to be Shake that ass


@Undeadpool said:

Oh my God...this just made me realize all these years Gradius has been the Japanese mistranslation for "gladius."

You're not the first person to think that and no, it's not. Gradius is the name of the planet.

EDIT: Unless you're talking about Wonder Boy?

Posted by DrStrangepork

I remember sitting in my friends living room watching the intro for Revenge of Shinobi for the first time. After the lightning strikes our eyes lit up and we looked at each other filled with excitement. Had Bad Boys been released back then I'm sure one of us would have said "This shit just got real!" Good times, thank you Sega.

Posted by Draxyle

I'm sad to admit that I was never aware of the existence of the Master System. I've probably heard of it before, but it never registered with me. I always thought that the Genesis was Sega's first system. I'm not *that* young either, I kinda feel ashamed to not know about it.

These games though.. age has not done well to them. Level design was absolutely everything back them, and these just don't look like they can compete with the best of the NES.

Posted by laserbolts

Infinite ninja stars does sound pretty amazing.

Posted by revizion

For the record, Safari Hunt was the pack in on the Master System.

Safari Hunt >>>>> Duck Hunt (and that dog. fuck that dog.)

Posted by Blannir

The Wonder Boy and Monster World games look oddly appealing, I really want to go play them now.

Posted by vinsanityv22

I actually bought Monster World IV 2 weeks ago on the Wii's Virtual Console; it's a fantastic game. I remember playing an untranslated version on Gametap a few years back when they were just a retro game streaming service and BARELY had any original content (they had Telltale's Sam & Max first season and JUST started releasing American McGee's Grimm). It was clearly high quality, but you REALLY need the translation to get anywhere, I think. It's awesome that it's finally out. And this collection looks great, even though it's a lot of previously-rereleased content on Sega's part. Still, high quality presentation. I wish they'd give this treatment to their Dreamcast games. The actual Dreamcast collection SUCKS. Only four games, no bonus, no love, straight ports...and one of the games is SEGA Bass Fishing? Fuck you guys, Sega.

Alex Kidd is always great. I grew up as a Nintendo kid, but my cousin had a Master System, and fuck do I love Alex Kidd in Miracle World. AND Shinobi World. They could've kept Alex Kidd going by having him hop into other Sega games, like a Sega specific version of Kingdom Hearts almost. I love a lot of these games. Glad to see such care being thrown at them in 2012.

Posted by Phoenix87

Even if you gave me those games for free, I probably still wouldn't play them.

Posted by C418

Monster World 4 looks honestly like the most interesting game of them all. And fuck Alex Kidd.

Posted by plop1920

the menu themes in both collections were awesome

Posted by WSGEXE

Maybe it's just me but I never wanted this Quick Look to end.

Posted by flyingace16021

Never heard of Monster World or Wonder Boy, but Monster World IV looks freakin' amazing. Ohh boy that music.

Posted by eccentrix

That first Wonder Boy game looks like a fake game you'd see on TV.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Did jeff just say "That's Million Leather Boots?"

Man. I love this website.

Posted by Brendan

@WSGabler said:

Maybe it's just me but I never wanted this Quick Look to end.

I'm pretty sure that however you personally felt about this quick look was indeed just you, unless you have clones.

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Shinobi 2/3 was so much better.

Although music in Revenge was indeed amazing.

Posted by sonicrift

Watching Super Hang-On made me want to play Rad Mobile. Wish that was on a collection like this...

Posted by rjayb89

What, I though Jeff wanted to fuck him a fish, not punch 'em.

Posted by n0nametaz

@Paindamnation: nice one

Posted by Rapid

All the wonder boy + Monster World games has such good BGM.

Posted by triviaman09

Lol roshambo boss battle

Posted by triviaman09

Revenge of Shinobi was before my time, but that music is pretty incredible.

Posted by n0nametaz

How great is that quote

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Monster World IV looks still looks pretty great. Couldn't care less about the other ones, though.

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"Before I die, I'm gonna punch me a fish"


Posted by NathHaw

@ArbitraryWater said:

Did jeff just say "That's Million Leather Boots?"

Man. I love this website.

He totally did.

Posted by IronScimitar

@WSGabler said:

Maybe it's just me but I never wanted this Quick Look to end.

Took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard).

Posted by Vigorousjammer

This Quick Look really makes me want to see a Live streaming Sega Genesis marathon, in the same vein as that SNES streaming marathon they did a while ago.

Posted by Goblin

I actually played through the majority of Wonder Boy in Monster Land recently on a Master System... now I kinda want this pretty arcade version. Will probably buy that and MWIV... it's just too bad they didn't release the original Wonder Boy as well (because fuck Master Higgins).

I really like Alex Kidd in Miracle World too (despite the retarded boss battles), but that's already built into my Master System.

Posted by prestonhedges

@Brendan said:

@WSGabler said:

Maybe it's just me but I never wanted this Quick Look to end.

I'm pretty sure that however you personally felt about this quick look was indeed just you, unless you have clones.

Nah. I was totally thinking "I bet WSGabler on GiantBomb.com totally never wants this Quick Look to end."

So there.

Posted by red720

At least on the Master System 2, they always went the same order for the Paper, Scissors, Rock.

Posted by n0nametaz

monster world 4 looked awesome to me for some reason

Posted by CrashTanuki

I think I'll grab a Wonder Boy game since they look like fun games in the Quick Look.