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I had a Master System. :(

But then I bought an NES later so it was okay.



damnit. :(

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Awww, the later Wonderboy games don't say 4 gold GET. Lame.

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Once again Giant Bomb's capture gear has a problem with blinking sprites. Wonder Boy just goes invisible instead of blinking.

I assume it's because they're just capturing the frames in which the sprite is invisible. Its just the refresh rates of source and capture being exactly the wrong number of frames apart. Assuming this is the cause, there may be nothing they can do about it unfortunately. (It makes Jeff seem amazing as he can seemingly control an invisible character, though.)

Yep. Game runs at 60fps. Video player is 30fps. If sprite is set to blink once every second frame, there is a 50% chance that the sprite will be invisible on 30fps video.

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A rice ball! Of course! I always wondered why he was chomping on a two-handled mug of root beer..

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Take this.

Compare to Time Trotters.


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Oh my God...this just made me realize all these years Gradius has been the Japanese mistranslation for "gladius."

You're not the first person to think that and no, it's not. Gradius is the name of the planet.

EDIT: Unless you're talking about Wonder Boy?

...How do we know the PLANET wasn't named after the ancient Roman sword?!?!

Edit: And both, yes.

You know what? You're right, it's totally a mistranslation. I mean this is mid-80s Japan we're talking about here. What was I thinking?

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I now really want an Endurance Run of Monster World 4.

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Considering all SEGA did was build or adapt an emulator to the 360 and pack in their roms (yes, and add a title screen and some animation), $15 for 3 games is outrageously expensive. I have given away my entire collection to free up my life, but given the chance of using modern technology to play some of the old gems again, I'd like to be offered something that reflects the effort put in, not what SEGA can get away with. Until then, the roms are still out there.

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Before I watch each Quick Look, I like to guess which 2 people commentate just judging by the game. Well, 2 points for me =D

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HOLY CRAP! The first boss is Admiral Ackbar! "It's a trap!"

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@flawless988: Ha, I always do that too. I'm guessing Jeff and Ryan for this one.

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I'm sure someone's already mentioned this, but the Janken matches in Alex Kidd are not random.

Y'know, because I know that kinda thing will sway Jeff's opinion of the game.

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"Jeff, I feel like I've been watching you play Monster World for my entire life..."

Lines like that are why Game Room-esque Quick Looks like this are so amazing.

Retro-gaming plus Giant Bomb almost always results in hilarity.

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GAMEROOM YAY!!!! i love this show

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As far as these games go, I think they are done really well on the compilation disc like the Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection. I don't really think that these games are worth more than $1-3 alone, but if you can throw them all in a pack of like 50 games for $20, I am on board without a doubt. There are a lot of old games I just want to try out for curiosity sake, others, I just don't want to pull out my Genesis bin if I only want to play a game for 20 minutes.

Anyway, Jeff and Ryan, I could watch you play classic games all day. This was great! I miss the hell out of Game Room for Xbox Live!. I am aware that you guys probably wasted a ton of money on terrible Atari/Colecovision/Commedore games at like $3 a pop, but they were entertaining and kind of informative for games I had never even seen.

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@WickedCobra03 said:

As far as these games go, I think they are done really well on the compilation disc like the Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection. I don't really think that these games are worth more than $1-3 alone, but if you can throw them all in a pack of like 50 games for $20, I am on board without a doubt.

See, that's the thing about these download-only collections. Most of these games are already on a collection disc or two, and really, how many people are buying download-only retro games? Namco has the right of it - crap-ton of their older games for $30, call it a day.

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Yes, Monsterworld Yes.

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I never really had too much nostalgia for classic Sega games, but Revenge of Shinobi looks awesome. I'll laugh my ass off if Sega puts this game into one of their future Vintage Collections: 

SCD box art (cropped)
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Hearing the first track to Super Hang On was like having liquid nostalgia injected into my cerebral cortex.

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I seriously considered buying the Monsterland collection because I love Wonderboy in Monsterland so much, but after hearing how much of the music they changed I think I'll just settle for the original whenever I dig my master system out at Christmas time.

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Totally marked out for Jeff's Mr. Show reference at 4:00... and god, and the Bible.

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Man. Forget that Alex Kidd "Janken" theme. That boss music from Revenge of Shinobi will be stuck in my head for months!

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Monster World was peaceful until it was invaded by monsters...what?

The presentation on these 25 year old games is actually pretty damn impressive; the wrapper is all kinds of slick.

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Revenge of Shinobi's music is fucking amazing.

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Not touching anything Wonder Boy unless it has The Dragon's Trap in it. Seriously, as clunky as that game's controls were (because all Wonder Boy games are clunky) and as screechy as the Master System sound chip was, that game was freaking awesome and had some funky, funky music. I've been silently praying for someone to pull off a remake or reimagining or spiritual successor to that for years. Between the 2D open world and the upgrading of equipment, gradual evolving of the character and oodles of quirky secrets to find, it makes for one hell of an action platformer/RPG hybrid.

I find myself wanting to dive back into it time and time again, but every time I just wish the controls were a little less floaty and the sword was just a few pixels longer and that sort of takes the fun out of it... Still, in all honesty, that's got to be one of my favorite 8-bit titles.

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...any relation to Jason Kidd.

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Alex Kidd is awesome, the reason I'll be playing this!

Edit: The boss fights aren't random, they always pick the same. I had them all memorised and could always get to the brown castle at the end but never beat it.

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These games might generally suck, but they knew how to make music.

I recently played Game Gear Shinobi, and it seems way better than the other Shinobis; might try those though.

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Contender for best QL of 2012.

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Every Master System owner gives that spiel to someone in their lives like Jeff did @ 21m mark.

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Online leaderboards for old games is a good thing.

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Start menu sound is very PSO

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I had a Master System II as a kid, and this game was built in to the system. As such I played the shit out of Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Loved it so much. Weird watching this though: I'm in the UK, so I played the PAL version. The music is so much faster in this proper version :o.

Master System was fairly popular in europe...

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Still one of my favorite QLs.

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This helped me decide to buy an actual Revenge of Shinobi cart and let me tell you, not a purchase I regret.

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my fav QL