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Always be self defening

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Sad face.

Posted by giant_frying_pan

Now a kick to the genitals!

Posted by Kirbichu54

So close.

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I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

Posted by DG991

This is hilarious !

Posted by Deavyin

Dick Punch, It's all in the mind.

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The genital triangle.

Posted by RazielCuts

Ryan gives good blows to the genital region.

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I do not like this video.

Posted by Gizmo

Truly this is the age of content. Truly.

Posted by Zelyre

@Kirbichu54 said:

So close.

Words you shouldn't say when you're watching a video about dudes getting kicked in the groin...

Posted by bybeach

It's not Dickkickers though, It's Ballbooters.. world of diff!

This ones mah favorite.

Posted by Game_Baron

I wonder if this could be applied to God Hand?

Posted by JackSukeru

Nice waterfall.

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More dubstep?

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His genitals sound weird when you kick them. What's wrong with his genitals? His genitals shouldn't make that noise. Genitals.

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This is actually just Bulletstorm 2.

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Dick kicker!

Posted by Ronald

Ubisoft presents The Genital Triangle.

Posted by AngelN7

In my country criminals shoot first and rob later so stuff like this is a waste of life.

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One of the best QL's of the year !

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Kick to the Genitals '12

Posted by Dahitman

I demand this developer make a sequel, Self-Defense Training Camp - Cunt Punter Edition.

Posted by D0tti

4.58-5.03 Jeff's Eddie Murphy Raw reference, just great, fucking made my day :D.

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I was crying watching this live; and only partly in sympathy for the virtual dude whose role it is to get kicked in the junk.

I never knew self defence was 100% based around the kicking someone in the balls. Still; if you wear a cup or don't have genitals you're free to run amok.

Also they should totally teach karate like this.

Posted by jozzy

@AngelN7 said:

In my country criminals shoot first and rob later so stuff like this is a waste of life.

That is covered in the advanced course, you shoot those in the genitals.

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Was this game designed by Johnny Cage when he was in high school?

Posted by MagikGimp

Oh man, a 'game' this dull would never be so entertaining to watch with anyone else.

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I mean, it's no wonder there's a woman in self-defense. I mean, you can't really blame the rapist when she's walking around with no top on like that in those...mm...shapely yoga pants.

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That backyard looks amazing.

Posted by boylie

"Kick Dudes in the Dick: The Videogame"

Posted by Jeffk38uk

So is this a prequel to the eventual TV series of Ow My Balls from Idiocracy?

Posted by Game_Baron

Brought to you by the Giant Bomb Testicular Defense Force.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh damn, this has been by far the best one of these videos so far. Fucking amazing stuff guys. I mean the game is hilarious enough on its own but you playing it and re-enacting all the techniques just had me amused throughout. I'm off to watch this again right now!

Posted by Pr1mus

Netherrealm needs to make Johnny Cage's self-defense training kamp!

Posted by paulunga

Can someone PLEASE do a groin counter?

Posted by seanord

oh man--good for a Friday laugh.

Posted by Nentisys

The Genital Triangle is my favorite movie.

Posted by Zeik

Hey ladies, what do you think of my genital triangle?

Posted by Orange_Pork

I wish I was friends with someone like Ryan and Jeff are friends.

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I thought of one flaw in this master defense move, what if your attacker kicks you in the genital triangle? You are doomed if that happens.

Posted by Knutsi

Easily one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time ;D

Posted by mikey87144

Best one. Love the new title of game. Dick Kickers.

Posted by insanejedi

Ryan, it's right hand punch not left to move menus.