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Alex is absolutely horrible at this. He looks away during anything interesting, spins the camera out of control during exploration, and is constantly trying to make mocking and ironic statements, followed up by mock ironic statements to sound funny. It isn't.

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@Assirra said:

@drewmaw said:

BFE = Bum Fuck Egypt (meaning, "...out in the middle of no where")

It's an old saying. It certainly does not mean "Big Fucking Everything" lol

Actually BFE = Before First Encounter aka before the first game where he was send in time back to the past.

Well, then it's a play on words, because clearly Serious Sam has found himself in bum fuck egypt. :) But, yes, you're right. However, BFE is generally known as bum fuck egypt.

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Not even Alex's disdain can change the fact that I'm stoked on this game!

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BFE stands for Butt Fuck Egypt! according to Machinima anyway! first thing that pops into my head when I here BFE now...

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LOL to alex thinking that was a fourth wall moment, when Sam was clearly talking to the giant monster walking in front of him

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oh man, didn't think it could get worse than brad's shadow of the colossus quicklook

these guys get PAID to do this hahahahahahh

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The problem i think with all these games making fun of modern shooters is that they all are worse than those games and have no room to complain. I dont think the game looks very good.

Plus why is everyone against Alex on everything he seems cool, dose he not have a right to dislike something because god knows you guys do. He admits that hes not very good and i think that's who quick looks should be played by, people who are not already very into the game, it gives a real view of what the game will be like to most people.

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Finally a proper QL of this

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Alex is the ultimate Debbie downer. I hope he doesn't ruin to many quicklooks

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Well Alex said he was bad at this but still... Fun times.

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@Owlhead said:


Finally a proper QL of this

Prepare for disappointment.

This game is an absolute blast in coop. Which supports 16 people, by the way.

Like others, I have no idea how Alex and Ryan missed the irony.

Is it the best game made, or even GOTY? Not really. But it's far from as bad as they make it out to be.

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Just look at the way he moves a mouse and aims ... . Its like his first time playing an pc fps with computer mouse ever. And that guy actually reviewed some games for this site. Journalism ...

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This looks amazing.

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@Feigr: Agreed can't stand him

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I now have a headache and motion sickness from him spinning the mouse around as much as possible. If someones not good at a game and even admits it then why are they playing it to show it off? That is like handing my grandmother a controller and record her playing Skyrim for 25 minutes then belittle the game because it comes across badly.

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It's weird that they made a game like this in 2011 but it's not entirely unwelcome.

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PC game QL without Dave, Vinny, or Drew. Weird.

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It always bothers me how hard Alex is trying to sound cool and dismissive.

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If I was a Croteam dev, I would be genuinely offended at this half-assed QL.
edit: also was Ryan drunk during this? Caught him slurring a couple times. The video overall was Tripe and should not even be on the front page.

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I usually don't have much against you, Alex, but...jheeez WHY DO SUCK SO BAD AT THIS :(

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Alex is bad at this.

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@TheVideoHustler said:

Alex is the ultimate Debbie downer. I hope he doesn't ruin to many quicklooks


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Dude , I have the feeling that even Brad would do better at this .. .

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Alex was the wrong person to head up this QL. Regardless, Serious Sam is awesome.

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I feel this quick look did a poor job of showing off the game. Too much time spend in starting area and set pieces were missed. I would have liked to see more enemies and guns.

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Without sounding too cynical or judgmental, this right here is why shooters nowadays are so unimaginative and bland. Croteam makes the best shooter of the year with a huge campaign, cooperative survival modes, and deathmatch, and it only gets a 25-minute-long quick look because Alex can't beat the first level, or last more than 60 seconds in survival mode.

Brad had the exact same problem during the pre-release quick look too, it's like everyone has forgotten how to think about first-person shooters strategically. If anything, that's the biggest flaw of Serious Sam 3. They marketed it as simple, dumb fun when the reality is that it requires more thought, planning, and consideration than most shooters to come out in the last 5 years. But that's not what sells games anymore. This game could have been part of something bigger - an inflection point for the industry away from mindless military shooters and towards something will real substance - but if the amount of attention this game has received post-release is any indication, we're in for another 5 years of Call of Duty ripoffs.

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@triviaman09 said:

What is the appeal of Serious Sam?

Being batshit crazy. Games nowadays are too slow.

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Jesus Alex!

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It's really once you get the rocket launcher that the game kicks into gear. I believe that's at the end of level 3. If you're industrious you'll also find the cannon near the start ofte next level for some serious fun. =)

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Hmm Alex kinda sorta maybe ruined this QL :/ We need Big Dawg Vinny back in the house!

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That was a painful quicklook honestly, i wanna play Serious Sam BFE now tho.

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Looking away from an exploding building should be automatic removal from the play seat. I have to admit, watching somebody play it so poorly almost makes me want to buy the game just to set things straight in my own mind. I'll wait till the game gets to.. hmm.. $10.

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People are saying that this is an "ironic parody" of modern FPS games, but it's just coming off as "Shitty Generic Shooter of 2011 #426." Apparently it gets Serious Sam-y right around stage 3 or 4, but is it worth slogging through the bland first levels for?

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Why the fuck would you look away from an exploding building?

Also: circle-strafing, use it.

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Not trying to be mean, but HOLY CRAP!!!! Alex on-line name should be "Enemy Ammo Storage Locker"

And I thought I was bad at SS3

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@Elsolar: Having played a lot of this game, none of what you said is true. You run away from stuff, or lead and strafe around stuff that lunges at you. This game isn't horrible, but it's not some amazing beacon in the overflowing wasteland of military first person shooters.

Also the engine is complete garbage. I have dual 570's, an I7 950 and 6gb of ram and it hitches all the time. Screen tearing never goes away.

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wow Alex doing this QL was a bad call

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@chrispti said:

wow Alex doing this QL was a bad call

Agree, no offense to Alex im sure hes a nice and cool guy in real life but whenever i hear him on a quick look or a podcast i shrug, he comes off as a pretentious asshole.

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@mbr2 said:

It baffles me that so many people still don't know what Serious Sam and CroTeam have always been about especially sad that "people in the know" like Alex and Ryan don't. If you look up Irony in a dictionary you'll see a picture of Serious Sam. These games take what shooter do at the time they came out and slyly makes fun of them. (The older games made fun of Doom, Duke Nukem etc.) In BFE there's ironsights with red dot sights, reloading, macho bro-dudes talking tough, writing akin to modern military, brown city enviroments, really bad E string chug-metal. Does that all sound familiar? Probably because it's been that way in shooters for the last 5 or 6 years. Also I can't fathom Alex having played a SS game before or this one for more than half an hour.

This fucking this. This.

It's confounding that so many people including the Quick Look hosts (who does this whole gaming bit for a living) are oblivious to the massive irony and meta humour coming off of this game.

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I don't like this Alex guy. Don't let him do any more Quick Looks, please.

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It's official... You suck. :P Kinda bums me out that they seem to have modernized a few things but meh, still pretty damn Serious Sam.

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Someone needs to tone the dpi down for Alex, going to go throw up now...

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This game looks awful. It's super slow, it looks like Duke Nukem, it's unfunny, and I already know what Serious Sam plays like. Why would anyone buy this

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Is Alex new to mouse+keyboard controls in FPSs?

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it seems like they were using an xbox controller.

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Alex, you're my bro and all... but you should stick to reviewing Kirby games.

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@I_smell said:

This game looks awful. It's super slow, it looks like Duke Nukem, it's unfunny, and I already know what Serious Sam plays like. Why would anyone buy this

Hey guys I judge games from the first 5 minutes of them.

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Bumfuck, Egypt. BFE. A colloquial expression meaning the middle of nowhere. I don't mind the guys not knowing this, but they all act like they do for some reason?

Someone else mentioned that it means Before First Encounter. So it's a pun.

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Boo hoo! I don't like Alex. Boo hoo! They're no good at this game. Boo hoo! They don't understand this game.

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Croteam was apparently trying to mock other FPSes for the first few levels, but then it gets Serious.