Posted by Th3_James

The gun is fine, there is no need for a better one.

Posted by TimesHero

I can't help but think that this is kind of what DNF should have looked like.

Posted by Ujio

*finishes watching QL*

Let's just pretend this whole thing never happened, mkay?

Posted by Superfriend

This was recorded during your thanksgiving party, right? As some sort of joke. Real funny you guys! Being drunk and pretending to be awful at video games. I almost fell for it!

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Brad should have been behind the wheel on this one. Brad has some tried and true Quake skills, perfect for these games.

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brad actually did pretty well with the preview build, yeah.

Posted by Kananon

Serious Sam Is probably one of the only games that can still give me motion sickness watching it.

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@Dezztroy said:

@I_smell said:

This game looks awful. It's super slow, it looks like Duke Nukem, it's unfunny, and I already know what Serious Sam plays like. Why would anyone buy this

Hey guys I judge games from the first 5 minutes of them.

It'd be a pretty weird bait n switch if it stopped looking like Duke Nukem after this part.

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Why are you not using vsync? Does it fuck with the video? Otherwise, unecessary tearing all up in my biz :(

edit: Ok so you did that after like five minutes.That's what I get for commenting before it ended!

Posted by CatsAkimbo

This looks like it could get pretty great at the later levels, if you're into serious sam gameplay. The modern middle east setting really bums me out though. I'm such a sucker for egypt, and being able to play in crude recreations of some famous egypt monuments was always so fun in original serious sams.

Posted by RedHatDrew

Sprint totally could have fixed this quick look.

I am disappoint.

Posted by Metal_Mills

I'm not an Alex hater, I don't go "wah alex is so crap wah!" like some but to be totally honest, he really was pretty poor in this QL. He seemed bitter, highly uninterested and overly critical. A big ship is blowing a building up and he's just like "eh whatever" and looks away until Ryan tells him to look back and all he says is "that's a thing".
I'll admit though, that multiplayer map was BAD. Not classic, just bad.

Posted by princess_zelda

this game is fucking boring. cripes.

Posted by jewers

YAY Alex!

Posted by Dezztroy

@princess_zelda said:

this game is fucking boring. cripes.

No game will seem fun when the person playing it is going out of his way to show it off as badly as possible.

Posted by GeneralBison

@Abendlaender said:

Man, this game looks so disappointing...

No humor? "Serious" Story? You have to reload your pistol? I don't know...I really, really don't know

On the bright side: Alex, yay

It gets much better, they showed all the wrong parts. There's plenty of humour, and you had to reload your pistol in the other Serious Sam games too.

Pick it up!

Posted by GnolTac

This QL was just terrible, and not because of the game. Also, it looks like he was playing this with a controller instead of a mouse, which is just plain ol' retarded.

Posted by blackbird415

@Kananon: i find the older the game the more likely i am to get motion sickness. Games from the early 2000s are my starting point for that. I'm just glad it doesn't happen all the time.

Posted by Whirblewind

And my distaste of Alex actually has nothing to do with him being terrible at the game. He's rude to Ryan, incredibly dismissive, obnoxious with his dated memes.. and the mouse jerking made me nauseous. Please do not let him do any more Quick Looks, even as backup commentary.

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So, that happened.

Posted by cikame

I'm going to have to buy this just to prove i'm better than Alex, jesus.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Circle-strafing: It's a thing.

Posted by kycinematic

Yeah I get its supposed to be a parody of COD/modern games, but thats no excuse for it being both unfunny and not fun to play. I took this game back within 2 hours of purchasing it. Good lord.

Posted by Count_Zero

Well I, for one, am glad to see Alex back on a Quick Look. I am a little disappointed with the early level design here, and how slow the weapons are doled out - by this point in the first game we'd already gotten the shotgun and, frankly, all first person shooters are better with shotguns.

Posted by Skrams

@GnolTac said:

This QL was just terrible, and not because of the game. Also, it looks like he was playing this with a controller instead of a mouse, which is just plain ol' retarded.

Do you not see the jitteryness of the movements? Definitely using a mouse, also when they were enabling vsync, controller was grayed out.

Posted by ichthy

People here are fucking babies.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

@ichthy said:

People here are fucking babies.

Pretty much.

Posted by Elsolar

@Count_Zero: You can a shotgun within 15 seconds of the game starting if you have a keen eye for secrets.

Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods

Interesting how many people are defending this game by saying that commentators don't understand the franchise. Fuck that. Irony or not, SS games have always had terrible gameplay and this does not look like it changes a thing. Doom era wall-of-enemies style shooters are fun for all of five minutes but you get that fix from the demo alone. A full game of those lazy ass mechanics is no fun at all. For that type of game Painkiller crapped all over SS and likely still does (the real shame is that we don't have a third Painkiller game with even half the imagination of the first). Plus, dude, that engine looks terrrriiiiibble. All in all I think they should have shitcanned this third instalment and just continued with the great mini SS games they've been releasing over the last few months. At least they had some imagination behind them.

Posted by RedHatDrew

@ichthy said:

People here are fucking babies.

At this moment, you're my favorite person.

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@ichthy said:

People here are fucking babies.


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I like the part where you shot things.

Posted by groin

@GnolTac said:

This QL was just terrible, and not because of the game. Also, it looks like he was playing this with a controller instead of a mouse, which is just plain ol' retarded.

He was obviously using a mouse. Calm the fuck down.

Posted by BisonHero

Alex seems to have the "backing away" part, but not the "also circle strafe at the same time" part, so he backs himself into a corner, instead of just sorta doing laps around the outside of the map.

Posted by Mut2000X

Way to completely misrepresent one of the best shooters in years. Bravo.

Posted by h0lgr

Alex is back in the office?

I miss Alex! =)

Posted by eccentrix

Big Fucking Edition. All you need to know about this game is that it has 16 player co-op.

Posted by Tsuchikage

I loved the other Serious Sam games, but this one...I don't know. I don't really like the realistic environments and weapons (pistol, assault rifle). It looks like it gets crazier as it goes on, but that opening area was boring.

Posted by bassman2112

I generally like Alex and give him the benefit of the doubt when people comment against him, but I think he actively ruined this quicklook =/

This game is actually really fun, I'm about 4 hours in and loving it. It's one of the best arcadey shooters I've played in many years. Also, Alex's comments on the 'cradle of filthy soundtrack' were dumb... Sorry if I come off as didactic, but that band sounds nothing like what was playing.

I think they should have gotten Brad to do this quicklook - he's quite good at arcadey PC FPS games =/

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Alex :(

But yeah,

@KoolAid said:

Not even Alex's disdain can change the fact that I'm stoked on this game!

Posted by Nemesis2K

I really dislike the pretentious and humorless commentary in this video. I bet Alex is a really nice guy, but I don't think quick looks are his place. Maybe something featuring less microphones could be a better suited role for him? This game looks awesome by the way, never played a serious sam game before, might make this my first,

Posted by Mongoose

Love having you around Alex, haters gonna hate.

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Alex (and Jeff) sometimes risks to step over that line that separates being a wise man who has seen a lot of shit going down in this industry, and not being interested to videogames at all anymore. I get the fact that some of this stuff is annoying in game today - and this game seems to foster that impression - but maybe there are guys here that are really pumped for the game, so being so dismissive in a QL may be not the best emotional state to present a new product.

By the way, never liked this kind of games, Doom's included. In that period I completely lost interest in gaming, because after Monkey Island 2 and Out of this World all this stuff just seemed too rudimentary to me. I can imagine that it can be fun somehow, it feels just plainly boring when I play it myself. Thanks god for RDR, Machinarium, Arkham Asylum and Limbo. Do you think that this game can make me change my mind?

Posted by Gliz9

@teh_destroyer: Actually fuck that, Alex still sucks. Just because he's been playing and reviewing games for a while does not mean he is good at them, or good at representing them. Look at the shit show that is IGN, most of those guys have been review games for years and years, doesn't mean they can properly review a game to save their lives.


@kidman said:

@triviaman09 said:

What is the appeal of Serious Sam?

Being batshit crazy. Games nowadays are too slow.

I think it's a lot more than just batshit crazy, it's super batshit insane...

Posted by anzejk

@ichthy said:

People here are fucking babies.


Posted by Gav47

@PrivateIronTFU said:

Boo hoo! I don't like Alex. Boo hoo! They're no good at this game. Boo hoo! They don't understand this game.

This guy knows whats up. Be less whiny GB community.

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i bought this game and beat it long before this went up and it was awesome i love this game it's fun as shit plus it's pretty damn good looking. it is a serious sam ass serious sam game. i'm sad they didn't show netricsa off because that has all the info on the monsters you've killed so far and explains how the headless dudes still scream. i'm pretty sure BFE stands for before first encounter since this game explains what happens leading up to first encounter beause

SPOILER: you go through the portal at the end of the game that you come out of in first encounter.

i don't know if that is much of a spoiler or not but i did it just to be safe

Edited by slyspider

This game is so good. Take it from someone who has played over 100 hours of SS 1st encounter and 2nd encounter each. Get some friends, play COOP and have some crazy fucking fun

edit: For all SS fans that are on the fence, get it. This was a poor Quicklook of the game, not really to anyone's fault just bad choices, so go watch were you can rip a dudes head off or his heart and throw it at his friend and be SOLD

Posted by Cozmicaztaway

@eccentrix said:

Big Fucking Edition. All you need to know about this game is that it has 16 player co-op.

Which, IMHO, is pretty much all Serious Sam is good for anyway. I really, really like a good fast-paced crazy ass shooter, but after hours upon hours of "walk onto field, circle strafe and shoot guys", it get's sort of stale. Definbitely not made to be played in one sitting and yet it kind of is. Granted, the previous ones had some GREAT moments in them, but then they end up being"circle strafe and shoot this boss for half an hour" and by that time it's just kind of meh.

As for this game: waaay too slow a start, although i did like the pistol firing a lot quicker than the old revolver (I usually like pistols in games, but the revolver was soo sloooow). Also, might just be the video or the settings, but the framerate seemed janky as shit, and that's NOT a good thing. Ever.