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Posted by Erik

Hell yeah! It's time to get serious!

Posted by AjayRaz


Posted by Rhaknar

you guys should be spreading these quicklooks over the next few days, unless you have more for us! :D

Posted by cap123

so many quick looks

Edited by AllanIceman

Keep the QL coming! 
Edit: Wow, Jeff is really good at shooting dudes in the face!

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Wasn't there a serious sam mod that replaced all the textures with huge ass textures and essentially made this game HD?

Posted by zombie2011

Quick Looks galore the past two days. This is awesome.

Posted by dbz1995

I wish this game would come out on PS3.

Posted by Ventilaator

Hey, Serious Sam is still awesome.  Getting this for sure at some point...

Posted by pause422

So awesome.

Posted by rolllikerickastley

looks dumber then postal. At least you could pee on people in that game tho

Posted by teh_destroyer
@rolllikerickastley said:
" looks dumber then postal. At least you could pee on people in that game tho "
Serious Sam was the shit back in the day, and it still holds pretty well IMO.
Posted by MysteriousBob

Halo fanboys take note: THIS is an FPS game. I still regularly play The Second Encounter.
God damn it, this got my hopes up that this was out. Only the PC version is, I want it for the 360.

Posted by Diamond

The game is great, but some of those early levels (as seen in this QL) aren't the best.

Edited by KidA

I laughed out loud when Jeff running off the cliff cut to 3rd person randomly

Posted by VilhelmNielsen
@rolllikerickastley: You're crazy, boy.
Serious Sam is the shit, just play it with dudes at a lan-party. All stress, all night!
Posted by Djeffers03


Posted by Adziboy

Ohhh myy gaawddd... that was so funny. "guys help me im stuck"
Posted by Aeterna

Jeff definately isn't a circle-strafer, bet he didn't play much pc shooters back in the day..

Posted by Meltac

Fuck yeah! This is going to be awesome!

Posted by phrosnite

I love this game, it was so much fun.

Posted by skaune

Man I gotta get my buds together and plow our way through this again.

Posted by Dudacles

Never played the original, I should look into the XBLA version.

Posted by AndrewB

Jeff plays with his mouse sensitivity set way too high.

Posted by Frederik

Awesome!!! This game is tha bomb! YO

Posted by mcwizardry

Nice quicklook!

Posted by leky1

I bet Happy Cat is brad!ZOMG!

Posted by noe

I freaken love Serious Sam! Can't wait to download!
Posted by Olivaw

Serious Sam is a serious game for serious people.
It's seriously awesome.
Graphics looked good too.

Posted by Seedofpower

Man this bring back memories.

Posted by needforswede

I was just thinking about this game yesterday, about how fucking crazy it was.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome quick look

Posted by Romination
Posted by Pie
@Rhaknar said:
" you guys should be spreading these quicklooks over the next few days, unless you have more for us! :D "
It might have somethiong to do with thanks giving
Edited by SammydesinasNL

 Does anyone know whether there is any split-screen co-op?
Posted by Kajaah117

The reticule looks like it reacts to how far the thing you're pointing at is. That kinda trips me out.
Anyway, as much as I love Serious Sam, I think Painkiller has given me my fill of point at this thing and shoot it gameplay. I might check this out though, if only because I still love how awesome(bad) Serious Sam's enemy designs are.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

I love how casual the headless guy with the chainsaw is in that menu.

Posted by mracoon

Looks so fun. I remember the Serious Sam games fondly so it's nice to see them getting a remake.

Posted by shulinchung

Not sure if im willing to spend $20 on this remake...... 
but im reintalling my original 1st encounter and 2nd encounter now!
Posted by Three0neFive

Man, so pumped for this game yet I have no money. :(
As a side note, I'm glad they highlighted the PC version - I can't imagine how horrible this game would be on consoles. A PC game through and through.

Posted by Yummylee

Lmao looks fuckin awesome, so unpredictable. Made for an amazing quick look too!
Posted by StingingVelvet

Looks great!  I am drowning in great games right now, so this one has to wait, but I am glad to see it is the awesome of the original mixed with Steam support and better graphics... that's all I wanted.
Posted by Meltbrain

Man, it's been too long since I played some Serious Sam... I need to get it in some form or other.

Posted by slyspider

This is my favorite game of all time without a doubt. Downloading now!!!!

Posted by dbz1995
@SammydesinasNL said:
"  Does anyone know whether there is any split-screen co-op? "
I want this question answered too.
Posted by buzz_clik

I didn't like Doom 3. This was the true inheritor of the Doom II crown. Man, I played the poop outta this game at the time.

Posted by Sideburn

Check out the giant bomb logo on Sam's arm in the menu screen! 

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

I remember my Serious Sam LAN parties back in the day. Such great memories. I'm kinda surprised Jeff didn't use the knife on anyone. If I remember correctly, it was a one hit kill on most enemies. One at least being those jumping skeleton guys.

Posted by HatKing

This looks INSANE in a great way... I want to play it.

Posted by Winternet

This game was awesome.

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