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Every good gang also needs a parlor trick thug.

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I am going to pick this up after some good user content gets released.

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Not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but Armitage was a spellcaster that totally had a cool heal spell and a flamethower spell! I don't blame Vinny though, because that game TELLS YOU NOTHING about how to play it other than some brief in-game help.

Someone should make a tutorial level that actually tells you how the mechanics are laid out...

Also, the ALT key is your friend. As well as double-click.

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Is there voice acting at all? I personally need voice acting for games that have much text :P

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This looks like fun

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Looks pretty cool overall, but the modules thing sounds especially awesome. I hope I can check this out soon.

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This looks like it's really capable of scratching that "SNES Shadowrun" itch I've had for the past 20 years... I'll probably be picking this up.

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The modules thing is really awesome, especially how it incorporates different city tile sets for unique environments. The fact that other, bigger TPRG franchises haven't already made something similar half as well (looking at you, Neverwinter) is kinda depressing.

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Been playing this for about an 2 hours, I give it ok out of 10, been looking for something to scratch the XCOM EU itch( attempted to salve with Omertà also, which was gross), the search continues... Presumably ending with a sequel to EU or some serious DLC for it.

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This looks really cool.

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Love the world and the story so far. Dislike the saving checkpoints.

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Ok, just realized why this game isn't what I was expecting. Whenever I saw the name, the game I was thinking of was the NES game Shadowgate. I've never played any of the various versions of Shadowrun.

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Cyberpunk Fantasy? Don't know what the hell it is, but I'm buying it.

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Loved the SNES game. This looks great too. Just need to find the time to play it.

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This game looks cool and I will buy it.

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I haven't started up the quicklook yet but I totally backed this and it's totally fucking awesome! \o/

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Really hope they address the saving issue in the future. Seems like enough people are complaining about it that maybe they'll listen.

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Game seems pretty cool shame about the crappy save system.

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GodDAMMIT, Vinny! Entering a QL without knowing some things? What kind of fly by night operation is this?

Though in all seriousness, this game appears to be built more for fans, and apparently didn't do a great job explaining a lot. You'd need to have watched some of the developer playthrough videos (one on Gamespot) to have any idea it seems.


I had heard he was in the game, but that Vinny got him so early it seems, has me stoked. Spent so much time in that SNES game.

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I really want this but after watching this quicklook, the lack of autosaving with no manual saves has put me off until they either change that or somebody mods it.

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This looks pretty good, I have had my eye on it and hoping it would turn out well. Looks fun enough. Might pick it up eventually. Art style and music seems pretty great.

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Really enjoying the Brad, Vinnie, and Jeff quick looks format. Also, this game looks like good clean fun.

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If it's a locked isometric view already I wish the graphics were a little closer to games like Planescape or Fallout 2. It all looks really clean and candy-like.

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These three way quick looks are really starting to work ...yay !

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I actually liked the multiplayer Shadowrun and played quite a bit of it. Still this looks leaps and bounds more interesting than that game. Fleshing out a universe I genuinely find fascinating goes a long way on selling me. Thanks for this video.

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Oh, nuyen... I get it.

Nu. Yen.

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Pretty cool that Jake from the SNES Shadowrun is in the beginning of this.

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I'm part of the group of people who LOVED that Xbox game.

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i love how they just stuck jake armitage in there right off the bat.

Yeah, I had heard they were going to put him in, but man they didn't tease at all it seemed. I only hope that isn't the only time with him...if only you could import a SNES file in...

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Oh no, the reading, so much reading ;). I don't mind the descriptor stuff, that's a pretty cool touch, actually. I AM wondering if the lack of dialog voice would/will bother me. I guess it depends on how long winded people are. Anybody have a good feel for how that is in the game (text dialog quantity)?

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I like these 3 person quick looks. Way more dynamic.

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I've been looking for something like XCOM, this appears to fit the bill.

If they change the save thing I will definitely do it, probably not before (unless it gets crazy cheap on Steam).

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Oh, nuyen... I get it.

Nu. Yen.

I thought it was based off the Vietnamese surname, Nguyen.

Although the saving thing hasn't bothered me as much as other people, I'd rather they just do regular ass saving like everyone else. Even a game like XCOM EU has it and they are all about "perma death." If people wanna save scum, let em. Other people just want to be able to exit the game without losing progress or redo their stat point allocation when they realize they didn't need 3 points in strength.

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Three man quick looks are the best.

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Posted By Itwastuesday

the xbox360 shooter was fucking great. It was like counterstrike if you could teleport through walls, revive people, have your reviver get killed so you start bleeding out, and plant trees to heal people and provide cover.

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Halloweeners is a funny word.

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I love that Brad knows that shotguns are a fairly effective mid-range weapon. I hate when people think shotguns are useless beyond five feet.

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I liked the 360 FPS Shadowrun, but probably won't check this out at all.

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@kartana said:

Seems to be more like a graphical novel than a game. Too much reading, not enough playing.

There's going to be, like, a billion user-created campaigns that will have a single dude saying, "Use this gun to put bullets into other people," and then you shoot all the things. Sometimes, though, the story is going to be the focus. So if reading ain't your thing but you still like the look of the game, just hold off on buying it for a few weeks.

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Posted By FreedomTown

This game looks boring as hell, and seems to be a shell of a game compared to the Shadowrun SNES and Genesis versions.

Maybe user's will create more content, but that won't help the extremely lackluster and boring combat.

These Kickstarter games are starting to become a joke. I want a real game. I will pay 60$ for an actual, full length, professionally developed Shadowrun RPG game.

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Hehehe, dudes took a word "drek" out of our language (Slovenian language). LOL

It means shit, by the way. :D

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Another person here that really liked the 360 Shadowrun. It just came out at the wrong time with the wrong pricepoint. It was released as a full priced retail $60 multiplayer-only game without a whole lot of content (less than ten maps) by a company that was on its last legs as sort of a final desperate wheeze. No single player at all - I'm pretty sure there weren't even bots. This was in '07, right around the time that digital-only and downloadable games were really becoming A Thing that people actually bought, and broadband was still working on penetrating a lot of markets. Also, it sacrificed what little built-in nostalgic fan response it had by not being set in the canonical Shadowun universe and violating some of the ~core principles~ of how the lore worked.

If it came out today as a free-to-play game or a $10 download I bet it would do pretty well -- there were some really great nuggets of ideas in there that I haven't seen in any FPS since.

The new one's really good, btw. It seems oddly barebones in places, but that's an artifact of limited funding -- I think they did a stellar job with what they had, and I look forward to massive piles of user generated drek,

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@huser said:

GodDAMMIT, Vinny! Entering a QL without knowing some things? What kind of fly by night operation is this?

Though in all seriousness, this game appears to be built more for fans, and apparently didn't do a great job explaining a lot. You'd need to have watched some of the developer playthrough videos (one on Gamespot) to have any idea it seems.


I had heard he was in the game, but that Vinny got him so early it seems, has me stoked. Spent so much time in that SNES game.

I just jumped into the game. It's simple enough that I figured out most of what i needed to know with no problems.

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Was anyone else like, "Vinny! Just click the... The book right there and... JAKE HAS SPELLS!!"

Such is the way of quick looks. =D

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It looks like every player who enjoyed the Xbox/PC Shadowrun posted today.

So, like 3 more than I thought had bought the game.

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The save system obviously needs fixing, but if you're complaining about all the reading required, you're missing the point. Lots of love for that old school RPG style out there. That's why Torment and Project Eternity raised $4 million each.

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"Vinny, Jake can cast spells! You're standing on a Ley line! Vinny! Jake can cast healing..."