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I hope the new kickstarted Shantae is out soon.

Jeff's laughing in polyp bay was great.

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Jeff is back?!?!

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@hassun: I think I read somewhere in Q3 of this year...?

Also, looooooved this game when it first came out. Also, Jeff?!

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whats a shantae

Posted by Hailinel

whats a shantae

A belly-dancing half-genie.

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I love listening to Dan play hard platforming sections

Posted by Humanity

Is this Shovel Knight 2: Arabian Knights ?

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Millia from Guilty Gear fights with her hair. Some of Morrigan's attacks in Darkstalkers uses her hair.

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@humanity said:

Is this Shovel Knight 2: Arabian Knights ?

Shovel Knight 3: Arabian Origins

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

Damn, the talk about Shadow Complex makes me want to play that again, but I really don't use my 360 anymore. Anything as good (or even close) to that on PC?

Also, Dan is really into that difficult platforming. Now I want to watch him play something like Super Meat Boy...

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While I do love Shantae, this feels entirely unnecessary and an actual step backwards in some cases. Also, how have they still not fixed the map from the original release?

I'm concerned for the two future Shantae games: The Pirate's Curse and Half-Genie Hero.

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That is some gorgeous pixelart, goddamn.

Do not like the way they're mixing that and non-pixelart graphics like the subtitles though..

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Cool, I didn't know this was coming out on steam. I didn't have a DSi so I never got a chance to play this.

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Shantae was played during Summer Games Done Quick. I think one of the outstanding features of the original, aside from the animation, was that it had a dedicated sound chip on the cartridge. Anyway, game looks cool, but I'm not digging the mix of pixel art and high-res overlays and character portraits.

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The hi-res menus seem really off putting to me in contrast to how the rest of the game looks.

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There is also a new Shantae game coming to the 3DS/WiiU eShop some time in the future called Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, in addition to the kickstarter game. I backed that kickstarter but I might still get the other two games, they look damn good.

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So, according to wikipedia there are 2 new Shantae games coming out this year. One of them is the Kickstarter from last year. What's going on there?

And yeah, I agree with the people who don't particularly like the HD art and UI. It's very distracting and the menus actually feel kinda sloppy.

Oh, and this being a DS game originally, the right B button on a 360 controller (i.e. A button on a Nintendo console) is used for confirming stuff, which is kinda irritating at first. And it's not remappable to A because there's some other function depending on it, so the changes refuse to stick in the menu.

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Just wanna say, anytime you scale up really large a pixel image, you gotta use .png >,<

Dat crunchy jpg artifacting~!

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oh god. google image search suggests adding "34" to a search for "Shantae".

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DoA jiggle physics has made it's way into another game!

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They do know a polyp is a sea creature right?

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@corvak: They named her in the quicklook. They were trying to figure out other characters that used their hair as a weapon.

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This quick look got awesome once Jeff and Dan got way off topic. :D

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Games where you whip hair:

Rocky Rodent (SNES/GENESIS)

Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES)

The Simpsons (ARCADE)

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@razielcuts: And people actually believe this is good animation somewhere in the world.

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Dan might be the new Brad.

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Played this a few months back and quite enjoyed it. Some confusing design at times, but a cool game that got me to contribute to the Kickstarter.

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The pixelart of this game looks great, but it's a shame they are kinda ruining it with the text boxes and menu. The HD character art is okay, but still... the consistent look of the DS version would had been preferred.

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I remember buying this game on DSi, and being straight up angry at how little I enjoyed it. It does look good, though!

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This quick look features discussion of both GG Allin and Dunston Checks In. I approve wholeheartedly.

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Wow hair attacks, havn't seen that since kabuki quantum fighter. Wayforward stuff just looks so damn nice.

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The prodigal son returns.

Posted by danryckert

@sm5240 said:

This quick look features discussion of both GG Allin and Dunston Checks In. I approve wholeheartedly.

OH SHIT I totally have seen Dunston Checks In.

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Looks interesting, love how flustered Dan gets sometimes.

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I really appreciate Dan's attitude towards games. Even if he isn't crazy about something, he doesn't feel... I dunno, jaded? Dismissive? Can't really put my finger on the word I'm looking for.

Or rather when he's playing something, he really does seem like tries to have fun engaging with it. He gets into it.

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I remember this game to be pretty disappointing. That says something for a DSi Ware game. Not bad, just not that great either

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The hair-whipping attacks reminds me of Kabuki: Quantum Fighter for the NES. This game looks pretty cool though, I like me some colourful platformers.

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This looks totally cool and like something I would never actually finish.

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Everything gets better with GG Allin.

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Millia from Guilty Gear fights with her hair. Some of Morrigan's attacks in Darkstalkers uses her hair.

don't forget that dude from Super Punch Out

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I am not a fan of high res art and interface on top of cool pixel art. :(

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

I love Dan so much in Polyp Bay.

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Some of that pixel art is really good, the squid, Shanta rotating, it feels really 3d... did somebody hand draw that? Seems crazy accurate.

The vector art ontop of the pixel stuff is horrific.

Posted by Metalman781

Best part is hearing Dan get pissed and Jeff laughing about it.