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No! Not Sean White! *finger cross*

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skateboarding fantastically now!

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too many Quicklooks.

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Sweet, been waiting for Carrot Top: The Video Game.

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Again, Jesus Christ! Today is not a good day for me.

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Giant Bomb your making my weekend.  I usually watch at least one Quick Look before work.  Now I don't have to save them.  Thanks!

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Damnnnn another quick look....YESSS!!  

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Quick Look Fridays amirite? Like 2 weeks in a row now =)

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Wow, a murder of QLs being put up today! Awesome.

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Goddamnit Giant Bomb, I go away for a few days and suddenly quick looks everywhere! Keep up the good work <3

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You get 10 points for the "They Live" reference! 
Yes it's not from Duke Nukem, they just stole the damn line.  
Also damn nice with all these quick looks.

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The amount of Quick Looks is almost unfathomable. Thank you for kicking in the holiday season with some oomph. Or should I say, some UH!!!mph.

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Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Quick Looks!

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Red head dude. the skater dude. the snowboarder dude who is better at snowboarding than skating. 

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@zombie2011 said:
" too many Quicklooks. "
This is exactly what I was about to post.
Except not really. Except really.
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This social upheaval is brought to you by Big Corporation.plc

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This reminds me of an episode of Smallville where they go to this "underground" party at a Stride factory. Somehow the gum gets laced with kryptonite and things go bad. 

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Yay the skating game that isn't Skate! Oh wait...

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Stride Gum: Your corporate sponsors against the man

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I didn't want to play this game before but that advertising thing just totally killed it for me.

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it a twist 
at the end of the game you find out, that you ARE THE MAN.

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This and Kirby are preventing me from playing Silent Hill 2. Damn my lack of self-control.

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Quick Looks™  out the ass recently.

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Is it just me or have these past two weeks (one week?) had the most quick looks to date?

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I gotta be honest - the difference between the billboard reading "Stride" and "Chewing Gum" brand chewing gum doesn't really seem that far apart. This seems more about magical rainbows and crap than the graffiti angle Marc Ecko's game had.

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For a arcade Skater you sure lose speed easy - frustration central

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Yo Ryan, stop suckin'

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Worse than anything ... how fucking SLOW is this game. Seems to be no speed or sense of momentum whatsoever. 

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After watching this, I will purchase MULTIPLE packs of stride gum...

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more games coming out + giant bomb = a lot of quick looks.
crazy equation, i know!

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An orgie of quicklooks today ..yay...I really don´t like this game though.

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@drag said:
" Worse than anything ... how fucking SLOW is this game. Seems to be no speed or sense of momentum whatsoever.  "
Yeah, its seems like its real hard to get actual air on the ramp, and any speed you get doesn't translate at all going up a vert ramp.
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Shaun White is The Man. Rich, white, and workin' for Stride. 
And this looks like a Wii game.

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Clearly a skateboarding QL failure compared to Skate3 awesomeness.

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this game looks bad

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This game looks like it's in slow motion. Also it looks bad.

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Wow it's almost as if they were making as much content as they used to before all the moving nonsense!

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Watching this made me rage because Ryan struggled soo much with the controls... good thing I had some   STRIDE® Gum  to cool me down. :) 
I also suddenly want some Wendy's... what is going on...?

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Why is this game even slower than Skate? Seems like in a skating game totally abstracted from reality should make it easier to get fast...

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This game is the first game I have seen in a long time that I would describe as being "full of shit." It's not just the marketing, the story and random "government bad" thing can just sod off.

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Just curious, what's the name of the song that Jeff said that it was pretty cool it being in the game? Sounded like a remix of an Ennio Morricone track or something.

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So... the world in this game is like the A.R.S. battle suit injected with acid?

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Aww, screw you Shaun White!  You ruined a day of good Quick Looks!  Shame!

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the sense of speed is palpable...

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This game looks awful. It's like a bunch of pot heads got control of a team of programmers and somehow made all of their inner retard into a game
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Even though the gameplay looks bland and the blatant hypocritical advertising is awful, I really do like all the pretty colors that spring up as you're doing tricks. The ability to transform the landscape seems cool as well.