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Get Bent!

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I'm sure I'm the only one think this but a P3P Endurance Run would be awsome. Besides P3P is WAY better then Persona 3/FES on the PS2.
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Coffins lead to intimacy. 

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@eccentrix: P3P endurance run.  
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Yosuke < Junpei 
EDIT: Actually, after further thinking I have come to a different conclusion, and retract my above statement:  
Yosuke > Junpei 
That's better .... but it's a close one

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@Psych0Penguin: Chie > (Yosuke + Junpei)
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@Nux said:
" I'm sure I'm the only one think this but a P3P Endurance Run would be awsome. Besides P3P is WAY better then Persona 3/FES on the PS2. "
P3P would me much worse as an ER than FES because of all the presentation downgrades.  They're not doing either game, anyway.
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Actually guys Elizabeth and Margaret are sisters. you learn it in P4 if you do a new game plus and fight Margaret in Heaven.
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YES to this quick look

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@ZenGaijin: I see where your coming from, but Persona 4 is superior IMO.  
The characters in Persona 3 and how you interact with them makes them feel like co-workers. Your only really hanging out with them because you defeat shadows. Persona 4 you felt attached to the characters. They were your friends, you guys hung out, studied together, and had goddam watermelon parties. You felt like a high school kid just hanging out with his posse, and a little saving the world stuff on the side. Persona 3 you feel like your just going to work everyday and having to suffer with some of your co-workers to get the job done.  
I agree that Persona 3 has a much better soundtrack and story though. It's just the characters in Persona 4 are much more likable and are just great to be around. They are also hilarious, which is probably the biggest reason I like 4 over 3.
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No matter what different perspectives we might have on whether P3 or P4 is better, I'm sure there's one thing we're all unanimous on:
Where the heck is Persona 5?!?

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Too bad we wont be getting an ER for quite awhile.

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"It's like a fake cast of Persona 4....but they came first!" 
I lol'ed a LOT. XD
Honestly though, the game lost me with the lack of animation and the new soundtrack. However, the adaptation of the P4 GUI is a total godsend. As much as I love P3, I'll be the very first to admit that the interface and item micromanagement in that game was rubbish compared to 4.

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Woo, awesome to see them doing this, brings back ER memories.  While I'd like to see them do an ER of a good game again, since they just finished the DP ER, they probably want a break for a while.  Plus they probably want to do different type games, though it works with Persona so well.   
Just glad to see them get to play some of 3 though.  If they do an ER, I'd like to see them do it of the console version though, for the animations etc.  Unless they plan to do a female ER.

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I kinda would love an Endurance Run of Persona 3, just for all the Persona 4 in-jokes that would be made. Also, their reaction to the voice of Ryoji.

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Good to see that Vinny is still missing his swings and casting on the wrong enemy. Just like old times duder.

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As soon as Vinny said Charlene I started cracking up.

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I'm tempted to get this

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I just wanna say this, I was a huge fan of both Endurance Runs and I would love an Endurance Run of this game
Jeff and Vinny play as the guy
Ryan and Brad play as the girl
Man that would be so awesome but I know it's won't happen

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I'm glad they find the battle music in Persona 3 funny also. If I had the money, I would get a PSP to play through as the girl and see what else is new.

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I had a really weird experience with FES. Great game but after watching the epilogue opening... sort of ruined it all. I would have tried to complete the bonus part if it wasn't so damn hard. 
This looks like an alright port. Would definitely rather play it on the PS2 though.

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Seeing Persona in action again is making me reallly want to see P5 come out on the 360 
Shame it'll probably never happen 

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i think something was wrong with their game. The digital version of P3P loaded stuff much faster.

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@Venatio: a double ER of this would be amazing, but that's a lot of time to ask from the staff.
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When you install the game there are no such load times.

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To quote Vinny: I'm ready for Persona 5!

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@SuperKcross: Same :X  I would probably just get a 5th PS2 so I could finally play P4 as well though.
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I had to actively fight the urge to skip forward in the video when you guys started grinding =)

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 Aw, Jeff. I agree with you, I played P3 first but P4 clicked with me a lot more. I felt the story and the characters were a lot weaker in P3, the reason I loved P4 was that I ended up caring about the characters so much. 
Of course a lot of people disagree with this sentiment, and sales projection of the two games would certainly prove me to be in the minority, regardless I stand by my statement. 
High five.

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Man, that chick may have had pink menus and a short skirt, but she was still cooler lookin' than that dude.
Blue emo haircut, constantly slouching, wearing headphones. He's like a lame Yosuke, without the secret "i wanna be in a fight club" desires.
Also Vinny totally forgot Charlie's last name. Silly Vinny!

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I've been waiting for this.

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Kind of disappointed this didn't turn into another Endurance Run, as was alluded to almost a year on the giantbombcast when this was announced. Oh well, Jeff and Vinny have what I would term the FF7 syndrome where you play a final fantasy game for the first time, usually 7, then are shocked when the next game in the series isn't a continuation of that game. Obviously they knew it wasn't a prequel to Persona 4's story but I guess its the type of deal where you never forget your first time. 
I played P3 and P3:FES, didn't finish them but when I saw P4 I felt like something was off because "That's not Yukari or Junpei and their not shooting themselves in the head. What's with the glasses, the TV motif and the color yellow?" So I can totally see where they are coming from. I actually bought P4 but I have yet to touch it because I feel I need to finish some version of P3 first. I have watched about 10 hours of the Endurance Run but I don't want to go past that till I play it myself. Currently working on P3P, which I feel is the version I will finally finish. The girl stuff is pretty cool because the Social Link stuff is completely different and in the original you couldn't hang out with your party members. Miss the anime cutscenes, the visual novel stuff for those bits isn't as good but its not terrible either. 

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do persona 3 on ps2 guys!

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yep, the only reason jeff doesn't want persona 5 is cuz he knows chie isn't gonna be in it, cuz apart from personas and shadows, they are all prequals, in fact i only call a game a sequal if its a continuation of the story from the last game, my guess is persona 5 will come out rather around december or next year sometime, WITH NO CHIE, i also never got why rpgs have silent protaganists, its just akward, i think the final fantasy series is the only series that has no silent protaganists (though don't quote me on that) 

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Fun fact: Persona 3 is much more loved than 4 in Japan, while the West received Persona 4 far better.

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@Crushed said:
" Fun fact: Persona 3 is much more loved than 4 in Japan, while the West received Persona 4 far better. "
I guess we know now that the west has far superior taste.
But, isn't it just an obsessed minority? P4 sold twice as much in Japan.
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You have to change the tactics while inside a battle to control the other characters, not being able to control my party members in the ps2 version was a large reason why I didn't stop playing but I'm loving the PSP version so far.

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This brought a smile to my face when I saw persona looking things with Vinny and Jeff's voice over it :)

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oh man it was so weird watching this! cannot wait for persona 5! CHEST CHEST CHEST CHEST

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 I'm not a Persona fan, I'm a Persona 4 fan

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Jeff's comments are scaring me. It's like he thinks he won't want to do an Persona 5 Endurance Run once it comes out. Jeff: the story and characters will grow on you if you play through the entire game! Don't let your P4 love stop you from enjoying other games in the series!

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I absolutely love Persona 3, I'm tempted to pick this up but I really can't afford to spend 70 hours replaying a game so soon, even one this good. Then again the girl route has Junpei as an S-link...

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@ryanrulez said:

" Woooo!  I might have to get a PSP for this... "

Really? I have a PSP and watching this kinda makes me want to play the PS2 version but thats it.  
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I only played a little bit of P3 (I had the exact reaction that Jeff did) but this version seems pretty lame in comparison. The animated cutscenes are really, really good in P3, and there are a lot of little things they seem to have cut out for this.
But, you know. Girl main character is cool.

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Please stop shooting yourself in the head, its freaking me out

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No, you would want to flip that.  The girl is for advanced players.
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Charlene XD