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@airules:  The reason they aren't included is because of space, though obviously the female path is a big reason there is not enough space.
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They should at least do a reaction video to the Iwatodai Dorm Rap. Perhaps the greatest song to ever be featured in a video game, ever. Also yeah, Junpei > Yosuke. Yosuke too often got out of line and insulted characters that were better than him, like Kanji.

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Well that was a let down.

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@AndrewB said:
" Oh come on... Endurance Run. You know you want to...   I'll pay you the price of the game (which I already own) to do an Endurance Run. And yes, Junpei > Yosuke  Edit: the line about the transitions taking long is wrong for one reason: none of that weird audio lag between voices and music happens on my PSP. I also have it installed... so the only variable would be what model PSP they're using for the quicklook (mine is an original 1000) or the video capture device (which wouldn't be the cause for that specific problem). "
The latest PSP firmware has a glitch that disables data install every time the PSP goes into sleep mode. That's probably what's causing the loads to be weird.
Posted by Landon
I would like to see Jeff and Vinnys reaction to the MMO social link.
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Jeff has been so down and sarcastic and Ryany about everything lately but this look was sweetly nostalgic and  fun and funny because of Vinny. The VJ team's Endurance Run of P4 is still the epic classic best thing from this site; still enjoy the old episodes; PP3 is wonderfully more tolerable and brilliant because of you guys :) 

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I love that all the lyrics in this game are in Engrish.
Also they won't do another ER. Ever.

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 Junpei is a douchebag who constantly undermines your authoritah. Yosuke on the other hand is friend who follows you no matter.
Brosuke 4 Lyfe.
Also, everything about Persona 4 is just better.

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Eh, P3P is a bummer.
I played through the PS2 version and 3D models animating is pretty important to the experience just like in P4.
I'd rather play the PS2 version again.

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@WrenchNinja said:

Yosuke on the other hand is friend who follows you no matter.

yeah like the time he wanted to murder a dude and told you to leave
or the times he kept being a misogynist or homophobe you wanted to punch
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So tired of Jeff complaining. I was about halfway through the endurance run when I played P3 for the first time and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If he would just make that initial effort to get involved in a different but similar storyline he might actually enjoy himself.

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Man i should play some more persona 4

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@Crushed said: He still followed you anyway. And that was just him joking around like a normal teenager. Junpei constantly whines and bitches about you being leader and is also totally worthless in battle compared to the others.
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Yes! So good!

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Jeff was like that grieving woman disrupting the police press conference screaming about wanting her dead son back and then the Chief is all "Get her out of here!" but the Good Cop knows that the case isn't over yet.

Posted by Raven9686

 I think Jeff put it best." I not a persona fan, I am a Persona 4 fan
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Would this be a good first entry into the series?

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Well, I should have expected all P4 comparisons even though they're totally two different games. I have to agree with the sentiments that Jeff is ripping on this game so much because of that fact. You can't give a game a fair review if you're going to be completely bias from the start. Sure Yosuke is cool minus his depreciation of women and blatant homophobia, but if you play through P3 you'd know that Junpei, his own issues aside, is hands-down, one of the most realistic characters in the series. He did have jealousy, but he grew out of that and evolved into a pretty courageous, sincere, and dependable guy. Plus, Shinjiro anyone? Fuck yeah Shinjiro. 
AHHHHHHHHHH! Why didn't you choose the option to get Theodore?!  He's so fucking fabulous. Igor's whole man/woman question was a trap! Then again, so is Elizabeth. She's Margo's sister after all.

To differentiate all the Persona 3 releases:
P3P: Persona 3 Portable; bonus content and playable as a girl. S. Links with the guys and some changeable storyline.
Persona 3 FES: Disc containing both the original Persona 3 game and FES, the sequel, which expounds end-game events.
EDIT: Guys, if you do end up giving in to the demands of doing an ER, I beg you to use the console version. Please. Please. I can get you a Jack Frost doll and Persona 4 pins and badges and mugs and - just, I-

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@WrenchNinja: How dare you Wrench. How dare you. Junpei is the best character in a Persona game. Questioning his awesomeness is the sign of heathens and blasphemers!
 @sagesebas:  Yeah, it's a good place to start.
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@sagesebas: Yeah, but FES is a better one. 
Edit: Also, for all the superficial similarities the characters have. They really are different. So it dosen't take long to get passed the "this guy = that guy" thing that some of the characters have.  
That and I reciprocate the fuck yeah Shinjiro sentiment.
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@EchosMyron: I really enjoy playing RPG's on my psp and considering the ps2 one might be harder to get I might pick up this one
Posted by SunKing

I can't believe this isn't coming out in the UK. So disappointed. :(

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@SunKing:  The PSP is region free you know.
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@ominousbedroom: Word. Junpei is an awesome character, and even though this...
@WrenchNinja said:
"  everything about Persona 4 is just better.  "
...Is an objective, universal fact. Junpei makes a loophole through existence and somehow manages to outclass his P4 counterpart. Sorry, Yosuke, you're cool and all, but you ain't got nothing on the J-man.
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@Zeik: Costly to import, though. :(
Posted by Zounds

Junpei is definitely way better than Yosuke. 

Posted by Zeik
@SunKing:  I'm not much of an importer, but I have a friend in the UK who says she uses this site a lot:
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@SunKing said:
" @Zeik: Costly to import, though. :( "
Depends on the site, man. Use a good one.
Games tend to be cheaper in the states.
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@mutha3:  Ha, beat you to it. :P
Posted by mutha3
@Zeik said:
" @mutha3:  Ha, beat you to it. :P "
Posted by Ham08

Jeff, are you saying that no other Persona game could possibly compare to Persona 4, so you are not even going to give the next one a chance?  If this logic held any merit, the human race would have died off long ago since no body would ever date anyone else after their first break up in junior high school.  Nobody could possibly compare to the first girlfriend, right?

We don't know anything about Persona 5 but based on Atlus' track record on the last two Persona games, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  They keep getting better.

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Wow Jeff, stop bitchin.
Still love you.

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Shoot yourself in the head every day

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"Charlene" is fucking brilliant.

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Whoa, new battle music? What the hell?

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@paulunga:  The female path has a number of new music tracks.
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Wow, they changed shuffle time, too? 
Awww, I kinda liked the old shuffle. 
EDIT: Oh, nevermind, it was just for that first one. Or maybe it's for half.

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The people have spoken and we demand an ER!

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I think P4 starts off better, and has better initial story pacing than P3. P4 does a decent job of introducing you to characters and the locale right of the bat, P3 kinda throws them at you and says "ok, you live here and these guys are your friends now". 
Junpei being a good example: he goes from being some annoying guy in your class in his first scene, then almost immediately afterward you are buddies hanging out together. Then, not long after that it's "oh by the way, I'm a persona user too, cool huh." It's like there should have been  some "bros being bros" montage that we missed. 
It certainly picks up, but I feel it has a rather poor start compared to P4.
What little of P3P I've played so far, I like the new stuff and gameplay tweaks a lot, but the game seems less immersive than the PS2 version, mostly due to the lack of 3d environments and character animations. I'd recommend new players who are really interested in P3 (i.e, not just looking for a good portable RPG) play the PS2 version, though God damn if you don't miss those gameplay improvements. 
Also, number one reason to play P3P: Ability to play as a main character that doesn't dress like a doofus.

Posted by chogi

Too bad ghoul didn't appear on shuffle time, i was hoping for another..
"hey guuuuuuys? heeeeeeeeeeeey"

Posted by Zeik
@PosableActionFigure:  I think it's debatable which starts off better, but honestly I would probably lean more toward P3, since it doesn't take like 4 hours to give you control of the game. I love P4, but the opening should never have been that long.
Posted by Bummey

This was painful to watch because I know that it won't continue.

Posted by Llythe

lol say 'fes' one more time

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Oh man, I miss that game and I didn't even play it.

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@JeffGoldblum said:

" So tired of Jeff complaining. I was about halfway through the endurance run when I played P3 for the first time and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If he would just make that initial effort to get involved in a different but similar storyline he might actually enjoy himself. "

Yeah seriously, same here. 
Like halfway though the P4 Endurance Run, I was really thinking about buying P4, but I thought a story-focused RPG like that might be kind of boring if I've already seen most of it and I'm not usually that fond of RPGs. So I did a bit of research into Persona 3, and thought everyone looked weird. Yukari isn't Chie, so she looked weird. Junpei isn't Yosuke. But eventually I decided to take a risk and bought it anyway. Just like P4, it gets off to a kind of slow start, but once you get used to the characters and start getting into the flow of the game, it's awesome. 
However, I'm finally getting around to the FES part and it's kind of awful. It's all battling, all the time. No school, no social links, nothing. And some of the characters feel like they're pissed off to be back. I'd recommend skipping over FES to anyone who hasn't already.
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@whatisdelicious: I think you mean The Answer. FES is the package as a whole.
Posted by Rukishou

I'm pretty sure Persona 3 FES is better than this game. Anyone want to prove me wrong?

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@Zeik said:
" @whatisdelicious: I think you mean The Answer. FES is the package as a whole. "
Yeah, but I'm assuming you can buy Persona 3 regular for cheaper, so I'd recommend skipping over the whole FES package.