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You can derail a train but can't sink a boat? 
Train sims: 1 
Boat sims: 0

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...what the fuck?

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All hail Cap'n Dave!

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NOOOOOO! where's my Vinney?

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this is the ugliest thing I've seen seen 1995

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Is there a mission where I can attempt to sneak supplies into the Gaza Strip?

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Fuck Greenpeace.

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I like different genres, but this takes the cake.

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That was extremes

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Empire: Total War had MUCH better extreme sea weather graphics. These extremes are barely moderate, at best.

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oh my god is Dave "duder" Snider !!!

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That's how Greenpeace works. Thay ram little botes into large tankers till they stop dumping. 

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I'm definitely down for all different types of games. I don't have to be driving at 200 miles per hour and shooting dudes in they faces every 5 seconds to enjoy myself. But this, this is just unnecessary. Just get a real boat.

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Ship simulator? More like Shit Simulator! mirite?

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I could be mistaken but I think the bottom left hand side is time controls. Because without those these games would drive you mad.

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Tim Hortons ftw.

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Wow, the game features a terrorist group as a protagonist?
Wow, and people are complaining about Medal of Honor.

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The trees and stuff seem unfinished because even the developers got bored with the game.

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Had a good laugh watching. Look at that water!

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This is the most extreme of ship simulators.

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Best game of all time?

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There are Tim Hortons on the East Coast too...

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Loved the instant Forrest Gump "Jenny" voice. Jih-nee. Funny quick look overall, too!

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It's a simulator.  It's aimed at boat guys.

Plane simulators are kinda dry and dull if you don't want to be a pilot.  Their selling point is "Wow, the controls/panels/settings are all so accurate!" and "Wow, I'd never be able to fly one of these things in real life!".  I think the pull of this is similar -- there's a very narrow, specific audience and everyone else will hate the thing.

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worst freakin' game ever

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Is Extremes supposed to refer to the political ideologies of the factions represented in this game? Because Greenpeace isn't exactly mainstream. 

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wow, I'd hate to see the original un-Extremes version of this game.

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Hmm, Sentient ship clones in 2031... Is this Maximum Overdrive the sequel?

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I'm not a font guy at all, but is that Comic Sans on the Greenpeace boat?
And oh my god, please get Dave in on more quicklooks. That was fantastic.

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Weird game.

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I almost grew sea legs by just watching.

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If you can be the British Royal Navy and fight some Somalian pirates then maybe I'll start giving a damn about this game.

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chemtrails all around us up in this piece

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I feel like that they should have called it Extremez

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This video is why I love Giant Bomb.

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goodbye Halo Reach, hello Ship Simulator Extremes

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How is it that such slow, apparently simple games can get away with having terrible graphics. If there's nothing to do but stare at your boat and the water, they should at least look good.

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You've got some stones calling this a Quick Look, guys.

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I never thought i'd see the day, when a big boat comin my way........