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Posted by Ventilaator

I want to play this so bad....I also despise the Wii so bad...
:   (

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@Ventilaator: same here... We'll just have to wait i suppose.  
I sure do like the direction this game is taking, but I've heard some heartbreaking things about it :P
Posted by NarcolepticBat

when will you go away silent hill!
Posted by Wes899


Posted by Jacob816

Might pick this up for PS2. Haven't played a good Silent Hill game in a while.

Posted by Sjupp

Only me having mad problems with audio/video-sync?

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Does the sound on the game seem to be out of sync for anyone else?

Posted by THE_END

A Saturday QL.........this is AWESOME!

Posted by Bennyishere

Another Quicklook, YAY!

Posted by Jeremy_x

I am SO gonna watch the hell out of  this QL right now!
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Finally, Ive been looking forward to this QL all week

Posted by Crushed

 Game seems pretty divisive among the people I've heard talking. Some people really love it and find it totally creepy, some think it's a bad Silent Hill game but a good horror game, some think it's just mediocre period.
Guess that's to be expected when it's such a departure from previous ones. I'm looking forward to getting it, since it seems more like an adventure game with horror elements than a real "survival" horror.

Posted by nnilley

Why is this game only for the Nintendo Wii? I'd like to see it on the PSN and XLA

Posted by CashBailey

I really like these 'gang quick looks'.
Getting more than two people there usually increases the comedy.

Posted by Milkman

Endurance Run this! NOW!

Posted by Claude

I'll be getting this game for Christmas. Thanks Santa, you creepy bastard.

Posted by Baggykins

Quick Look bombing >.>

Posted by fallen_elite
@nnilley said:
" Why is this game only for the Nintendo Wii? I'd like to see it on the PSN and XLA "
It's coming to PSP and PS2 later.
Posted by NegativeCreep

The shrink is totally evil. I'm calling it now. Never thought I'd be happy to play a Silent Hill game on the Wii. Completely ditching the lousy combat controls and hard rebooting the series was a brilliant idea. Looks to be the best SH game since Silent Hill 2
What effect does the coloring in the shrink's office have?

Posted by MysteriousBob

I'm actually interested in what the PS2 version is like- the one everyone pretends doesn't exist.

Posted by Aeterna

This looks really good. 
Brad's-enduring-not-to-shit-his-pants-run Go!!

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Audio/Video was kind of off.

Posted by ToxicFruit

man that looks like fun...BLAD

Posted by Olivaw

Man this game looks really good!
I have been disappointed in recent Silent Hill releases, it seems like this one gets the series more than the others

Posted by DrRandle

I want to watch this, but I'm not going to because I want to play this game. Not really a point to watch a game I'm going to play (which is why I never finished the Endurance Run.) Soon, it will be mine. Stupid economy.

Posted by Titl

This game looks really good! if it develops on what it has going here, this game will be great..

Posted by slyspider

i damn near peed myself

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Man, this game seems REALLY good just from this Quick Look. I will definitely check it out, though I don't want to play alone.

Posted by TobyD81

Wow, psychology tests in a game? This is so up my alley. I'm going to have to get this. I heard that this game wouldn't have any combat, but that running away was much cooler than I expected.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Shocker, Ryan reprises his QL hater role. 

Posted by sublime90

i dont have a wii so it looks like i'll grab the psp version. looks pretty sweet.

Posted by Milkman

Just to be clear, this game looks awesome.

Posted by Crushed

Seeing some of the psychological stuff already.
In most playthroughs, I've seen most people go into the diner and meet a cop (who can have a combination of three different appearances and three different personalities), while the bar is locked. There's a dress store instead of a video store, the answering machine in the video store can have a happy message or have the wife calling to complain, etc.

Posted by brocool

lol.. 10 minutes in and you guys are cracking me up

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OMG I got so into it and then the video just stops about 5 minutes before the end!!1
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Works fine now.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Audio was out of sync by 1 second but not too bad.
I have already beaten the game and as a fan of the Silent Hill series it's a really great game.  My only issue was with the ice world/nightmare running sequences.  Other than that it's awesome.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Silent Hill.

Posted by i8Donuts

Brad did not pull a Brad! Good for him.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

The pulling of the Brad are having not occur within this televisual.

Posted by KuwabaraTheMan

Man, this looks so awesome. As soon as I have some money to spend, this game is mine. I've never played a Silent Hill game before, but everything I saw from this Quick Look seems awesome.

Posted by Sarumarine


 ... or you will when you're done playing this game. That was pretty sweet. More chase sequences with Vinny and Ryan egging Brad on. "Run, you fool!"

Posted by toadstule

@Sjupp said:
" Only me having mad problems with audio/video-sync? "
Nope not just you. I had problems with that as well.
Awesome quick look. I wonder if Brad was really truthful during the T/F section.
Posted by SquirrelGOD

Wow.  Brad brings not one, not two, but THREE Quick Looks to the table in one day.  Take a nap, sir.  You've earned it!

Posted by GeekDown

I'm not into horror games at all but I must say that this looks really good. Unfortunately I don't have a Wii or the nerves required to play it.

Posted by Vorbis

The audio being off kind of killed the jump scare, saw the thing attack then a few seconds later was the loud scream.
Great QL though.

Posted by ThatFrood

Oh man, we are looking deep into Brad's soul, here.

Posted by ZmillA

This game looks really cool. I can picture it being a cult hit

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

I just got much more excited about this! I love the tone!

Posted by Driadon
@Vito_Raliffe: I got that too. I think it was just the capture, as other captured videos I've seen of this don't have that.
Posted by MEBs

The profiling bits seems pretty neat. I hope it really does change the game in noticeable ways base on the decisions you make.