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Posted by denryu12

would look good if i could see it .

Posted by denryu12

would look good if i could see it .

Posted by piecat

that video you made was spectacular

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Yup, yup, yuuuup! Great stuff

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When can we expect a review? I'm planning on picking it up tomorrow. Worth it? Oh and don't know if you know it, but someone made a GiantBomb.com graphic on the site.Search user:Najaf

Posted by AndrewB

Maybe moving the ramps a little further apart would let you build up speed easier?

It's amazing watching a skating game after being out of the loop for so long. Last skating game I played was Tony Hawk 2 for the PC. It seems like the biggest difference between the two franchises, from my old point of view, is a more realistic approach with Skate. That, and it's a lot more skill-based, rather than just mash these buttons to do these tricks.

I like it. Even with how frustrating it looks, I almost want to play it.

Posted by RelentlessKnight

lol I want to go to that website!

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This video makes Skate 2 look like the most boring/frustrating game since Jordan vs Bird.  Will wait for the review.

Posted by dtran1212

watching him fail and listening to his reaction is so funny

Posted by NickNorman

Can't wait to get my copy from Gamefly. I expect to be a little disappointed, but that's why I'm renting it.

Posted by CGriffiths86

GiantBomb.com Graphic for Skate 2


Not my work.

Posted by emerica2k2
Posted by Iainzor

for anyone that hasn't played the first game, it is not as boring as jeff made it look.  It has a big learning curve but if you practice, it is such an addicting game.

Posted by Rayfield


Oh I understand that the game isn't boring. I played the demo and had a ball. But I think Jeff believes this game to be buggy piece of shit and I think that translates into this video.

Posted by fearlessidiot

WHY, for the love of god, is your character wearing Mork's. Now i like nice shoes about as much but probably more then the next guy, but those shoes deserve to be burned at the stake. Don't worry your playing the game to the extent it can be played well. The frustration is good for the ego and gives you more appreciation for when you do well.

Posted by Peacemaker

I really like these video features.  Hopefully we see a bunch more. 

Posted by Double0hFor


Posted by Reale

always love the quick look feature on the site! keep em coming!

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The skater looks eerily similar to you Jeff from behind. Maybe it's the hair.

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Yo Jeff:

to land a high drop, hold onto your board. triggers man!

to gain higher momentum than pushing will allow, crouch (or grab) with the triggers while going down an incline then stand (let go of trigger) as you get to the bottom transition to flat ground. Extremely valuable for half pipes.
Posted by Absurd

Thinking of buying it, It makes me miss the days when I used to skate.

Posted by AmericanNimrod

Just to let you know Jeff, in order for you to not get stuck on the ramp you have to ollie off of the ramp. That lets you get more air and speed as well as stay on the same plain as the ramp. Also you cant ollie off of the ramp while pressing forward because that would send you jumping forward instead of up. It was the same way in the original game. I hope that helps you.

Posted by GDog

I'm a former Skater. I always thought of Skate as the simulator of my favorite painful hobby.

I hope the sequal doesn't take the path of the fantastic and stick to realism. Watching this video, draining a huge area to skate in, is a little iffy to me.
Posted by hortys

Gerstman can't play for $#!+!!!!

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@AmericanNimrod: If you get enough speed from pumping (crouching while on down-slope, then un-crouching immediately at flat ground) you don't need to ollie. In fact doing so leaves more room for error because the game could mistake the right-stick movement as grind initiation (as exampled in the video). Pumping is the best way to gain high speed.

Posted by JoblessTerence

You are the best Skate 2 player ever and www.dudedraggingbench.com is going to over 1 million hits by the end of the day. All those hits are going to be me.

Posted by CraigAA1028

"Quick Look" typically means 2-3 minutes. 20 minutes? This is why I love Giant Bomb

Posted by Wright

jeff likes to bust out those stiffys.

Posted by Maxszy

I can't wait! Picking it up tomorrow after class!

Jeff, that was absolutely AWESOME by the way.

"Man drags bench across town."  Hahaha.. that was great.

Posted by Rowr

ahaha dudedragsbench.com

Thanks jeff this was super informative for me.

Your opinion on this game (and skill) closely mirrors my own.

Posted by madroxcide

The thing i think you are forgetting about landing big drops like that is you need to land on a bit of a decline to help make the landing less of a hard hit. It looked like the problem with the spot on the basketball goal was either you had the ramp too far back toward the goal and needed to pull it away a bit, or while you were trying to pump by holding the left stick forward you were making the character jump forward given your trouble on other ramps. To me i don't think skate 2 will change anyone's mind on the skate franchise so an easy way to find out if you will like this one i think is play the first, if you like it chances are you will like the 2nd one. Personally i didn't have all these problems throughout the challenges because i spent a lot of time just messing around before doing them.

Posted by jonnyp

I'm callin it right here: 3/5 stars.  Seems like Jeff is into the actual skating mechanic still, but some of the challenges look a little broken.  Personally I can't wait to pick this up as I played the first one up until, oh, yesterday.  But from this footage in addition to the information I've gathered from the various other reviews out there, it does seem like blackbox could have improved some things career-wise a bit more.

Posted by Xander51

I would totally visit dudedragsbench.com. Awesome video!

Posted by Johanz

Haha, man I laughed pretty hard at the bail when Jeff landed on the skateboard again. :)

Posted by JoelTGM

Thanks for the video, a nice little taste of what the game is like before the review.  I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow ASAP.  I see you getting frustrated, but to me that stuff isn't frustrating at all.  In Skate 1 it was just learning.  You can't do a line or own a spot on your first try everytime, you've got to learn it.  That's what's fun about it for me, especially when you take your skills online. 

Posted by Rayfield

Just watched the video again but this time with sound. this time it was awesome.

Posted by ChrisInCali

This game is annoying, but you're super cool Jeff.

Posted by Kintaro

The first game was super hard as well. I love the controls and the aesthetics, but the game is pretty unforgiving. I wasn't able to finish the first game, and not for lack of trying.

Posted by Porridgelad

hold onto the board for the high drop jeff

Posted by Mourer

I love these video quick looks.

Edited by Death_Burnout

I feel your pain with some of these challenges, and Hippy Jumps are key for hilarious bails!

And i also said that in one of my posts, that it's easier to move heavy objects around than walk, and thats pretty messed up. I probably put as much hours into Skate 1 as much you put in to Burnout Paradise, i'm unstoppable at it!

Nothing beats finding a small spot and skating it for nearly an hour.

Still can't wait for the game tomorrow!

Posted by zityz

HAHA @ dudedragsbench.com
"must be 18 or older to enter"

Fucking classic.

Posted by cikame

Don't ollie off of vertical ramps you lose momentum, stop trying to do 10 different flips on a rail like in tony hawk, stop holding forward :P

Posted by FLStyle

When tony Hawk was at its most popular I thought that the skateboarding genre was THE worst gaming genre out there, based on this video I haven't changed my thoughts on it one bit. If anything I hate it even more!

Posted by g00z3m4n

hahaha I was stuck doing that same gap thing right before I watched this.

Posted by eternaLightness

lmao awesome replay Jeff

Posted by cdwjustin

lol he sucks... but at least hes trying... oh wait thats his job..

Posted by BillyUno

I would truly love to see more of this kind of thing on GiantBomb.com - people playing games, and recording it with their comments. All these "Quick Looks" are fantastic, and there should be tons of them.
I'd like to see where like the guys are recording big huge long sessions and making comments, then just cutting together the best parts... heh... like dudedragsabench.com. Just record a bunch then hand it off to an intern or something to edit.

Posted by burjeffton--defunct
Jeff, your comment about "just being able to do it" and not maxing out your stats sold me on this game.

I like Skate, because even though some of the stuff can be unrealistic, it takes true skating logic and applies it. For example - HOLD ON TO YOUR BOARD in the air and you can land a bigger drop or gap. And you have to ollie off vertical ramps, just like on a real board.
Posted by Yit

Quick look my bum. 20 minutes takes ages!

Regardless, looks awesome. I hope EA is nice enough to send me a copy at work.

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