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Trigger Happy needs his own game, movie, TV show, album... He throws vaults!
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Why am I so old? Damn it.

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Yo, Trigger Happy is a violent dude

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This is kind of awesome!

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@Doskias said:

Shouldn't we hate this? I mean, they're charging money for content on the disc you already bought, right? We hate Catwoman as an online pass, and it's a download!

In other news, I would totally love to see a new, regular Spyro game.

But it's a kids game, nobody cares about a kids game...right?

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want Trigger Happy and Terrafin!
I mean Trigger Happy is shooting money and throwing safes which he seems to pull out of his butt. And the SHARK is an EARTH SKYlander who can swim in the ground (which reminds me of my 3D Dot Game Heroes character who was a Ninja Shark who basically was a fin and only surfacing when attacking or blocking).

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The value for money of this crap is abysmal. I have no idea why people are ok with this.

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I'm digging the character design. This game would be better with a fat diablo style loot systeme.

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Ok, this looks pretty cool.

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im going to get this for my nephews.... and a character for me!

this looks badass.

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The inner kid in me really wants this. Good thing I have a 4 year old.

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Haha, i love the excited kid sound jeff made when he used the shark figure.

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For some reason, the very first thing I thought about when watching this was "This kind of set up would be perfect for a moba style game."

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Christ, is this what my beloved childhood Spyro has been reduced to?

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Actually, sort of cool. Also this makes me wish they're were more QLs where we saw the guys as they were playing.

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Power Portal anyone?

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Activision owns the rights now, so yes.

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@FuzzYLemoN said:

Christ, is this what my beloved childhood Spyro has been reduced to?

Ted Price is rolling in his grave.

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Haha was listening to the Bombcast about this while on my way to uni..

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I'm with jeff, this thing is alright.

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No joke,if I was still a kid, I would totally eat this stuff up.

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Land Shark.


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Trigger Happy smells like a vault.

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Honestly, this looks scammy as hell and as someone who loves the original Insomniac Spyro games, looks like a huge downgrade (hell you got to play as other goofy characters in the third game). But if I was a 9 year old, I'd fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

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Man, I would've loved this when I was a kid.

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Two words: Battle Beasts. This is mondern day Battle Beasts with a video game hook. If I was 7 I'd eat this shit up.

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@Rabid619 said:

Man, I would've loved this when I was a kid.

Same here. "Kids these days"...

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Had I been a little kid at when this came out, I guarantee I would have been all over this shit. Hot damn, does this ever look cool.

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Bah. This is the most interesting and silliest little gimmick game they've played n a long time, so of course it gets the shortest Quick Look...

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I wish they had this tech when I was a kid.. Imagine putting all those Battle Beasts into a game world and taking them on adventures..!

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Remind me again why this caught Jeff's interest?

Wait! Landshark!

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I kind of wish I had kids to justify buying this

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For as dumb as this thing is...Ghost Roaster is pretty fucking cool


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This is so fucking cool. If I was a 10 again I would be all over this. You could go play at your friends house and bring over your character and a new level you got and just grind on through it together.

Of course it is a huge gimmic, but so many toys are!

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My only issue with this is the fact that the additional levels are already on the disk, and to open them costs $20 (I checked online).

Besides that, i cannot wait for my 3 month old son or 4 year old daughter to be old enough to play this (assuming it's still around and they are interested in this type of thing).

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I think this is great. The whole thing: game, concept, execution. Sure it is a rip-off, but kids toys always are.

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Looks pretty cool, I would have definitely loved this as a kid. Then just remembering my childhood, my parents would of probably bought me a cheap knock off from Taiwan and convince me it was Skylanders.

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It does look pretty fun actually. Good to see a proper video since I had a hard time figuring out how the game would work specifically when you talked about it.

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I can see why this would be awesome in the eyes of a kid.

But isn't this just a kids game with TONS of really expensive on-disc, launch day DLC? I feel like without the toy gimmick, people would be outraged by this.

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ah Activision, you never surprise me.

thank you for destroying my favorite childhood game.

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I'm disappointed with chop chop. I expected him to be a gator-man with two cutlasses.

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I miss collectible toys from my childhood.
Mighty Max!!
Also, Jeff's dead serious Terrafin explanation had me rolling.

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This actually looks pretty cool though, I would have loved to play this as a kid.

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The next step is to have it so you can manipulate the plastic figures and have that reflected in the game, taking your crude movements and turning them into a spectacular flurry of amazing special moves and combos!

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No linux version?

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Game looks kinda cool.

That it is a "Spyro" game makes me sad though, this is not the real Spyro :(

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If I was 8, this would've been the best game ever made. Of course, it's also a horrific financial ripoff and the bastardization of a character who used to be one of the mascots of the PS1. Win some, lose some.

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This is fucking awesome!!!
What a cool idea.

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kudos to whoever had to edit this video