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Wish the quick look was longer... Jeff should've played too.

Seems like a well thought up game but expensive as hell, would've been all over this if I were in elementary school again

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Land sharks are awesome. And terrifying.

Posted by SunKing

Honestly, if you are alright with this, you have no right to complain about microtransactions. Ever.

Posted by Afroman269

That is not Spyro. THAT IS NOT SPYRO!

Posted by Slaker117

They should do something like this for Warhammer.

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this looks pretty damn awesome for a kids game!

I think for the current generation of kids this will be as awesome as the classic spyro games were when many here were kids.

activision are moneywhores but they do make some awesome stuff.

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@ItalianStallion said:

@lord_canti said:

i will get this in 6months when it tanks like eye of judgement and get the whole set for £20


Good idea! I really wanna play this, but have no money for a new 60 dollar game, let alone one that's this much money for the initial set-up and then more money for more dudes.

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Now see, if I was a kid and owned an xbox 360, I'd want to play Crysis 2 or Arkham City, not this.

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It does support co-op, just drop a second Skylander on the Portal, press the 'join' button on the 2nd controller and you're off.

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As for on-disc DLC, you've gotta realize that the idea is to make the Portal 'magic' for the kids. The kid's gotta drop a new Skylander on the Portal and it appears right there - no 'install' process etc. The older gamers know all the pitfalls and hassles of downloading/managing data on your systems but the kids don't, and half the Wii consoles are offline anyways. If you work backwards from 'The Portal is magic' then you can understand why they went that route.

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This is pretty badass, aside from it being a hundred dollars to do anything at all.

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My insight here doesn't seem to differ from most of you. As an adult, I find this to be a disgusting, manipulative, monetization of children. If I were a child, this would be one of those deliriously indulged touchstones of my youth that would foster nostalgia later in my life, and ultimately give me a way to connect with other people. It's hard to say which is more important to consider. All things in moderation, I guess. But I'll be damned if I'm going to run out to Toys 'R' Us to buy a bunch of Spyro figures for myself at this point in my life.

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If I was a kid this game seems like something I could get into. Definitely a good Rare vibe from the visuals. Surprised with how good this game looks besides its "for kids" designation.

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If they ever make a game like this for adults, say a sorta Diabloesque, then I will be broke.

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Wish i would have had this as a kid.

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That ground shark is fucking awesome.

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Man, I wish they hadn't already decided on a ER cause this would be priceless. 
...including footage of them going to stores to hunt for new figs. 

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''Cause I got my bro's with me"

:D Brilliant.

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Wow, this is pretty cool. This would be my jam if I was still a kid. Hell, I am tempted to buy this now...

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Stump Smash is pretty awesome looking...

Posted by DeadDorf

Why so short?!?!?

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Tangible "dlc"! Would love to play with this when I was a kid. C'mon pokemon, you haven't been innovative since red/blue.

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Is it sad for me to actually think this is kinda cool?

Wish i had this when i was growing up.

Posted by Mariek430

Reminds me of Darkspore, kinda

Posted by Vitor

I had totally judged this before release as an awful, cheap cash in with customer gauging features.

The more I see of it, the more totally awesome it looks. Wish I had young nephews to give myself an excuse to buy this...

Posted by Manhattan_Project

First they completely fuck up Spyro and then they tell you to spend (potentially) hundreds of dollars to actually see whats in the game? This is fucking disgusting.

Posted by KillyDarko

This looks really cool, even as an adult, so I can only imagine how a kid would feel about something like this.
It's always bound to be really expensive, though, so there's that-- beware, parents of the world ^^

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@Manhattan_Project said:

First they completely fuck up Spyro and then they tell you to spend (potentially) hundreds of dollars to actually see whats in the game? This is fucking disgusting.

Well yeah, It's a kids toy. Haven't you ever heard of Transformers? or any cartoon ever, really.

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Guys, we need to get the Giant Bomb Skylanders community going. It's obvious we all think it's fucking rad.

Posted by Manhattan_Project

@Pinmonkey said:

@Manhattan_Project said:

First they completely fuck up Spyro and then they tell you to spend (potentially) hundreds of dollars to actually see whats in the game? This is fucking disgusting.

Well yeah, It's a kids toy. Haven't you ever heard of Transformers? or any cartoon ever, really.

Is that supposed to make it better? Besides thats not the same. With those toys you got what you payed for. With Skylanders you pay $70 to get the disc and then they charge you up the ass to actually see content you have already payed for. And on top of that, all the figures do is stand there? Yeah, fuck this.

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Wish I were a kid again...Or had children...

Yes, I think this is as good a reason as any to get someone pregnant

Posted by kjgabel

Another great Jeff purchase. Over $100 spent for 17 minutes of video.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Being an adult this is a totally cool fucking idea.

Posted by Muerthoz

I think the tech part of this game is the main reason I went out and bought it. It would be neat if they found some way to integrate the portal into future games, but maybe something a little more geared for an older audience. Just trim the roster of characters down from 30+ and I think more people might get behind something like this.

Posted by Masha2932

I know it's expensive and I may get caught up in collecting them all but damn I want this.

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Has anyone seen the Youtube comments for this thing!? It's a vitriolic hate-fest (more so than usual, at any rate).

Most of it is coming from people who "loved the old Spyro games and OMG how could they do this to the franchise - I grew up with these games and they've ruined them".

I can't help but feel the people who actually grew up with these games are now in their early 20s, and shouldn't be so retarded. They also fail to realise that calling this a "kids game" is not some slight against the original series, as those were also... basically kids games. They were a lot harder than modern kids games, and they had more wide-ranging appeal, but that was their target demo.

You don't make a game with a edgy purple dragon in 2011 or 1998 that isn't aimed at kids. You just don't.

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This looks awesome.

Posted by Shadow

@Babylonian said:

@Shadow: Actually, I googled around and found out that they announced a Medabots game for the 3DS this month. What the hell, world?!

Actually, I mean Zbots. I was getting the names convused Megabot was the gigantic one. Medabots aint got nothing on Zbots

These things

Posted by AngelN7

How do you plug the 3DS version that would probably be awkward.

Posted by DarkFury

@AngelN7: The portal is wireless and you can keep 2 on the game for when you head out with just the console.

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This was made by none other than Toys for Bob, of Star Control 2 fame.

Posted by NegativeCero

I find it both creepy and amazing how into this game Jeff seems to be. Especially that he remembers each toys name.

Posted by Addfwyn

Oddly, this game makes me want to play Darkspore. Thankfully, no purchasing of heroes required.

I'd have loved this as a kid.

Posted by Ockman

Yeah, I'm already heavily invested in Skylanders, and I'm 28 years old :)

I'm not embarrassed to admit I like this game even though it's for kids, cuz it's fun. 2 of managers at work who are around my age also are really into it. It's just a fun little game, and the toys are awesome. I love the designs of the characters, and I enjoy playing the game. It's a nice break after playing Dark Souls for hours.

The way it's set up where you have to buy all these toys makes it sound like a bad thing at first, it really isn't that bad to me. I actually prefer this to DLC still because I'm getting something physical. I love the look of the toys, and I'd like them even if they weren't part of the game. Also I don't think it's meant to be a situation where one person goes nuts and buys ALL the toys. This is great for a social circle of kids playing and trading/borrowing toys with their friends. No different than trading cards or something.

Also, I love Jeff and Ryan's Major League reference in this video, made me laugh. "Hats for stats, keep stats warm" lol

Posted by Masha2932
Oh my God. I wish they do this for transformers. Imagine an Optimus Prime figurine where the figurine can be changed into robot or truck form and this is represented in the game. A man can only dream.
Posted by NinjaHunter

@Vortextk said:

I LOVE 15:55 because I'm pretty sure Jeff isn't being sarcastic at all. Boys and our toys huh, we never grow up.

I pretty much had the same expression as Jeff at that moment. It reminded me of that cartoon Street Sharks, which was awesome!

Posted by Nights

This looks pretty rad.

Posted by Masha2932
@Harkat said:

Guys, we need to get the Giant Bomb Skylanders community going. It's obvious we all think it's fucking rad.

I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not but we really do need a Skylanders' community. Imagine if the Giant Bomb crew had stations at their PAX panels where readers can trade toys, exchange levels, play the game and even sell boosted toys with max stats.
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So instead of catching pokemon, you just buy them. This is a goddamn amazing idea. I can totally see this thing catching on and I hope it makes Bobby a billion dollars.
Those things do look pretty cool, and the technology doesn't seem like anything super crazy, but it works well. Man I would have been all over this. Whatever collectable/trading thing was in back in the day, I was all over.

Posted by DT9k

'bout to buy the dick off this for my two 7 year old nephews

I don't think they've heard of of yet and I am sure this is going to flip their tiny little lids