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Posted by Superfriend

This looks really cool. Would have really dug this as a kid. They want a bit too much for the figurine packs though.

Posted by Lobst

27 years old here; I'm strangely into-it as well. I've bought everything I need to experience just about everything the game has to offer, short of getting all the characters themselves. (Total cost was roughly $140 -- I took advantage of the Toys R' Us B2G1 sale and picked up the 3DS version in addition to the console version, since doing so doubles the value of every figure.) I'm hoping conspicuous consumers like me aren't the norm, because holy shit, they aren't even done releasing on-disc DLC for this yet.


Posted by DarkFury

Just got the 360 version, gonna see how much I get into it before getting more stuff. Next in line is a 3-pack, an Air character to round out the classes, that sweet ground shark/pirate ship pack and possibly the 3DS version - its a different game but the characters (should? do?) work across them, levels and all.

Posted by RsistncE

wow, those figures have to be some of the most thinly veiled DLC i've ever seen. well done activision, well done...

Posted by mrcraggle

I actually think this is pretty cool for kids. You get the little toy and you can take that into your game which I can see appealing to kids. My niece is really into Moshi Monsters (I still have no idea what it is) but if they made that a game like this, that would sell a butt load. I'm interested to see how this actually works for the 3DS because you obviously won't be plugging anything in or using the toys so what's the appeal there?

Posted by Ockman

@mrcraggle: The 3DS still has a portal, and you input stuff by pointing the cameras at the portal device while characters are on it. You can import and save 2 characters on the 3DS version while not using the portal at all. I haven't played it myself, but supposedly the 3DS version is actually a completely different game, so I am interested in getting that one someday myself.

Posted by DjCmeP

This looks cool.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I'm with Jeff, for what this is, it actually seems kinda cool.

Posted by Ronald

And this is why Activision will never go poor. I do think it's funny that the year after they state they aren't doing any more rhythm games with plastic controllers they come out with a game with plastic characters you have to buy.

Posted by MadLaughter

Seems pretty rad. Thanks for showing it off, Jeff. If I had kids I'd probably get this for them.

Posted by blacklab

RFID, dawg

Posted by Harkat

@Masha2932 said:

@Harkat said:

Guys, we need to get the Giant Bomb Skylanders community going. It's obvious we all think it's fucking rad.

I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not but we really do need a Skylanders' community. Imagine if the Giant Bomb crew had stations at their PAX panels where readers can trade toys, exchange levels, play the game and even sell boosted toys with max stats.

I'm not being that sarcastic, it would be cool (and hilarious). But only we went all-out.

Posted by TehChich

Whoever came up with the idea for this game is a genius. They could potentially make new stuff for it forever. :O

Posted by sgjackson

Man I would have loved this in elementary school.

Posted by Ockman

@TehChich: Well not quite for this game. I'm sure they are limited to what they put on the disc for this particular game. Since the game is on all platforms, I doubt they'll do DLC or anything since the Wii and 3DS versions wouldn't support that.

However, it would be cool if they came out with another Skylanders game next year that still used the same figures, but also released a new series of figures.

Posted by taylormadeblue

why did they make spyro so ugly?...i miss ps1 spyro

Posted by Skeet11

I want this, but for adults. I don't even care if it was the same toys, just a better and harder game.

Posted by Ockman

@Skeet11: Yeah, this is a kids game, but I work at a gamestop, and I've seen more adults excited for this game than kids. It drives me nuts that I have these under 10 year old kids shopping there, and they think is cool to play is call of duty, or maybe gears of war. Fine games...but not meant for kids, and they always limit themselves to that crap, because so many of these kids' definition of what's cool is "is it meant for adults?" These kids are already afraid to just let their inner child out and have fun with things that are not excessively violent.

Posted by AxleBro

spyro 1 2 and 3 were some games i really liked.... then i played the fourth game... and i fell through the ground within an hour.... i miss when games were awesome.

Posted by StoffInator

Poor Spyro, was an awesome series back in the PS days.

Posted by MelficeVKM

Goddamn, someone needs to find me a time machine so I can be a kid with this game. The figurines are a little pricey though.

Posted by Frothypuppet

By the hammer of Thor! I'm gonna kill that Dead Island trailer why does it have to be so damn loud! Anyway great game for kids but a nightmare for parent's wallets.

Posted by Curufinwe

@Frothypuppet said:

By the hammer of Thor! I'm gonna kill that Dead Island trailer why does it have to be so damn loud! Anyway great game for kids but a nightmare for parent's wallets.

Getting rid of that loudness was one of the reasons I subscribed.

Posted by gunningyoudown

I don't know if anyone said this yet but:


Posted by Daftasabat


Totally agree with you, all i hear from 10+ kids is COD and blood n guts games. Sad sad times my friend

Posted by LTSmash

It doesn't seem like there is an especially massive leap between this and something like Heroclix.

Posted by skadave

@Frothypuppet: @Curufinwe said:

@Frothypuppet said:

By the hammer of Thor! I'm gonna kill that Dead Island trailer why does it have to be so damn loud! Anyway great game for kids but a nightmare for parent's wallets.

Getting rid of that loudness was one of the reasons I subscribed.


Posted by thebigJ_A

Essentially it's the most disgusting form of DLC, but hidden inside toys and sold to kids so no one will notice.

F*ck you, Activision.

Posted by Hef

Trigger Happy is a fucking boss. Why wouldn't you just play as him all the time until you had to switch. Throwin safes live nobody's business.

Posted by liquiddragon

looks neat

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Posted by Kaitouace

This actually looks pretty cool. If I were that age I'd totally be into this.

Posted by BelligerentEngine

Every time it panned out super quick to Jeff with a very serious look on his face swapping in and out Skylanders I burst out laughing.

Posted by Rox360

... Dammit, why is having physical stuff in your video game such a solid hook? I felt the same way about that card game for the PS3. Real life playing cards interacting with video games? Freaking awesome.
Real life toys interacting with video games?! I want them. I don't know why, I just want them. I want all of them. I want a collection. And I want to level them all up real high. And then I wanna carry them with me and put them on my friend's ... portal thingy and we can play coop and I can kick his ass because I have ALL OF THE SKYLANDERS.
It is a real shame that they're such solid, rigid figurines, though. Don't make for very good toys. Man, could you imagine if they had, like, Transformers or something, with all the bending and the transforming to play around with, but they also had that chip inside so you could put them on your, uh, energon field and have them zap into your game to play as? Goddamn that'd be sweet...

Posted by Dain22

Terrafin just gave me Street Shark flashbacks.

Posted by RadixNegative2

Seems pretty awesome. Too bad it's so expensive.

Posted by JackSukeru

Y'know what? I'm fine with how Spyro looks in this, he's actually kind of cute.

I'm not that fond of all the content being on the disc but that's really only because it makes it a closed system. It would be totally awesome if those figurines could hold enough data so that they could release additional levels and characters that just downloaded once you put them on the portal. For levels it would be a one time thing, and for characters it would only require a download the first time.

Also is there no 2 player co-op in this? If so then that seems crazy. Kids being able to bring their Skylanders home to one another to play together seems like such an obvious feature.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

Grown ass men!

Posted by Zanzibar106

@RockmanBionics: Yeah, the game has 2-player co-op. Just drop a 2nd toy on the Portal, press the join button on the 2nd controller and you're off.

Posted by Bov11

He's my favorite too.

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Posted by AckbarTheGreat

How much do you want to bet that Trigger Happy was originally called Money Shot.

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This game looks so colorful and super fun, and some of the Skylanders seem like awesome characters (Drobot is AWESOME). Also the fact that the portal and figures work across all platforms is neat.

However, there's still the issue that this isn't a proper Spyro game - he's just one of these "Skylanders" guys (clearly created for merchandising opportunities. Which I'm fine with; I grew up in the era of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and he gets his name on the box because it's marketable. Also, the game is retardedly expensive when you factor in buying all the Skylander action figures.

But man, this QL threw in a wrinkle I didn't even know until now - it's a fucking dungeon crawler!?! This isn't even a platformer? They can't even JUMP? FUCK THAT! Holy crap - how could they design such great, cartoony worlds and have such stylized, personality-loaded characters, and ....stuff them into Gauntlet? Man oh man. WTF, Toys for Bob? You guys totally had a fun platformer on your hands and you screwed it up for a loot game? Retarded. I'm very, VERY disappointed to hear this.

Here's hoping Vicarious Visions' made a proper 3D platformer for the 3DS version.

EDIT: Oh my god, thank god - VV DID make their Skylanders into a platformer! There's jumping, literally, about 2 seconds into the video! Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6DHdzG4-q8

Posted by XcL

This some next level Captain Power Shirt.

Posted by SharkMan

YEAH! a Sharkman!

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

Spyro looks messed up.

Posted by RaidenMitsuru

Neat idea, would love to see a spin off game from nintendo with pokemon. I would buy the shit out of the figures.

Posted by ajamafalous

I kinda hope this tanks so that I can pick it up cheap. Something about this makes me really nostalgic.

Posted by TheHT

The adult in me is saying, "wow what a money grabbing scheme."
The child in me is saying, "I NEED TO BUY THEM ALL. I mean, did you see what that earthshark did?! HE DOVE INTO THE EARTH YO."

Posted by Jinto

I wish these were around when I was a kid. But then again, as an adult I see the marketing scheme behind it all. Oh well, they got me with Pokemon back in '98.