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Pick up the purse.

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Nightmare in North Point was probably the weakest DLC for me.

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Drew is great in this quick look.

I wonder if Patrick considers the purse thing bullying. The chat was just trying to have some fun with the GB guys.

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I came here to see what the "pick up the purse" stuff was about, and I'm still confused. The game DID bug out, right? It wasn't Vinny's fault... Not sure why it belongs on the Bufu/Zobek t-shirt.

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Man, this QL really is haunted. I watched this months after it was recorded, and as soon as Vinny started to have technical problems, my shit started to crap out as well. Damn you Smiley Cat! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

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Dear people, you are not funny or original by spamming the staff with your Steam friend invites. So stop. It's annoying.

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WTB Sleeping Dogs endurance run.

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'End of Blair Witch' might be the best pop culture reference out of any video content here.

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Leave it to Patrick to worry about size of other men.

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Who knew that broken scripting could be soooooo enjoyable.

Also, it makes the DLC seem truly haunted which is just amazing

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This QL is brilliant.

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Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs is the game of the year!

Also, amazing quick look! Worth every penny!

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Within two minutes Vinny tackles an innocent bystander and blows their brains out...LMAO.

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Now that's a hour and a half well spent. Bravo.

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"You're making a player choice right now, to go in the wrong direction."

LMAO Patrick...

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That was great! lol

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Zombies? They're nothing. After watching this I've come to realize that Vinny is the REAL monster.

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Oh man, oh man. Contender for quick look of the year.

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@Zero_: Um, if you don't mind me saying, someone who gets intensely painful electrical shocks from their brain is in no position to choose whether they're humble or not. You're a brave soul as well as a gentleman and a scholar, sir, so let me thing highly of you! You've no choice in this matter! Grrr! ...juxtaposition of sentiment and tone!

Ha! Videogames indeed. We're about as on-topic as this Quick Look.

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Man, that was one of the best Quick Looks I've ever seen. That was beautiful.

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One of the best QLs ever.

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@familyphotoshoot said:

Drew's Brad impression is fucking spot on. Lost my shit at that.

holy shit I watched this half asleep and actually thought Brad popped in, had to rewatch that part. Holy shit.

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Haha, no need for anything guys. I'm quite the optimistic realist and would've gladly accepted death lying on that table for 13 hours (hell, I wouldn't have known anyway!), I just got lucky and that's pretty much it. It's the doctors, the nurses and the staff that are the ones that should be congratulated. The kids with whom I met in the children's ward, aged from as little as 5, of all people I met during that time, were showing the biggest displays of courage.

I did learn alot about the brain from the neurologists, with whom I spoke with often during the ordeal and caska is right, we understand -so- little of how the brain works. We can only look at it from a purely biological level; with how cells are generated and interact but it stops right there before explaining any idea of consciousness and "identity".

I don't think the brain is "out to get you" haha, it's just working autonomously like a programmed machine. Being the great learners we are, it strikes us as surprising when our brain goes off and starts doing something that "we" don't want. My brain keeps sending electrical pulses down my face, damn thing should learn not to 'cuz there's no point.

... Videogames!

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@Andy_117: If you haven't already you'd probably like reading A Mind of Its Own by Cordelia Fine. But yea, in my opinion everything in biology boils down to the fact that everything in the world is lazy and wants to do the least amount possible to get by. I guess instead of lazy you could also say efficient :P but yea I wouldn't say your brain is out to get you it is after all helluh complicated. You think we know how hearing works? You'd be wrong since it's barely understood like most things in the brain but we're getting there!

@Zero_: You sir are amazing! I seriously couldn't imagine what you're going through and I can only say that it makes me happy too see that you're getting through ok and hope things continue that way for you.

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This is easily the best quicklook, between the Thundercats, the law of the west and the general misfortune of their playthrough.

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I'm not even kidding when I say Drew's ACTUAL impersonation of Brad is ACTUALLY spot on.

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Three-and-a-half minutes into this Quick Look and I already feel the need to state my love for Vinny.

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This has to be the greatest Quick Look of all time.

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Strong contender for one of the best quicklooks of this year

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Dam, that Thundercats spoof takes me back. Newgrounds way back when ;D

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Patrick references a podcast he was listening to where a guy talks about energy fields surrounding missing limbs. I'm 75% sure that podcast is Uhh Yeah Dude (or UYD). It's hilarious. A comedy podcast by a neurotic ex-alcoholic and the hippy/hipster son of a 80s TV star.


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That is what you call a quick look

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the violence in this game is disturbing

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This might have been said already, but I think Steam might have crashed because of all the invites everyone sent him.

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Only Vinny can take a game, play it like a fucking lunatic, and when the scripting breaks I STILL WANT TO BUY THAT GAME.

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Pretty amazing.

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@Zero_: I've always been fascinated by the way the human brain acts as an entity that we have no conscious control over. Even basic things like the digestive system, breathing, pumping blood... we trust things we don't understand, that are in our own head, to basically do everything for us. And if that were suddenly switched to manual? We'd be dead pretty quickly.

But I've always loved the idea that the brain has an agenda of its own that conflicts with our own. Things like shutting vital organs down, the idea of psychopathy... basically the brain saying "fuck it, whatever, I don't care." And especially things where it perceives things differently for you. Youtube the "stopped clock illusion" if you don't already know what it is. It is essentially the brain cutting out bits of our memory for our own sake. "Hey, you didn't need that minutes' worth of periphery vision! I'mma just snip that out for ya. Theeere ya go." Honestly, as much as our brains are our brains... they control our lives more than we control our lives. Disconnect between brain and body is just one of the many facets that interests me.

Like I said before, I feel kind of bad to be fascinated by this considering the immense pain and hardship and... weirdness that your life must be. But I am utterly fascinated. For that, I can only apologize. :P

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@Andy_117 said:

@Zero_ said:

@das9000 said:

FYI There's such a thing known as "phantom limb" syndrome. It occurs in amputees who sometimes report feeling pain in their missing limbs, which at times could be quite intense. It's caused by the sensory neurons in the brain which used to process signals from the missing limb, adapting to take in input from neighboring regions which happen to be the neurons that process the signals from your face. It is sometimes possible to stimulate the feeling in the missing limb by touching the face of the amputee.

As for all that electrical stuff, take it with a truckload of salt.

I have what is called "Trigeminal Neuralgia" - a condition I got after having my V/VII Cranial Nerves severed due to a brain tumour operation. As a result, I occasionally feel very strong electrical shocks on my face that can't be controlled. It's very felt "deep" in the muscles and is what I have read, is considered one of the worst pains mankind can experience.


On the one hand, I have nothing but empathy for you. Man. That... that sounds really suck.

On the other hand... that was one of the most interesting things I have ever read on the entire internet. Oh, human brain, u so silleh.

Heh... yeah, it's pretty crazy. I hear for some people with it, the brain slowly learns not to send signals down that way... but some people don't. So here's hoping!

I can't actually feel anything on the left side of my face; eyes, nose, cheek, tongue... so you can imagine how annoying it is not being able to scratch an itch (which I still get!)

There's a lot of other things that aren't possible like eating (try eating something you can't feel or know where it is!) but I've been like this for 5 years now so I'm pretty used to it. :)

It's a pretty crazy situation where my brain isn't exactly in sync with my body. Brain so silleh indeed!

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Just stop. Just stop the whole website. Jeff, shut it down. You can't even try to top this. It... it can't be done. It cannot be done! The best video on the entire internet has been created, and its name is Quick Look: Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point.

Pack it up and go home, everybody. This is the pinnacle, right here. Pinnacle of... of anything, ever. Its over. For all of us. Humanity cannot proceed past this point without slipping backwards.

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Vinny, what have you done!?!

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Is Patrick an MBMBaM listener or did he listen to the same thing that Travis McElroy got that ghost arm thing from?

I know right!!! I was thinking it was quite the coincidence.

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I wonder if anything carries over to youre main game for playing this. That kind of makes or breaks this for me.

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@sear said:

You know a game is good when it's already 50% off a couple months after release and the devs have to resort to Halloween-themed gimmick DLC to generate prolonged consumer interest.

Such gloriously unsuccessful titles as inFAMOUS 2 and Red Dead Redemption had Halloween-themed DLC, I'd say your logic is completely legit. And a game that went through three iterations without much expectations in terms of profit gets a 50% price drop to keep up interest after positive critical acclaim. That's also a clear indicator of low quality. Don't try too hard, man.