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Posted by drewbo08

achievement time

Posted by ch3burashka


Posted by bigsmoke77

I could watch Vinny play Sleeping Dogs ALL DAY!

Posted by forteexe21


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Posted by Morningstar

They aren't done with DLC for this yet? Well, at least we are getting more videos of Vinny playing sleepy dogs ^^

Posted by sub_o

I really wish that UFG would release DLC all year long, so that I could watch Sleeping Dogs QL with Vinny all year long !

Posted by drewbo08
Posted by nimda

pick up the purse!

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The big-wigs in Hollywood should strengthen the fiction of the Fast and Furious franchise with the inclusion of Wei Shen.

And I also believe Fast and Furious 7 should focus around the illegal revival and production of Tang. Dom's (Vin Diesel's) father has a secret history as one of the inventors of the Tang formula, but it was stolen from them by really mean Russians who are also triad members.

Now THAT would be a Kick in the Glass™.

Posted by VoshiNova

Oh how I love sleepy dogs

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"If it's this one I'll give you a dollar"


Posted by Vexxan

Sleepy Dawgs!

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this is why GB is dah best, seeing DLC for Sleeping dogs makes me jazzed because I know @Vinny is psyched. The same as @Jeff with skylanders or trackmania. so good. *sigh* friends I never met....

EDIT: "That guy flew a-way-way" Fucking LOL funny

DZS 90 You died

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This set of S.D. quicklook's has been AMAZING. Long may it continue!

Posted by Y2Ken

Vinny makes everything better. What a guy.

And Sleepy Dawgs is pretty great to start with.

Posted by stephenage

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Posted by CaLe

When the cops arrived Vinny should have said 'you're not OCP'. Missed opportunity.

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I'm glad to see that Sleeping Dogs is still nuts.

Posted by Castiel

This have to be the most quick looked game in GB history right?

Posted by fox01313

It's always good to see DLC like this where the studio just makes their game, plays something like Bayonetta & comes back to make the DLC more insane with each one.

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Sleeping Dogs is last year's Saints Row the Third.

Posted by dropabombonit

Another quality Sleeping Dogs quick look. Did Jeff actually give Vinny that dollar?

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I love the part where Vinny gets a dollar...

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@castiel said:

This have to be the most quick looked game in GB history right?

They did quite a few for the original Borderlands, but, yes, I think Sleeping Dogs has at least as many, possibly more quick looks by now.

Posted by weegieanawrench

Goddamn, what a great way to start the week!

Posted by MeAuntieNora

"If it's this one I'll give you a dollar"


Here's your dollar.

Posted by Makie

At 3:18 I decided to get this DLC.

"Its the one that doesn't blow up when you drive it."

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Sleeping dogs is not just a video game pay the man Jeff!

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This is like its own video feature now.

Posted by Nighthawk871

Why is it not called a Weipoint? Missed opportunity.

Posted by FreakGirl

Great Quick Look :D Reminds me, that I still have to finish Sleeping Dogs xD

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Please never stop making DLC for this so there will be Sleeping Dogs Quick Looks till Sleeping Dogs 2 comes out.

Posted by The_Grindilow

Sleeping Dogs is so awesome. I'd buy the DLC forever if they made it

Posted by cloudymusic

I didn't even know that this DLC was coming, but more of Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs? HELL YEAHHHHH

Posted by xXHesekielXx

I usually don't like mondays, but this one is perfect. Vinny + Sleeping Dogs = Awesome!!

Posted by heatDrive88

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@castiel said:

This have to be the most quick looked game in GB history right?

It's up there with Fallout 3 and Borderlands, I think.

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Sleeping Vinny in action.

Posted by omdata

Vinny + Sleeping Dogs = "Can't-Miss" Entertainment. Put it on the box.

Posted by Phatmac

Just fucking great Doc.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Vinny should stop jerking around and just marry Sleeping Dogs. They are clearly meant for each other.

Posted by Humanity

Big fan of Vinny AND Sleeping Dogs so this is a dream come true!

Posted by Divina_Rex

Best be a nice crisp dollar Jeff!

Posted by Tearhead

What?! A Sleeping Dogs Quick Look that is not over an hour? Vinny's slippin'.

Posted by CodeFire

It's always great, watching Vinny play Sleeping Dogs.

"That guy flew away-Wei."

Posted by Max_Cherry

Vinny and Jeff quick look!

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It would be cool if that car transforms into a boat, when you hit the water.

Posted by napalmtrees

Why is it not called a Weipoint? Missed opportunity.

I was just thinking the same thing when they were on the map!

Posted by Beb

No Viper TV show references for Jeff or Vinny? I am disappoint.

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