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He arrives.

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Should be good.

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I have been trying to download it from the link in my email for the last 3 days. Each time it downloads the full 777MB then when you click the installer...it says "Not Found" and removes the installer from my machine. Tried Firefox, Chrome and IE....any other Bombers have this issue...if so..How did you fix it?

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Wow, that overhaul looks impressive.

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Played this a while back, didn't do anything for me. This looks considerably better already.

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Oh no the barn was on the left.

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I'm really bad with scary games I shouldn't be watching this I'm just going to scare myself.

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How not suprising.

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Patrick is such a horror game masochist.

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Excellent quick look!

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Quick Looks go up at midnight and 3am for me. Games like this make that a problem.

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Oh I can't watch this right now, but I can't wait to see Ryan and Patrick freak the fuck out. That should be good.

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It's always interesting hearing Patrick talk about Slenderman.

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The atmosphere makes it way more effective than the original.

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I will not inflict this torture upon myself for a second time

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This is pretty great though I'm waiting for the inevitable comment of Patrick claiming the Slender Man comics (that he's never read) aren't that good and that's why the games do Slender Man better. :p I kid.

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I remember someone called into Coast to Coast AM one night and talked about slenderman. I thought it was hilarious.

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So this is not a crossover between Slenderman and that subpar Charlie Sheen movie?

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I wonder if they dial back the difficulty so the eight pages part is easier to get through. Probably, right?

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I want to play this game with an Oculus Rift.

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5 minutes in and I can tell I will never play this game because it will absolutely scare the shit out of me

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I would hope this comes to Xbox live the tension build up in this game is spot on. Poor Ryan and Patrick I hope you changed your pants after that all!

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It looks like there's some stuff going on here that's actually pretty smart. I like that the game's viewpoint is now a camcorder, which provides narrative justification for the video glitches.

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I want to play this game with an Oculus Rift.

Holy shit.

I think you just found out how to make the scariest game experience possible.

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That scream around 9:20 reminded me of how Deer shout. It's fucking creepy when you're sitting alone in the dark with the window open to ventliate and get some fresh air and then suddenly the scream. Holy shit it sounds like a nine year old girl dying or something. It scared the living shit out of me the first time I heard it. It scared me so much that I grabbed my fathers hunting rifle, a flashlight and some bandages and ran out into the woods and looked around for perhaps an hour. Then on my way back to the house I saw that fucking deer and it screamed again and ran away.

Scary stuff man.

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I don't think this looks scary at all, but listening to Patrick and Ryan freak out is hilarious.

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I love the fact that this game scares (including me) during broad daylight. Goes to show that even if the graphics aren't great (they are better than the 8 pages), it is ALL about the lighting. The darks in this game are DARK.

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Shit man, 1 am is not a good time to watch this.

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Aw fuuuuuuck this game.

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How do people find this scary? It's just *LOUD NOISE* audio cue. Fucking thing sucks

More fodder for the LP-hacks(not the actual good LPers) and their braindead fans on youtube...

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I'll never play this game, but I'm glad it exists for this QL.

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I think watching that gave me a stress headache. I need a hug!

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Didn't seem scary really, granted playing it and watching someone else play it is probably very different, the noises out of Ryan were very amusing, reminding me of how he made Jeff sit in on that creepy crawly game (deadly creatures?) some time back.

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I don't find this scary but it is funny to watch them get scared.

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Damn that was tense!

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This game looks slendid

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Wonder if this is coming to Steam.

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Yup fuck this game... I couldn't even finish Amnesia.

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That little girl's room is MESSED UP!

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That was insane!!!!!!!!!

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Patrick and Ryan's terrified shrieks are fantastic.

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It's hurting me watching this. TENSE.

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I have to pause it every time I take a sip of my hot tea because I don't want some jump scare to cause me to spill it all over myself.

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D'awwwww, I really hope this'll eventually get a console release too. Looks goddamn fantastic. Simply watching this video was enough to give me an adrenaline boost...