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Posted By Food

Jones makes Turkey and Gravy flavored soda.

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Posted By MagikGimp

It's about time someone made a modern RC game

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Posted By Gurney

Can the virus kill the grimace?

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Posted By Aarny91

Damn, that was hilarious.

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Posted By Reverseface


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Posted By ArchScabby


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Posted By cyrax
@Rufi91 said:
" This makes me want a ps3 a little xD "
Ya, this game looks really fun. I prejudged from the generic ass Smash Cars name.
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Posted By Jolly_Lolly

*car explodes in mid-air* 

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Posted By masternater27

I think I'll buy some jones soda tomorrow.  Definitely not this though.  Cream Soda ftw.

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Posted By benderunit22

Doesn't look half bad but seems a tad overpriced for gameplay out of 2003 or so.

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Posted By spilledmilkfactory

this reminds me of excite truck. looks kinda cool. and jones soda is yummy.

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Posted By lordofultima

green apple soda, so delicious.

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Posted By Dethfish

Have you ever actually had a Jones Soda, Jeff? They're pretty good. 
And this game looks a lot better than the name would make you think. "Smash Cars"? That's a terrible name.

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Posted By Kohe321

Good quick look!

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Posted By joelalfaro

Hheehhe I also used to have one of those "The Animal" cars with claws! 
"Can anyone stop?!?! The animaaaaal"

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Posted By RHCPfan24

Jones soda is really good, so this must be great too right?

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Edited By MeatSim

Nothing can kill the grimace!
I am also surprised Dave has never heard of Jones.

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Posted By CornishRocker

I like the look ofthis game :D
But Re-volt was awesome.

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Posted By Osphere

Looks actually pretty entertaining, especially with all that Jones soda

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Posted By Kyle

Nothing can kill The Grimace!

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Posted By onlineatron

It looks very cool but lack of local multiplayer is a crime.

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Posted By Matfei90

That game looks pretty neat... But I wouldn't put down $15 for it.

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Posted By Daryl

ReVolt ftw.

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Posted By chamin1

Dave sounds totally wasted!

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Posted By buzz_clik

Porta Potty'd!

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Posted By KinjiroSSD

$15 is really the new $10 huh

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Posted By Krakn3Dfx

Hey, you got your Excitetruck in my PS3!
Hey, you got your PS3...
Wow, this reminds me a lot of Excitetrucks.

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Posted By Drebin_893

I really like this game, but it isn't worth £10.

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Posted By Stubert73

I had Stompers: little battery-operated monster trucks with foam wheels you could change out. Awesome. I had stretch armstrong, too, until he broke open and oozed toxic goo. This game looks fun, by the way.

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Posted By freecajunlove

I ordered 2 six packs of Jones soda to be sent to the GB offices last week. Guess Jeff won't drink it now....

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Posted By handlas

....is he color blind?

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Posted By Noodles

"In my mind, we're always the grimace."
Fantastic quick look guys.

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Posted By blackbeard

i liked this game back in the day... i'll probably get it. $15 is alittle high... maybe I will wait a little asee if it drops in price.
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Posted By Sledgehammering

You guys really shouldn't smoke weed at work.  Not because it's wrong, but because I can't be there with you. 

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Posted By Leoplureodon

Yeah jones rocks

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Posted By GamerGeek360

I like Jones soda. I mean I prefer Coke, but Jones is pretty good.

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Posted By grimi

Good flip

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Posted By TheHT

tomatoes! anyone else notice that giant lady kicking an ai car? haha

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Posted By Kajaah117
@freecajunlove said:
" Haha... I ordered 2 six packs of Jones soda to be sent to the GB offices last week. Guess Jeff won't drink it now.... "
I was thinking about doing that because of this Quick Look. Maybe Dave will have some since he didn't even know they existed. What flavors did you send?
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Posted By drew327

Vinny - 
I remember those commercials.  I think the car with the claws in the wheels was "The Animal".  I can still hear the theme song:  
"The Animal..... The Animal!   Can anything Stop?!?! dun nun nun nun the ANIMAL (echo: the animal....)"

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Posted By bigall94

Yo dawg I heard you like Jones so I got you a Jones Jones so you can Jones while you Jones! Smash Cars!..IN STORES TODAYYYY. Sorry guys and girls I was really tempted.

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Posted By Gamer_152

It's really strange, all of a sudden I have a compelling desire to drink a jones.

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Posted By Media_Master

looks like fun

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Posted By akfresh


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Posted By Error1355

Hey man, Jones' Soda kicks ass. =P

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Posted By ZmillA

lots of public domain music in this games

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