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Dan not knowing Africa was an important warzone in WWII was priceless. Because the Americans wasn't in that part of the war, so who gives a fuck, right? :P

Great first QL from Dan, very entertaining.

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That's some pretty serious motion blur when you turn.

I never understood motion blur.

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Hates Splinter Cell, but loves Conviction. You'll fit right in with the Giant Bomb crew. Or at least Jeff. Welcome aboard, Dan!

EDIT: Dynamite bit was gold.

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@danryckert Popped his cherry!

Coming in hot and heavy with a Riki-Oh reference too. Not bad.


You have the patience of an angel, @drewbert. Surrounded by these philistines.

Jeff's playing during that multiplayer match was so goddamn terrible.

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The future is now.

Also, dynamite drop in there from Drew. Gotta keep dem boys in line, Drewbert.

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Also LOL playing a sniping game on a console

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@hurvilo said:

Yeah, I think hiring Dan was the right call! He fills the Vinny and Ryan void of being a guy with really lewd humor that Jeff can joke around with, so this might very well be the new best quick look pair. :)

Perhaps the balance has been restored.

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"Dan and Jeff"....

Just let that sink in.....


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I can't stop laughing at that thumbnail and tagline.

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Great first QL for Dan, he's gonna fit right in!

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@civid: B-but America was in that part of the war. They fought in Tunisia and Algeria

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Great Quick Look but fuck me, so much rage so close together. Hating Splinter Cell but liking Conviction, calling Dark Messiah a bad game, not knowing WW2 was also fought in Africa and even calling this games excellent predecessor a bad game. You're lucky I love you guys so much.

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Jeff hasn't seen The Story of Ricky? Jesus, he needs to get on that!

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Dan is such a natural fit. Really funny as well! Lots to look forward to.

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Wow Dan is awesome! This was hilarious!

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Yay Dan Quick Look!

Also Drew's 'oh my god' was pretty much my reaction too.

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Hey New Duder!

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Really funny Quick Look. Looking forward to the future of Giant Bomb!

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Yes Dan there was some Africa action in WW2 ;p. Not a bad first quick look, fit right in if you ask me. Game itself looks lack luster though.

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Awesome! Great video guys! And, welcome aboard Dan!

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Dan and Jeff have great chemistry, happy with this hire :D

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Dan is such an awesome addition. :D

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Oh man, my mind still can't believe Dan is at Giant Bomb. This is fantastic! Can't wait for what Dan and Jason do for the dynamic at GB!

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WWII had parts in Africa?


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Drew's "Oh my god..." perfectly summarised my thoughts on the whole Africa in WW2 thing.

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I love Drew's "oh my god" at the Africa-moment.

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Dan, you're supposed to thank Jeff at the end after he thanks you, as is tradition.

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Old' Cigs66 has joined a party! Good for him!

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He doesn't like Splinter Cell either? Balls. I was hoping for some different interest in certain games. Still possible of course, just not a great start.

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Dan is the energy this site really needed. I'm so excited about him being here.

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Great QL. Welcome to the family Dan. Also you should totally convince Jeff to watch Riki-Oh.

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So Dan and Jeff are pretty much the same person when it comes to games likes and dislikes it seems.

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So excited!

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Ryckert and Jeff worked really well! Funny QL.

@doomhk said:

Drew's "Oh my god..." perfectly summarised my thoughts on the whole Africa in WW2 thing.


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fantastic quick look.

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Great quicklook! Dan is a great fit as expected, can't wait for more content.

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Did Dan call them "nards?" Thanks for the call back to Elementary School!

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Great to have you here Dan!

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Dark Messiah was not a bad game. You take that back sir.

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@reelife: I was a film major and have never seen that movie.

I was a film minor and we HAD to see that movie ;p but again I'm from Sweden not USA so we probably had to see it because Ingrid Bergman was in that film.

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This seems extremely similar to V2. Nothing wrong with that. I like that game. And it looks like I'll like this.

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Woop woop first Dan quick look! He'll do great here!

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Dunno if Dan is reading this, but yo Dan - you like Story of Ricky, you're A-OK in my book.

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RIKI-OH! I like this guy's style.

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This gone be good.

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I'm not familiar with this Ryckert fella outside of the wrestling podcast but I think he is going to work out just fine. Also I forgot just how horrible @jeff is a accents. He should never do them or maybe he should do them all the time. I'm not sure which.

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How do you not know about Africa! You don't even need to go to school for that. Just listen to your grandparents' war stories. Seriously!

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Rommel? The Desert Rats? Tobruk? El-Alamein? Patton?

Otherwise, great quicklook. Wonderful with some new blood.